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Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Buck Friday

It's that time again! After a brief lapse last week, Five Buck Friday is back, and today I've just got one product to share with you, but I think it's very worthy of all five of your hard-earned bucks.

Keep reading for your weekly dose of Five Buck Friday fun...

Revlon Nail Enamel in Whimsical (retail: $4.99, wherever Revlon polishes are sold). A near-perfect dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air (retail: $18), Revlon Whimsical is the polish I reach for whenever I want to feel like a princess. I also reach for it when I'm too lazy to create a jelly sandwich manicure, because just one coat of this polish delivers the look of a jelly sandwich mani without all the hassle of using a glitter polish and sandwiching it between layers of a jelly polish. You can see my swatches of it from back in December 2011 here (I showed you how it looks after one coat, and also after two coats). Also check out the fun you can have using this as a layering polish here and here. It's such a fun, beautiful color and it's also super versatile. There's no end to the colors you can wear underneath Whimsical, and you can change the look dramatically by only applying one coat, or adding additioanl coats for more glitter and a deeper shade of milky blue. Love, love, love this polish (it's so pretty on toes, too).

Bonus: there are always sales on Revlon polishes, which means you'll very rarely have to pay the full $4.99 for this color (unless of course you just can't wait for a sale and have to have it now).


  1. I bought the DL version because I loved it so much. Of course I wish I had waited. I've never bought a polish that was so expensive, but it was so unique at the time.

  2. Thank you for linking my blog for the whimsical jelly sammy I did. I was wondering what was going on when I saw so many blog hits all of a sudden. lol <3

  3. I own Whimsical. I adore it~ I like the soft, pretty shade. I don't wear it enough. I'd like to experiment with it more and layer it over different polishes.

  4. It looks like I have to find this one as well.

    1. I've seen this polish at cvs but i purchased mine when it was hard to find at bed bath & beyond.

  5. Ugh. I finally broke down and bought the Deborah Lippmann version a while back because I hunted around everywhere in my small rural town (the 3 stores we have) looking for the Revlon Whimsical dupe for it & never could find it anywhere, so I just figured once again I had lost out. So I forked over my $18 for the original. Guess what I finally stumbled upon a couple of days ago in Walmart?? Bottles and bottles of the Revlon version...months later. I'm so sick. Blech :(

  6. I got Whimsical on the last 40% sale on and I've topped it on Revlon's Minted and it looks great. I like the look better than WnW's I Need a ReFreshment. I think Whimisical would work best on pastel light colors so Minted or Charming would work great.

  7. I've never been able to find Whimsical in stores, but it does look great!

  8. So tempting. I was at CVS yesterday and the red box gave me a $3 off coupon, which I haven't used. Now I'll have to go look for this.

  9. I really LOVE this series and have purchased quite a few of your suggestions. Yours is my favorite blog, G. Thanks for all your hard work!


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