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Thursday, December 6, 2012

In honor of National Cotton Candy Day

Did you know that tomorrow, December 7th, is National Cotton Candy Day? Yeah, me neither! But when I heard about it on the radio, I thought: MUST. DO. COTTON. CANDY. POST! (Hey, it's as good of an excuse as anything, right?).
So with that, here are my picks for some fun, affordable cotton-candy-scented goodies that you can purchase in honor of this national "event":
1. Revlon Cotton Candy Scented Nail Enamel ($4.79 at Pink + cotton candy + nail polish? Yes, please.

2. Liplicious Cotton Candy Lipgloss ($7.50 at Bath & Body Works) I have never met a Liplicious gloss I didn't love (sure, they tend to be pretty sheer but man do they taste yummy). The old saying, "A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" does not apply this with tasty treat.

3. Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Body Wash ($3.14 at the Parfums de Coeur website; also available at most drugstores). Who doesn't love their shower to smell like pink spun sugar? Well, maybe some don't, but I sure do.

4. Cleanse Your Soul Sugar Scrub ($6.50 on the Cleanse Your Soul website). Tired of plain ol' cotton candy? At Cleanse Your Soul you can request a sugar scrub scented in their famous Lemonade Cotton Candy scent or Pineapple Cotton Candy scent (or even go half-and-half in the same tub). Not sweet enough for you? Try Kid in a Candy Store (a blend of Sweet Tarts, cotton candy, bubble gum and rock candy). Those are only a few of the many cotton candy scents available (I didn't even mention Triple Raspberry Cotton Candy or Strawberry Marshmallow Cotton Candy...sheesh!).

5. Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Body Spray ($6.29 at the Parfums de Coeur website; also available at most drugstores). This was such a staple for me in my younger years, and it's always fun to revisit (especially in its new, sleeker packaging).

6. Cotton Candy-scented tarts from Candles from the Keeping Room (4oz for $3.25, 8oz for $5.50 on the Candles from the Keeping Room website). We've got your body covered, so now let's work on your home. Carol makes a Cherry Lime Cotton Candy candle tart that will scent your home so deliciously that you'll be craving the real thing in no time.

Let me know about YOUR favorite cotton candy goodies in the comments!


  1. You post some really good deals. And I see you don't approve links. so I invite you to visit my blog. And I welcome your post aswell

  2. I use Body Fantasies Cotton Candy before I head to the gym in the morning. It is light and doesn't get heavy when I work up a sweat! On a related note I love Cotton Candy martinis!

  3. I love my Lorac lippy in Cotton Candy. The Pink Punk Cosmo is my favorite cotton candy flavored girlie drink. It even has a pouf of cotton candy that you pour the liqour over and watch it melt. So delish and so pink!

  4. I don't know but I want that Revlon nail polish now. I had no idea they had scented polishes (I need to get out more, lol).

  5. Love the shout-outs to CYS and CFTKR! I order from both of them more often than I'd like to admit. :-) Very high-quality scents and products! I adore CYS' behemoth scrubs and perfume. Her Coconut Cotton Candy is out of this world!


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