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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty clearance sales (and a haul pic!)

I want to thank so many of you for the heads-up this week about clearance sales you've been spotting. Since many of you have been spotting these deals, I think it's safe to say that, unlike certain clearance sales spotted "in the wild" these sales seem to be a bit more widespread.
So when you're out and about this week, keep these in mind:
Sally Beauty -- reader HeatherS said that Orly is changing their packaging so the old bottles are all BOGOFREE right now. I haven't been to Sally yet this week so I don't know if this is nationwide), but HeatherS said both Sally stores in her town were running this sale.
Target -- several readers have spotted cosmetics on clearance from brands like Milani, Pixi, Maybelline, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Sonia Kashuk, etc. Update: right after I published this post, my pal Jess of Polish Insomniac tweeted me this pic of a crazy hair color deal she spotted at Target. Thanks, Jess!
Rite Aid -- various older LE products on clearance, as well as products from older "new product" counter displays. Note: when Rite Aid and other drugstores take down "new product" displays, they often put those products on clearance, even though they're new, permanent additions to the core line of the brand. If the permanent wall display hasn't been reset yet for the new products, they sometimes put the products on clearance until there's room for them in the wall displays. 

Ulta -- lots and lots of nail polish on clearance (up to 80% off) reported by multiple readers.

Kmart -- lots of makeup from a variety of brands has been spotted on clearance by several readers, including the Kardashian Khroma line, which has been spotted on 75% clearance by multiple readers.
Walmart: -- lots of beauty products spotted on clearance right now by multiple readers. Reader Amanda said she spotted the Palmer's BB Cream for $7.

That's all I know so far--thanks to YOU! If you've spotted other clearance sales at retailers not mentioned above, please leave a comment and fill us in (and thank you!).

Keep reading to see my Rite Aid clearance haul pic...

Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner: $9.99 (clearance price: $2.50)
Revlon Scented Nail Polish in Sugar Glaze: $4.79 (clearance price: $1.20)
Prestige Primed & Ready Eyeshadow Primer: $9.50 (clearance price: $2.38)

Total retail price: $24.28
Total out-of-pocket price: $6.08
Saved: $18.20

I've been wanting to try this Coconut Curlada conditioner by the brand Curls ever since I saw the line debut at Rite Aid last year. I nearly fell over when I found this bottle on clearance! Online reviews say it doesn't have much slip, but that it's good for co-washing if you follow with a good leave-in. We'll see...

I've always wanted to try Prestige's eyeshadow primer (I think this was in a counter display for a while, and it's on clearance because there isn't a slot for it yet in the permanent wall display). Have any of you tried this one? Thoughts?

I can never resist the scented polishes from Revlon. They are my weakness. And for $1.20? It just had to come home with me.

Thanks for reading, and if you know of any other great clearance deals going on right now, please leave a comment below.

Another HUGE thanks to everyone who reported the clearance sightings mentioned in this post!


  1. I know every time I pass a Rite-Aid I'll have to stop in. I have an appointment right next door to one tomorrow morning, so know where I'll be when that's over!

  2. I've used the Prestige eye primer and liked it, but I got comparable performance out of the WNW Fergie collection primer for a LOT less money. (I found the Prestige on sale at Ulta a while back...but nothing like 75% off! Sweet!)

  3. Yayyy! I finally found a "good" You Tell Me deal to share :) Someone usually scoops me!

  4. Will have to check out our local Rite Aid this afternoon! I've really been wanting to try the Curls line....

  5. A ton of the physicians formula products are on 75% off clearance at riteaid even though they haven't all been labeled with clearance stickers. I've tried ringing them up at various riteaids in NY, and it's worked at every single store.
    Confirmed clearance:
    happy booster powder in beige and light bronzer
    happy booster lipstick in i heart rose
    baked eyeshadow trios in baked oatmeal, sands and sweets
    shimmer strips mascara duo in brown and hazel eyes
    eyeliner serum in clear

    happy hunting!!

    1. I can confirm that all of these, plus the other lipstick & other baked trio are on clearance at most of the Rite Aids in my area (Los Angeles, CA).

  6. does anyone know how much the Kardashian Khroma line is going for at Kmarts?!

  7. The Sally's deal on Orly isn't around here (Washington state), or at least not in my town =( I was just in today. Boo! I love Orly, and would have jumped on that deal like green on beans!

  8. i'm walking to Rite Aid tomorrow to see what i can find. i normally don't shop there except for good deals like this! thanks for the scoop!

  9. The orly deal was for the entire month of January, ended today. Sallys posted a picture of the new bottle on instagram

  10. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! The Curlz brand is at Rite Aid? OMG! I'm going to as many as I can find for that kind of deal.

  11. I hope the Curls stuff is not just on sale over by you because no one buys it. That would suck. :sighs:

  12. I love that Prestige Eye primer, it is very comparable to higher end primers, and that price you got it for is super unbelievable!

  13. Sally will be pulling all old packaging of Orly on the first (at least we are supposed to). As of February first they will be 2 for 11$. Hope this helps!

  14. I was in my local Sally's yesterday (January 31) and they had the new bottles out already and the sales girl said that they had just put them out that morning. I don't know what they did with the old bottles, I forgot to ask, but they were no where in sight. I know the whole month of January they had Orly BOGOFREE, so I think that was probably just part of the sale going on during the sale in January. Now that it is February the Orly's are no longer on sale, at least to my knowledge, but she did give me a sale flyer for Feb and it wasn't in there, all that was listed as far as Orly was 2 for $11 throughout the month of February. HTH a little! I did find a couple of China Glaze bottles from their Wicked and On a Safari Collections and then one bottle on Orly's Monster Mash on sale for a little under 3.00 last night. I go into Sally's at least twice a week and they were never there on sale before, so I'm thinking that those were just found in the back.

  15. Sallys posted a picture of the new bottle on instagram

  16. I'm in central New Jersey and the eye primer was NOT on clearance at my Rite Aid. Boo hoo!

  17. which kmarts have it on clearance?!


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