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Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks

I received the Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks for review back in July, and I apologize for it taking me so long to post this review. As with all of the products I receive for review, it takes me a while to fully test them, especially when there are a lot of different shades in a range. I like to try each one in a number of different ways so I can give you the most detailed review possible, so now that I've done just that, here's a summary of my thoughts on each color.

Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks are not available in stores. You can order them online via the Jordana website and also via Cherry Culture.

Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks
(retail: $2.99 each, 0.21 oz)
Blendable Creamy Cheek Color
Provides a Healthy, Natural Glow
Convenient Pocket Size, Twist Up Application
No Brush Necessary 
Made in Taiwan
Touch onto apples of cheeks, then softly blend color up cheekbone toward temple with fingertips. A little goes a long way! Use after foundation or apply directly to skin before using powder.

Ingredients: Ethyhexyl Palmitate, Talc, Mica, Silica, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Dimethicone, Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Fragrance. +/- May Contain: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Yellow 5 Lake (CI 19140), Red 6 Lake (CI 15850).

Keep reading for my full review...

There are four shimmers in this collection (Coral Touch, Bronze Glow, Blushed, Rose Petal) and two mattes (Pink Adore, Apple Cheeks). Quite honestly, the shimmer is not strong in any of these blushes once blended onto the skin, so if you're not a high-shimmer fan, you don't have to worry about that no matter which shade(s) you purchase. There is no sparkle/glitter in any color in this range.

Rose Petal looks like a shimmery, mauve in the tube, but on my NC20 skin it's actually a warm, rosy pink with golden shimmer.

Apple Cheeks (love that name) is a bright, cheery maraschino cherry red matte.

Pink Adore is a cool-toned matte pink.

Bronze Glow is the only shade in this range that I cannot wear as blush. On my skin it's too dark for blush, but I can wear it as a bronzer when applied softly and blended well. It's a medium, neutral brown with gold shimmer. I think this would make a lovely highlighter for deeper skintones but it is probably a bit too dark for fairer skintones, even if used as bronzer instead of blush.

Coral Touch is a cheery, pinky-coral with very subtle golden shimmer (you really can't see the shimmer in this one after you blend, as you'll see below).

Blushed is very NARS Orgasm-esque. It's an orangey-pinky-peach with soft golden shimmer.

Here are my three favorite shades in the range (worn on different days):

Coral Touch

Rose Petal

Apple Cheeks

As you can see, even the shade that, to me, contains the highest level of shimmer (Rose Petal) doesn't come off as super shimmery when on the skin (which I love, since I'm not big on high-shimmer blushes since they tend to accentuate my large pores).

Texture and consistency: This a drier blush formula, but it's not so dry that it makes it difficult to pick up color or to blend. I actually find these blushes quite easy to blend, and my favorite method of application that works best for me is to rub my finger directly on the blush stick and gently dab the color onto my cheeks with my finger and then blend. I find it easy to build up the color for more intensity this way. Applying these blushes directly to the cheeks by rubbing the stick directly onto the skin can deposit a bit too much color, so the finger method works best for me to achieve the perfect intensity. Also, I have tried using these blushes on top of liquid, cream and powder foundations and it works beautifully with all three. Sometimes cream blushes don't apply smoothly when applied ON TOP of powder, so I'm happy to report that these blushes work quite well when applied on top of powder.

Pigmentation and staying power: There is not a bad shade in the bunch when it comes to pigmentation. I have been absolutely delighted with the level of pigment in each shade. Staying power can vary between the deeper colors and lighter colors, but overall I can get about 4-6 hours of wear before I start to notice fading. I have very oily skin, and one tip that has greatly improved staying power for me is to apply my foundation followed by a shine control powder. THEN I apply this blush (on top of the powder) and that really seems to help keep this blush in place for a few hours longer than if I apply the blush in between my foundation and powder.

Fragrance: There is a fragrance to these blushes and I think that it would probably be considered strong for most of you. The scent is floral and powdery and it kind of reminds me of cold cream, without the menthol note, if that makes any sense. The scent has a "vintage face cream" type of vibe to it. I personally am not bothered by it and I can only smell it during application. Once the bush has been blended I no longer notice it, but those who are sensitive to fragrance might want to consider that you can definitely smell this blush during application.

FINAL VERDICT: At just $2.99 each, these little blush sticks have been rocking my world for the past few months. The shade range includes very pretty, very wearable colors that would work on a variety of different skintones, and I think that Jordana did a fantastic job at developing colors that real people can easily wear on a daily basis. When blended, none of these shades would be considered high-shimmer and none of the shades in this range contain sparkle/glitter, which only adds to their wearability. The pigmentation is fantastic across the board, and I find all six colors easy to apply and easy to blend. You can control the pigmentation as long as you don't apply these blushes by running the stick directly onto the skin (that can deposit too much color). If you dab your finger onto the stick and apply the color with your fingers, I think you can easily control the level of pigmentation. The only issues that I can imagine you running into are the staying power (see my tip above to help with that) and also the fragrance, which is strong during application but does fade once this product is blended onto the skin. Other than that, I think you might really enjoy these blushes and highly recommend them, especially at this price point.

Just a reminder: Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks retail for $2.99 (0.21 oz) and are not available in stores. You can order them online via the Jordana website and also via Cherry Culture.

Do you already own any Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks? If so, what do you think of them? If not, do you think they might be a good fit for you?

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. Apple Cheeks is so pretty! Hopefully Jordana will have another Black Friday sale this year, and I'll get it then :)

    1. Oooh, I really hope they do that again this year! :)

  2. I love Pink Adore, Coral Blush and Apple cheeks. Any idea if these will end up at Walgreens or Kmart, in the future?

    1. I'm sorry, I haven't heard anything about these showing up in stores. :( If that changes I will definitely post about it!

  3. How do these compare to the NYC Blushable CReam Sticks?

    1. I'd say that the biggest difference is the texture...these are a bit drier and not as creamy/slick as the NYC ones. Also, I think the Jordana sticks might be a little more pigmented. Oh, and the NYC sticks are huge compare to these...these tubes are only about 2 inches tall. :)

    2. Thanks for answering this G, I was going to ask how they compared to other cream blushes and I love the NYC ones so I think I'd be better off trying one and seeing how it goes.

  4. What Ally said, and how do they compare to the ELF All-Over color sticks?

    1. Packaging-wise they're quite comparable, but I've only tried a few of the elf blushes and I remember them having a slicker, almost greasy texture, while these are drier. Also, the elf blushes had zero staying power for me (maybe two hours, I think?) whereas these last six hours or more for me. Hope that helps!

    2. Yes! I do not like the ELF ones so this sounds good to me. Definitely going to try it :)

  5. I actually saw a few shades here in Texas at a local HEB. There was no display or any section for them, they were just there on a shelf when I was browing the make up section. So im not sure if they are releasing them in stores now or it it was a mistake.

  6. I must find these, for some reason Jordana is such a hard brand to track down in Massachusetts!

    I love drier cream blushes, I have the NYX cream blushes and although they're lovely they're a little too slick for my oily skin and don't tend to last. Have you ever reviewed those G? Would love to read your thoughts!

    I love in your photo of all the blush sticks you can see Coral Touch is your favorite by the little dent in it, haha I don't know why but it always makes me so excited to see a well loved product :)

  7. I've seen full displays of these in couple of HEB grocery stores here in Texas.

  8. So want these, but can't find them on Ebay :(

  9. Are you wearing lipstick or a lip balm in the last pic? That color is pretty.

  10. These look pretty but beware if you have acne-prone skin, coconut oil is highly comedogenic!

  11. They are available at the 10024 Duane Reade on 83-84/Broadway.


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