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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Halloween Manicure

Before I actually tried a manicure like this (gradient-ish/melty/drippy), I thought it was probably going to be extremely difficult and time consuming, and that it would require lots of skill, precision and maybe even some tools (sponges, etc.). But once I actually tried it, I realized that it's basically the easiest thing EVER. And today's a perfect excuse to wear black and orange, right? (Not like you need one--I love orange and black combos any time of year!)

 Polishes used:
Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris
Kleancolor Holo Orange
Jordana Copper Blaze

Keep reading for pics of my Halloween gradient/drippy/melty glitter mani:

Photos taken indoors with flash and without flash:

In this intentionally blurry photo, the holo glitter is a bit more visible (the best part about this mani, in my opinion):

For this mani, all you have to do is apply a black creme base, and then take the holo glitter polish and apply it in a thick-ish coat to just your nail tip. Then, just wipe down your brush and gently drag the polish that's already on your nail tip down in a few spots to create that "drippy" look. After that dries, just take a chunky glitter and dab a few big pieces of glitter in various spots on the nail. Finish with a layer of clear top coat and you're done!

I always forget about Kleancolor Orange Holo, but it's a great polish for gradient manicures because it's got that pretty holo glitter and it's sheer. The more opaque the polish, the more difficult it is to acheive that gradient look (for me, at least) so this Kleancolor polish is perfect for dragging or sponging across the nail since it thins out nicely. Check out Orange Holo all by itself in this simple, beautiful mani.

I LOVE Jordana Copper Blaze. It's stunning all by itself over black (which is the manicure I gave my mom for Halloween this year). You can see my swatch of it over black here.

 If you've never done a gradient/drippy/melty manicure before, don't be afraid to try it! You don't even need a sponge or a lot of precision/skill if you have the right polishes. Just be sure to use a base color that's going to provide a nice contrast to the gradient color, and select a gradient color that's sheer enough to become thinner when you drag it across the nail. 

Where to purchase:
  • Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris is available wherever Wet n Wild is sold in your area ($1.99)
  • Jordana Specialty Glitters Nail Color in Copper Blaze is available at select Kmart locations and online via the Jordana website ($2.99)
  • Kleancolor Orange Holo is available at various independent beauty supply stores and dollar stores throughout the country. You can also purchase it on sites like Amazon and Ebay. (around $1)

TIP: If you can't find Kleancolour Orange Holo, try one of the Milani 3D Holographic Nail Colors ($4.99; available at most CVS and Walgreens locations).

H a p p y H a l l o w e e n!

Some of the polishes featured in this post were given to Nouveau Cheap for previous reviews.


  1. Cute! you're making me want to take off my not so perfect Hallowe'en manicure and start over again. There's so many things I should really be doing though....

  2. They look great! I never thought to do a Halloween mani, but now I really want to do one haha

  3. Looks beautiful. The Kleancolor looks like a cute and wearable color, and all the colors together are sophisticated and festive.

  4. I did WnW 9021Orange with the Fergie Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night on top. I got so many compliments on it.

  5. Love it G, very creative! I was boring this year, just did black creme polish with a sparkly orange accent nail. But I am so going to remember this for next year, Happy Halloween G!

  6. Love it! This is so much better than what I wore the last few days. I did Sally Hansen nail strips. The one with all the little orange and white ghosts. I did not like it but was determined to sse it through until Halloween. I think it would have been better only on the tips. Anyway that is great manicure G.! gives me something to try around Christmas time!

  7. Cool, I like this look! So orange but wearable.

  8. That really turned out beautiful.

  9. Nice! Gotta love the Wet N Wild quick dry polishes! I used Silvivor with the new Sinful black crackle that came out this year and it worked awesomely! People liked how it looked! I did wear my Fantasymakers crackle polish with the blue one this year for Halloween. :3


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