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Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: New Blistex Moisture Melt Lip Protectant SPF15

Aaaaah yes, another lip balm review. But I think I may have saved the best for last with this one, my lovelies. I usually like to keep you in a little bit of suspense in my opening paragraph, but in case you're considering scrolling right on past this review, let me tell you up front that I am in LOVE with this new product from Blistex. I picked it up at Rite Aid a few weeks ago (I've also seen it at Walgreens, CVS and Target as well as online at and I've been falling deeper and deeper in love with it as the days roll by.

Blistex Moisture Melt Lip Protectant/Sunscreen SPF15
(retail: $2, 0.35 oz)

Want to see why? Keep reading!

(Note: the cap looks dirty in these photos but it's actually not. The color of the cap is not clear; it's silver and it's got a shimmery finish, which makes it look a little dirty in pics.)

Right off the bat, this lip balm sucked me in. For me personally, anything that has the word "melt" in it grabs my attention and doesn't let go ("melt" and "melty" are words often seen in Japanese beauty products and believe me, I'm a sucker for those too). Also, a lip product with moisture beads in it grabs my attention. And to top it off, this lip balm comes with a round applicator (see above) which is a nice departure from the standard slant-tip applicators we see in just about every tube of balm and gloss these days. So that's three things that set this one apart from a regular lip balm for me. Good so far...

As you can see, the beads don't stick around once you work this product in. In fact, it's kind of fun to apply this and then squish the teeny tiny beads between your lips until you can't feel them any longer. (OK, that might not be fun for all of you, but it's fun for me.)

There is no color to this lip balm, even after you squish the blue beads.

But let's cast aside all of the fun marketing tricks. Take away the word "melt", disregard the moisture beads and ignore the round applicator tip. The thing is, even without all of the fun elements, I love this lip balm because guess what? It works.

My lips have been extremely dry and chapped these past few weeks, and there's something incredibly soothing about this lip balm that makes me keep reaching for it. It has a petroleum-jelly feel to it, sure, but there's something else here. Maybe it's the shea butter, aloe or coconut oil, but this product feels like it envelops the lips like a soft blanket. It doesn't feel like it's just sitting on my lips--it feels like it's softly hugging my lips and protecting them from the wind and cold. I don't know how else to describe it, but I get a comforting feeling whenever I use this product. 

In terms of moisturization, this product keeps my lips feeling soft and hydrated for several hours. I only have to use it maybe twice a day when my lips are chapped, and I like to apply it right before bed as well.

And here's the added bonus: this lip balm smells and tastes lemonade! I think one of you mentioned that in a comment a while back--if that was you, please leave a comment on this post because you were spot on! And what a delightful surprise. You'd think, based on the color of this lip balm, that the flavor and fragrance would be minty. But noooo, it's far more fun! (If you're not a pink lemonade fan, don't worry--the fragrance and flavor do fade after a few minutes on the lips.)

FINAL VERDICT: For two bucks, I think this one's worth a shot if you're looking for a lip balm that can keep your lips protected from the wind and cold, while also delivering moisture (thanks to the aloe, shea butter and coconut oil). And if you don't like minty lip balms, don't worry: this one smells and tastes like pink lemonade which, in my book, is always a bonus. I keep reaching for this one every day, and considering that I own 2,573 lip balms (not really but I do own dozens), that should tell you something.

Do you already own the new Blistex Moisture Melt lip balm? If so, how is it working for you?


  1. I saw this at Rite Aid a few weeks back and thought it looked interesting. But to be honest the beads turned me off at the time. I thought eew, that would feel weird and I actually compared it to like bath and body works hand sanitizer with the beads in it and I didn't want that on my lips lol. I too am a lip gloss/balm JUNKIE so I love to try anything and everything that is a gloss or balm. After reading this though I think I will try this one ;)

  2. You have made this lip balm sound good~~ I want to try it! :D

    The lil beads look fun to squish too.. Haha

    I'm always on the hunt for a great lip balm. :)

    Thanks G!

  3. I saw this at Target yesterday on clearance! The word melt caught my eyes too! Shoulda bought it :P

  4. It reminds me of Bonnie Bell Lip Burst! I haven't seen another balm/gloss with beads in a while. Don't know if I would get this but at least I know it's good just in case. In case of what I can't say but it's good to know.

  5. G!!! That was me who mentioned it tastes like pink lemonade! I love this lip balm. I wish I had sampled it when it was free after Register Reward at Walgreens. I would have stocked up. I have never used a lip balm/stick so much besides Carmex. I have never been a big fan of Blistex until now!!! Love love love this! Thanks for the "instant" review to spread the love!

  6. Hm interesting. You know, last weekend, I had some type of reaction or SOMETHING and oh man, let me tell you, my lips were SO DRY AND CHAPPED. Worst chapped lips of my LIFE. Blood red and paining and dry-feeling. Nothing worked. Not rose salve, not vaseline, NOTHING. (I usually wear rose salve nightly before sleeping!)

    Anyways, I made trip number 1 to CVS -- used some coupons, etc, and ended up getting a tube of Aquaphor lip treatment and a tube of Nivea "A kiss of Intense Moisture" treatment. Oh, and might I add, my lips are very high maintenance. Nothing is moisturizing, not even Chanel's lip products. /cries

    But yes, back to the story (idk why I'm telling you this) -- these two products, eh. They were okay. Not entirely too much in the healing department, mostly just "temporary soothing lip products". They definitely helped my lips feel better but didn't help them in the long run, you know what I mean?

    Come trip number 2 to CVS. This is when I was pulling my hair out like "GOD, WHAT DO I GET WHAT DO I GET?"
    I saw this Blistex thing! Am wanting to try it now - I actually passed on it! Instead during this trip to CVS, I got products that were in tubs.
    One little pot of original, good 'ole Carmex, one duo-pot of Blistex (restore/revive stuff?) and one pot of some Neosporin night time cream, specifically called the "overnight renewal therapy" stuff. So!

    Here's the basics. Blistex's little duo-pot thing was just /okay/. Didn't wow me that much. Carmex, jeez, as high maintenance as my lips are, even if you know, baby lips or burts bees or chapstick doesn't seem to get the job done, carmex always /does/.

    Carmex was a life saver during the day. I feel like it really helped out a lot - I found myself applying it a million times a day (stupid lips!) as Sandy recklessly shook Maryland around with her fury. UGH.

    But the one who stole my heart? Neosporin. I'm telling you, G, I put this stuff on at night praying that I'd wake up with an undamaged house and hydrated lips and I opened my eyes the next morning with both fulfilled.
    This stuff is just...god-sent. I have no idea how it works but it /works/ which is weird because 75% of the product is...white petrolatum. What is that? I don't know! But it's great.

    Anyways, I had to tell you this story. I'm so sold! This stuff's better than my rose salve. Rave rave rave.

    1. Oh wow, Aquaphor didn't work for you? That stuff worked for me during my worst days of chapped lips and I've been recommending it to anyone who will listen.

    2. Not quite the same product but along the line is Neosporin daily hydration therapy, which is my go to when my lips hurt for any reason.

      I had to have my wisdom teeth removed a couple of years ago and thanks to my small mouth and TMJ issues I couldn't open my mouth much and the dentist ripped both corners of my lips really badly.

      This was the only thing that helped numb the pain and heal the damage. It's not my go-to for lip feel or normal chapped lips (that would be Blistex 5 Star Protection) but if you've got something serious going on this stuff is a life saver!

    3. Literally everything I've ever tried either dries out my lips or just kind of...sits on top of them, and when it finally wears off, my lips are still dried out and cracked. Maybe I'll try this Neosporin stuff you mentioned!

    4. Basically I started using this melt some couple of weeks back. And to my surprise , I really , ,really love it...its makes my lips so smooth and feels so good!

      just give it a try and you will see the difference!

    5. This is one of my favorite lip balms and I have MANY (addicted) lol

  7. *hmm* Thanks for the review, G! I saw this stuff in Walgreens the other day, and was intrigued, but passed because I figured "hey, I have 39672626595 tubes/tubs/sticks of balm," but now, I really want to go grab this stuff!

  8. I also have dozens of lip balms of varying kinds due to the never-ending hunt for the perfect one that is going to end my perpetually chapped & dry lips that I've suffered for the past 25 years...and so far no luck. I saw this one also the other day in both my Walgreens & Walmart and passed it by. I'm so glad that you have now reviewed it so that I can now go back & pick it up and add it to my never-ending stash! But hopefully this time this one will give me some relief :)

  9. I had the exact opposite experience. For about 10 minutes my lips would feel great...then it would feel like my lips were being hugged by painful, miserable, dry, cracked awfulness. It would last for a good two days no matter what I did.

    I am extremely sensitive to fragrance in products, so that's probably it.

  10. This may be worth a look. Right now I'm using Treat Coconut Cream Old Fashioned Jumbo Flavored Lip Balm and I love it because it moisturizes my lips but doesn't make them feel too greasy.

  11. I purchased this a few weeks back when it was free after UPS at Rite Aid. I haven't broken it open yet because I have a gazillion lip balms open that I need to use.

    Based on your review, I'm going to be trying it with the bitter cold weather coming!

  12. I have this & agree it's nice, but I think I found it a little too heavy for daily use.

  13. I'm sold!! I need another lip balm ;)...

  14. Ooh I'll have to try this! I'm always searching for my HG lip balm to end my chapped lip suffering once and for all!!

  15. I bought this & absolutely love it!! It makes me lips happy. The scent/flavor is nice too. I couldn't place what it was until you said pink lemonade. Love it!

  16. since im in desperate needs im running out to target to try this :(..i hope this doesn't disappoint poor lips are dry and nothing helps ;(

  17. i bought this about 2 months ago when i first spotted it at target. i tried it once and hated it. then i passed it along to a girlfriend (who will love and use ANYTHING.) now after your review i am going to buy it AGAIN and it give it another try :)

  18. I picked this up at Target (it was on clearance) because of your review! I love squishing the little moisture beads and the taste is so good. Definitely more than worth the $1.27 I paid for it!

  19. I had to track down this post a month later to say THANK YOU for recommending this! My lips have been so dry for the past few months and I've tried everything - from Keihl's to Vaseline, Fresh Sugar to Eos and everything in between. This is the first one that's actually made a difference! Thank you, thank you! :)

  20. Just wanted to come back and say that I found this at Walgreens where it's apparently BOGO free this week! I'm so glad I finally tried it - it's divine!

  21. You know, I have a bazillion lip balms/glosses, and the last thing I really need is another- but I might give this a try. Thanks!

  22. This person is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT… I agree in everything. In simple words, I always have to reapply lip balm extremely often, including in the middle of the night when I get up to drink water. But since I bought this product, one time goes a loong way. My lips are finally moistured for longer.


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