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Sunday, November 4, 2012

(UPDATE: 11/6/12) Spotted: Spoiled by Wet n Wild Nail Pail

Since my post from yesterday about the great deal on the new Holiday 2012 Spoiled by Wet n Wild Nail Pail at CVS (click here here for all the details about the sale this week), I've received some comments indicating that the photo on the CVS website doesn't quite match what's actually in the real-life pails. I've also received some comments indicating that, perhaps, not all of these pails are the same and that the shades may vary from store to store.

As luck would have it, reader Tara shared some pics of the Spoiled Nail Pails, which she just spotted at her local CVS. Hopefully, after you take a look at these pics, you can let us know if the pails at your CVS store are the same:

 image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap

Keep reading for additional pics and an UPDATE:

 image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap

As you can see, the polishes in Tara's pics include two crackles (hot pink and orange) and also a silver glitter, as well as a red, blue, charcoal and gold polish. Plus the two WnW Fastdry clear top coats, nail file and two toe separators.

UPDATE 11/6/12:  Here the Spoiled Nail Pail that I spotted at my local CVS:

 As you can see, the purple polish has separated and needs a good shake.

Stephanie Louise of All Things Beautiful also found the exact same nail pail at her CVS and shared a pic of the one she purchased:

 image credit: Stephanie Louise for Nouveau Cheap

Stephanie Louise confirmed that the shades in this nail pail are:

Pirate's Booty
Show Me the Money
Distant Memory
Club Rat
I Have No Reception
2 Weeks Sober
Living the Limelight (CRACKLE)

If you've spotted the Nail Pail at your CVS, please leave a comment and let us know if the polishes you spotted are the same as any of the pails above, or if there are even more combos out there.
Thanks so much, Tara and Stephanie Louise, for the great pics!


  1. cute! but I seriously pass anything crackle.

  2. Mine were different colors, but the polishes were terrible quality. There were 2 varieties, and the polishes were separated looking and gross. I was disappointed. For $4.99 they had (I believe) 6 mini wet and wild megalasts in a gift box. Grabbed that instead.

  3. Are the colors ones that are already in the permanent or are they new colors?

    1. I believe that they are not new shades. Or at lest pirates booty (gold glitter) isn't.

  4. My polish pail had Great polish... different then what was shown.
    I got the following colors:
    s041 show me the money, a pretty shimmery blue
    s014 club rat, a shimmery deep pink
    s044 distant memory, a matt turquoise
    s035 pirates booty, a goldish glitter
    s069 i had no reception, a silver glitter
    s062 2 weeks sober, a purple cream
    33963 living in the limelife, a lime green splatter
    2 bottles of clear coat
    1 file
    1 pr of toe separators
    all in a cute white pail.

    1. Ooh cool, thanks for the info. :)

      I thought S041 show me the money was a glittery green though.

    2. At the store I went to, there were buckets that had the first 5 colors you listed plus either a blue and a yellow crackle, or a hot pink and an orange crackle. The crackles put me off, but I still got the bucket because I had a $2 off $4.99 wnw coupon (from the red scanner box) from a couple weeks ago that was still valid through today. It came out to $1.99 after ecb.

    3. My bucket also had the first five you listed, plus crackles in bright blue (Blue A Fuse) and bright yellow (Construction Zone). Plus the other extras, like the clear coats, etc. I was actually happy with the crackles because I already had the core colors. I would have been *much* happier with a bucket of all the crackle choices. Yeah, I know it's been done to death, but in a couple of years I'll pull out my crackles and they will all seem fresh and new again. :-)

    4. Oh, I did notice that a couple of the bottles seemed a little bit low, like the caps weren't tightened and so there was some evaporation. The way the packaging is designed, it would be hard to hand tighten the bottles.

    5. My bucket had all the colors you listed, except the bottle labeled as S041 Show Me the Money, is actually a shimmery charcoal grey color. I'm assuming it's Black Mamba. Not an issue for me, but may be for someone looking for specific colors.

    6. This is an add-on to my comment from days ago. I got the same exact pail with S041 show me the money being shimmery, vibrant BLUE too.

      But I do own another S041 SMTM, which is a glittery green. o_O; Weird much. LOL

      Anyway, my store had both kinds of pails. I preferred the one with only one crackle polish.

  5. Hi All,
    Mine has the same colors as buythebeads bucket, its great . I'd sure love to get a hold of the one in this pic on NC blog above, lovely!!!

  6. I got one this afternoon. The colors are slightly different and didn't seem at all terrible. I have it hidden since it's going to be my daughters present but my CVS only had two left in stock. Nice Christmas gift!

  7. This looks awesome, but when I went to my CVS today to get it, they had none. They haven't even received them yet :( I got a rain check, so if you're in the same boat make sure to get a rain check.

  8. Mine was different too: 1 purple microglitter crackle, purple creme, hot pink shimmer, silver glitter, purple glitter, gold glitter, and a mint green shimmer. Sorry I don't know the names, but they were all dupes of Sinful or WnW colors, except for the crackle.

  9. I just discovered something. The bright blue crackle in my bucket has the same name and product number as the bright blue crackle from the Craze Neon Crackle collection from a while back.

  10. So one of my friends just went out to buy her pail, one CVS was sold out and wouldn't give her a rain check, but sent her to a another one down the road. She went to that one and the cashier said it was an online only sale, and the pail scanned at the full price. After my friend insisted that it is not an online only sale, the cashier keyed in the price manually, but by doing this the extrabucks didn't print out. Just wanted to give a heads up that some CVS might give you trouble.

    1. CVS sales may be regional. Best to check the circular for your zip code on the CVS website before heading out to buy it. I know in NYC it's not on sale at the CVS stores in Manhattan but it is on sale in other parts of New York City.

    2. the weirdest part is I went to another CVS within 5 miles of that one and had no issue. sooooo weird!!!! I checked the ads online too and we are both soooo confused as to why that cvs was causing issues. thanks for the heads up =)

  11. Saw these and immediately thought they'd make good Christmas tokens to my co-workers. :)

  12. I went to buy this yesterday;but then didn't like the brushes and didnt buy it..istead of that bought sally hansen nail polish which was 2 for $4

  13. I got the same bucket as buythebead above, except I got We Need to Talk... a purple glitter crackle. I posted pics and quick swatches on my blog if anyone wants to take a quick look. (the swatches are terrible! but they show a quick idea of the colors)

  14. I got the same bucket as above. Used my $7 Extra Bucks from last week's deal of buy 2 Revlon products and got this FREE! :D I've never purchased wet and wild nail polishes, but I just tried the teal one and it applied easily for me (nail newbie!). Super happy about this deal.


  15. i have a different pale than pictured
    i actually had a sparkly purple polish (crackle) in mine its pretty awesome!

    1. I had the same one as you, I think - same as Stephanie Louise, but with a purple sparkly crackle instead of the purple she has.

  16. The one I bought was:
    2 Fast Dry Top Coats
    Show Me The Money (Blue shimmer)
    Pirate's Booty (Gold glitter)
    Distant Memory (Teal shimmer)
    Club Rat (Kinda Berry-colored holographic)
    Pretty Pink Punk (Neon pink cream)
    I Have No Reception (silver glitter)
    Inmate in Love (Neon orange cream)

    I think I described those right. Newb!

  17. They finally arrived at my CVS and in the pail, it had two Fast Dry Top Coats, Show me the Money, Pirate's Booty, Distant Memory, Club Rat, I Have no Reception, Blue a Fuse, Construction something?

    But I didn't buy any of them because I had already own Club Rat and Distant Memory. I would have liked to buy it but I didn't think it was worth it. I check all the pails and all of the polishes showed signs of evaporation and that the bottles wasn't closed tightly like the single ones. The nail polishes were just not closed tightly in the factory. I just didn't want to deal with that.

    1. That's the one I got. The crackles are re-releases of a Craze promotion from a while back.

  18. the ones at my CVS didn't have any crackle. and I have a REALLY hard time getting the Spoiled nail polishes off. like, half a bottle of nail polish remover hard. so I tend to steer clear of them no matter how pretty the colors are. :/


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