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Friday, December 7, 2012

New Big Lots sightings

My last Big Lots sightings post from November included Orly polishes and Maybelline shadows (click here if you missed that post) and today it's all about L'Oreal HiP and Revlon (with some new Soho brushes and Max Factor sightings as well).  

First up, reader Selinabikechick left a comment on the You Tell Me page today letting us know about some things she just found at her local Big Lots.
Selinabikechick writes:
Just wanted to let you know. I found L'Oreal eyeshadow pigments and cream eyeliners for $1 at Big Lots. I managed to grab eyeliners in 945 Teal, 905 Black, 930 Brown & 960 Eggplant. I got the eyeshadow pigments in 914 Intrepid, 314 Rebel,918 Restless & 534 Valiant. There was another pigment in pink 124 Fiery that I didn't grab.
Reader Liz on Facebook shared some things that she just spotted at her Big Lots today too:
Liz writes:
Just wanted to let you know that Big Lots has Prestige liquid eyeliners for $1.00 as well as Covergirl lip glosses and the Loreal Hip color truth cream eyeliners also for a $1.
Reader Janitzia shared a pic of the Soho brushes she spotted at her Big Lots recently:
image credit: Janitzia for Nouveau Cheap
Soho eyeshadow brushs $2.50 each at Big Lots

Keep reading for more pics and sightings...
In recent months, I've only spotted the Soho eyeliner brush and some face brushes at my local Big Lots, so I'm very happy to see additional eyeshadow brushes popping up.

Reader Sarah H. spotted (and purchased) a ton of Revlon goodies at her Big Lots recently, including some matte lippies (love those) and the ORIGINAL ColorStay lip colors (not the new Ultimate Suede ones--the originals that I think were much, much better than Ultimate Suede):

image credit: Sarah H. for Nouveau Cheap
Revlon haul from Big Lots
Sarah H. writes:
I got 13 lipsticks, 3 lip glosses, mascara, concealer, and 3 eye liners (2 regular and a jumbo pencil) for about $50. I estimate that the retail value is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $200! Gotta love Big Lots!
Reader Ashley recently spotted some Max Factor goodies at her Big Lots recently:

 image credit: Ashley for Nouveau Cheap
Max Factor Pan-Stik in Medium Beige at Big Lots

Ashley said she also spotted some Max Factor blushes at her Big Lots. I know I've seen the wet/dry foundation at Big Lots (I think I even shared a pic of it a while back in another Big Lots sightings post) but I haven't seen Pan-Stik (which doubles as an excellent concealer, btw) or blushes at my Big Lots yet. I really hope I find those!

Have you spotted any of these goodies at YOUR local Big Lots lately? Please share in the comments!
Thanks so much, Selinabikechick, Liz, Janitzia, Sarah H. and Ashley, for the fantastic info and pics! I really, really appreciate it!


  1. I've also found the Revlon ColorStay lipsticks at my big lots. Also, the Physicians Formula Healthy wear Pressed Bronzer and Powder Foundation!! Next time I will remember to take a photo of it! :D

    1. Oh, please don't trouble yourself with taking a pic of the PF powders....believe me, when they first started popping up at Big Lots several months ago, I did a big post about it with pics! I was freaking out and went to dozens of big lots trying to find the ones in my shade! :)

  2. What city did this Max Factor sighting take place?!?

    1. In the middle of nowhere, Greenville, Ohio.:) The one in Darke County. They always have good stuff because there isn't anyone around here into beauty stuff.

  3. I've also seen the Max Factor pan cake at my big lots!

  4. I went to 2 different Big Lots and found a bunch of Styli-Style eyeliners,the Revlon nail polish two packs,with the scented polishes,L'oreal polishes in pink carat and the gold limited edition one you posted about the other day,and a lot of L'oreal and maybelline eyeshadows,at a buck fifty and a buck twenty!!! not bad at all!

  5. I really need to stop by Big Lots sometime! I was having a hard time finding a purple pen liner to go with my Wet N Wild Plum liquid liner and went with the Maybelline gel and the Rimmel retractable ones. That L'Oreal eggplant one, is it a pen liner to the one who spotted them?

    And I did hear how the Ultimate Suede lipsticks had a sticky consistency when I saw a vlog haul on YouTubee o I won't get them anyways. lol Still, I should stop by Big Lots at some point and get those eye brushes as well, those are better prices than the Sally one I have. :D

  6. at my big lots, I had to dig and dig through some plastic shoe boxes(that weren't even in the makeup section!) but I found EIGHT different shades of Revlon Lip Butters!!! I only picked up 6 because two of them were colors that I would NEVER wear (creamsicle and Gumdrop) but I got creme brulee, sugar frosting, berry smoothie, peach parfait, candy apple, and sugar plum. and considering none of my CVS' are having sales on the lip butters, it was a pretty good alternative. I really wanted to find Red Velvet, but when I went to cvs to get some more colorstay foundation, it was BOGO50%off all revlon cosmetics, so I went ahead and got red velvet for like $4!!!!

  7. I LOVE the SoHo crease brush... I bought it from CVS like 6 months ago (for like $12 !). Its fluffy and tapered so it makes a nice fluffy blending brush =]


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