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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spoiled by Wet n Wild Nail Pails: an update

Just a quick note to let you know that I updated my original Spoiled by Wet n Wild Nail Pail post with additional pictures of a pail that's very different than the first one I shared. There seem to be at least two variations floating around out there, and possible more. Check out these pics and let us know if the pails in your area are the same...or different? Thanks in advance!


  1. I found some on Instagram that did not look like either of those two.

  2. I have the same set as the second pail. I bought it and the colors are beautiful and a lot of them only take one coat! The pink shade with sparkles (club rat) is my fav. It might be a dupe for opi you only live twice, though i am not sure. I shook the purple a million time but it did not mix. :( But on the bright side the color applied flawlessly. All the pails at my CVS had the same problem. I also wanted to point out that the toe separators only have three slits for your toes. The nail file was slightly bent from being in the pail. Also wanted to mention that Spoiled polishes are on sale fro but two get one free.

    1. After what seemed like 13 minutes, the bottle finally mix, but had some blue showing through.

    2. Picked up another pan and the colors included are: club rat , pirates booty, i have no reception, distant memory, yellow and blue crackle, and a gray/black shimmer color with the name show me the money. However in my other pail a blue/green color had the name show me the money. Does any one know the name of the polish.

  3. I tried looking for the Pail for 2 days at two different CVS and they don't seem to have it yet. I asked one person who worked at CVS and they say they probably get it tomorrow. I hope they make it to the store before the sale ends. I did find the Petite Wet N Wild Megalast polishes and the WnW Holiday themed lip balms and for a while they had the Limited Edition 8-pan but I checked tonight and the 8pans are gone.

    1. I've been on the prowl for these too...3 diff. Cvs' and that's when I gave up and just asked for a raincheck. I was issued a raincheck for a linit of 2, + I will the EB! Btw- cvs rainchecks have no expiration date.

  4. The third CVS I checked had them, but slightly different than your pics! They had two different sets:

    - hot pink with blue-ish glass flake shimmer
    - what appears to be a blue-teal (not sure if creme or micro shimmer)
    - blue and purple glitter
    - gold glitter
    - silver glitter
    - hot pink crackle
    - orange crackle

    - same pink shimmer
    - I *think* same blue-teal
    - blue with aqua shimmer
    - gold glitter
    - silver glitter
    - lavender glitter crackle
    - lime green crackle.

    That only adds up to 9 each with the two clear, so I may be forgetting one per set? If so I'll reply with an update.

    I was mildly irked because I wanted the glitter crackle, BUT I already have a ton of blue-with-aqua polishes and I had just picked up a Pure Ice lime crackle on clearance. But I wanted the blue/purple glitter. I wished I could have switched just a couple from each set. Hehe.

  5. I have a third pail different from the two described by Lindsay.

    The pink shimmer
    Gold glitter
    Silver glitter
    Teal shimmer
    Blue metallic
    Purple creme
    Yellow crackle


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