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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Wednesday Question

First and foremost, I think I speak for all of us when I say that our hearts go out to everyone on the East Coast right now. I hope all of you are safe and warm and that there is a return to normalcy for you very, very soon. 

Since the Wednesday Question falls on a holiday this week, I thought I'd ask a Halloween question. I realize that many of you are not partaking in Halloween celebrations this year so I'm going to pose this question in two ways:

If you are/were planning to celebrate Halloween, what is/was your Halloween costume? And  if you're not celebrating Halloween "just because" this year, do you have a Halloween costume idea that you would make a reality if you WERE celebrating? I'd love to hear any/all answers, whether they're real or imaginary!

I'm not dressing up this year because Mr. G and I are currently obsessed with watching Season 1 of Homeland on DVD (it's on sale at Target this week!) and we're powering through the last four episodes tonight. But if I were dressing up for a party or something like that, I'd probably go as my lazy easy default costume: an identity crisis. You just wear normal clothes and stick those "Hello, my name is..." badges from Office Depot all over your body and fill out each sticker with a different name: "Mary", "John", "Rick", "Sharon", etc.


  1. I dressed up for an early Halloween this weekend. My boy and I went as Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible. :)

  2. I can't do anything tonight because my area was affected by Sandy but I'm still dressed as Harley Quinn today!

  3. I was Zombie Alice in Wonderland at one party, regular Alice in Wonderland at the next party, and tonight I am channeling Brigitte Bardot. I usually wear black, lots of mascara and eyeliner and almost always have messy hair, so it's perfect.

  4. Halloween just isn't really my thing. I haven't really dressed up since I was young. I've done some half assed "costumes" in the past, but only because I felt like I had to in order to go to a Halloween party. I love how creative other people get with their costumes, but it's just not something I do.

  5. Thank you for asking, you are such an awesome person G. You can see who I will be at my party tonight on my blog, I would love you and every one of your friends to come! Anytime after 6pm pT.

    I hope you have a smashing pumpkins kind of night with the hunny! You should know, I enjoy your blog so much!

    G. Have you seen Revlon Ruby Ring in person or in swatches yet? I just blogged swatches yesterday in case you missed it. I love it so much!

  6. I didn't go to a Halloween party this year, so no dress-up for me. If I had the time and money, though, I would rock an Ursula costume from The Little Mermaid. I'd even sing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" with gusto.

  7. I haven't dressed up in years, too busy with the kids costumes. I just have one little enough left, she is a vampire this year. It's her first "scary" costume. I do have a medieval lady costume packed away for "emergencies" just in case I ever need one, LOL. Super easy cause it has a head cover so no major hair issues.. covers your whole body pretty much.. and no major makeup requirements either.

  8. I have a stash of dance costumes and theatre costumes from my daughter to rummage through every Halloween. We generally have at least one party to go to. This year we were pirates! I love talking like a pirate, but to be honest 2 minutes after the obligatory photos were taken, the hat and eye patch were off! Happy Halloween, all!

  9. when i was young we never celebrated halloween, dressed up or gave out candy. once older i went non-scary trick or treating with friends in whatever-u-can-make-out-of-stuff-in-your-closet costumes. now that im 22 and all my freinds are going to party's... i will be staying home :/
    I have this irrational fear of People in Costumes. not like "pirate" or "witch" but the costumes u actually have to get into that come with a full body suit.i once broke out in tears at a scholastics book fair when clifford came within 5 ft of me... but i so wish i could dress up as a super cute lion!

  10. I'm not dressing up this year but I'm usually a vampire. I think I make a pretty realistic one, ha!

  11. I'm dressed up at work today as Marilyn Monroe, lashes and all. But to keep it work appropriate I am casual Marilyn. With jeans, a 50s style sequined sweater and my sparkly Toms. It's a hit!

  12. My last minute costume is just a pair of realistic Vampire fangs, all black wardrobe and smokey eye with vampy lips. I only found out a couple days beforehand that I would not be working tonight. I wore the fangs to the cinema on Monday (a Dracula double feature) and it was completely worth the price to see the girl at the concession stand do a double take! I haven't done a Vampire costume in many years, because that was my stock costume throughout most of Junior High and High School. Usually with plenty of fake blood.

  13. My costume this year was a "Gore-met Chef" - basically a zombie in a chef outfit. I found the costume on Amazon, then added a bloody plastic cleaver and did my own zombie makeup. I successfully freaked out my co-workers, hurray! My fiance is dressing up as Captain Hammer for a party we are attending :)

  14. I am an off-duty/sexy disco Star Fleet officer (The Next Generation, of course)... because at my local thrift store I found an amaaaazing jump suit, presumably a dance or ice skating costume, that looks like a sparkly one-sleeved version of a uniform. I only had to add a communicator badge! I'm very proud of it. (photo evidence: I love Halloween costumes!

  15. I'm not dressing up, but if I were I wold be a character from Doctor Who!

    1. I went dancing Saturday and the dance caller was a bit concerned when he saw two Tardises in the first grouping! I threw together a raffia skirt and tankini top so I could be Spring Break w/o overheating. At another party I was dressed as a referee (striped top, whistle, red and yellow "flags"). And to hand out candy tonight I just put on a pointy hat, a long black skirt, and a creepy voice to match the "candy cauldron" (stockpot).

      But if time & money were no object! Oh, so many choices, and I bet it would change every day! Some silly character or object... bonus points for a curly black wig, because I'd have to deep fry my own hair to get it to do that.

  16. Went to a party a few weekends back. I'd spent 2 weeks making a realistic chicken costume for the hubs (his request). I think 5 feather boas were sacrificed and who knows how much hot glue. So, I threw my costume together in an hour... I was a jellyfish. One of those umbrella hats, plus battery powered LED lights, some strips of bubble wrap and gauzy fabric. I bobbed around the party and everyone loved my outfit, but I kept saying ,"the chicken! the chicken!" because it took FOREVER to make. I think I'll be sweeping up feathers until next Halloween. Have a good one, everybody!


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