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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swatchfest: a few items from the NYC Limited Edition Fashion Predator Collection (eyeshadows & nail polishes)

I've been a big fan of NYC for years now, but this year they're really outdoing themselves. First they blow me away with what I might just call the prettiest drugstore nail color of 2012, followed by a stunning matte red eyeshadow. But when I first showed you pics of the new limited edition Fashion Predator collection, I really didn't expect to find some true gems in this collection too. Then, I actually saw this collection in person last week and it totally surprised me. I'm loving some of the products I purchased so much that I plan on picking up additional products today while NYC is still 40% off at Rite Aid.

I wanted to get this post up ASAP since the Rite Aid 40% off sale only runs through 9/22 (unless you're in LA or San Diego, in which case the sale ends tomorrow, 9/20, since we're in test markets and the weekly sales always end on Thursdays for us).

Before I get to the eyeshadow palette that I purchased (which you do not want to miss!), let me show you two of the three polishes in this collection. And if you're not into polish, just scroll right on past these swatches until you get to the eyeshadow palette!

 NYC Limited Edition In A New York Color Minute Nail Polish in Python Green 
(retail: $1.99, 0.33 oz)
NYC Limited Edition Rock Muse Top Coat in Rock Muse
(retail: $2.49, 0.33 oz)

Tons and tons of pics, after the jump...

In direct sunlight (above), Python Green looks to have some bronze duochrome to it, but that really doesn't show up on the nail. Rock Muse is a blackened jelly(!) with iridescent microglitter.

Let's take a closer look at Python Green first:

Note: there was another color in this collection that was a purple shimmer. I didn't really think it was unique enough to purchase, so that's why I just bought the two other polishes.

Python Green is a beautiful khaki-olive with golden shimmer. In certain lights, you can see that it has a blackened base. This one's sheer and watery, but it only required two coats for what you see in these photos.

In the photo below, you can see that due to its watery formula, Python Green has a tendency to pool up at the tip of the nail. You can also see that there are a few bald spots that are really noticeable in certain lights, so I would suggest applying three thin coats, allowing each coat to dry fully before applying the next. Also, try to not go back over your brush strokes if possible--this will help eliminate bald spots. It's a stunning color though, and to me it's worth the trouble.

Next up, here's what Rock Muse looks like on my index finger after two coats:

I wanted to show you Rock Muse on its own first, before I show you what it looks like layered over some other colors. As you can see, it's a blackened jelly with microglitter:

On the left is two coats of Python Green. On the right is two coats of Python Green followed by one coat of Rock Muse:

What's nice is that even though one coat doesn't really do much to change the color of Python Green, it does gives it more of a "smoky" look and it tones down the shimmer. So if you have a darker shade with a lot of shimmer that you'd like to tone down, this would be a great polish to use for that:

Now, here's what one coat of Rock Muse looks like over a white creme, and also a red creme:

As you can see, the formula of Rock Muse suffers from the same watery issues as Python Green. Applying one layer to a creme base really shows how streaky this formula is. And it gets even worse if you try to go over your brush strokes to deposit more color. My suggestion is to use the smallest amount of brush strokes possible, and that will help eliminate the streakiness a bit (but not by much). Also, you can see that this formula, like Python Green, tends to pool up at the nail tip. Honestly, this polish looks better over a shimmery color because it hides the streakiness of the formula. BUT, all is not lost, my friends! Since this is a blackened jelly, it might be gorgeous to use for a jelly sandwich (after I add a few drops of polish thinner...I'm hoping that helps with the streakiness). I'll definitely post some pics of a jelly sandwich soon.

And now, let's take a closer look at the palette I purchased:
 NYC Limited Edition IndividualEyes Palette in Animal Instinct
(retail: $4.99, see weight info below)


 I'm not going to swatch the primer or highlighter because those are essentially the same in every IndividualEyes palette. So let's get to the shadows:

The Animal Instinct palette contains four shimmery, complimentary shades that are all on the warmer side of the spectrum:

The lightest shade is absolutely stunning over primer. It's a warm champagne color that is even prettier than my pics indicate. The next shade is a peachy copper that, again, is even prettier in person.

The brown shade has a teeny, tiny touch of red to it, and the green shade? This one absolutely blew me away! In the pan, it looked like it was going to be standard  shimmery green, but once swatched on the skin, you can see that it's a blackened green--so rich and intense.

Since I have a thing for blackened greens, I thought I'd show you this one next a few others in my collection:

Not as gray as MAC Fiction, and not as teal as Inglot 414. I can honestly say that I don't have another blackened green quite like this in my stash, so I'm one happy girl right now!

If the colors in this palette appeal to you, I say run out and look for this collection ASAP and grab it before it's gone. Even better if you can get it this week at Rite Aid while it's 40% off! Honestly, I'm blown away by the pigmentation and smoothness of these shadows. On the whole, I think the NYC IndividualEyes palettes are very underrated, but this one is even better than the others I've tried in the past. I've worn these colors both with and without primer and I've been blown away by the color payoff and ease of application. Even after blending, the colors stay vivid and they don't end up blending together and becoming muddy. They're worth every penny, in my book. Especially that blackened green. My goodness, I'd pay $4.99 for that color alone.

As for the polishes, I am a sucker for khaki and olive greens, so despite the trouble, I still think Python Green is worth $1.99. Rock Muse...well...the jury is still out on that one. If I can get it work without streaking for a jelly sandwich, then I will definitely say it's worth $2.49. As soon as I give it a try, I'll post some pics.

Have you picked up any products from the NYC Limited Edition Fashion Predator Collection yet? Thoughts?


  1. Ooo love that python green nail color. Very sexy and pretty!

  2. Ooh, that eyeshadow palette is so pretty! Maybe I'll go back and get it.

    I bought Python Green (LOVE), Leopard Print liquid eyeliner (LOVE), and a shimmery mascara (not very impressed). I was intrigued by that smoky topcoat, but now I'm glad I passed; I have a black jelly that I frankened that's very similar.

  3. Rock Muse and Python green would be my choice. Honeatly, I am liking the NYC more than the MAC and the Inglot shade

  4. I wish CVS carried NYC. But that palette is worth a special trip to Rite Aid! I love the idea of a primer included, what did you think of the primer and illuminator? Emi has me hooked on the leopard print liner too!

  5. Those all look great. I never seem find these right away in Michigan. I finally saw Summer in the City about two weeks ago -- why do we have such a lag? But I just bought the Peach Sparkle and the red eyeshadow, since it's on sale. If I find these I might have to get all of them. Love the Python Green especially -- a mix of gold and green and I'm sold.

  6. I am not loving the Rock Muse at all which I thought I would love until I saw it on you G.I think it is kind of blah! Python Green is so pretty and since I am on a mission to add greens to my collection depending on what I find at Victorias Secret today, I may have to check this out. One question though G. did you use the primer that was in the eye shadow pallette?

    1. I'm curious about the primer as well- as an oily-lidded girl, I'm always on the hunt for a great primer! Let us know! :)

  7. I tried the NYC makeup pallette in a different color and was not impressed, but you haven't seared me wrong yet so I'll go take a look at it if I have time!

  8. Also, the python color looks a little like butter London's "wallis" color.

  9. That eyeshadow quad is lovely. But I haven't seen this collection out anywhere near me. I've only seen the Halloween one. Oh well, I already have too many eyeshadows anyway, lol.

  10. Oh dear.. The display in my rite aid had "island escape" and "summer crush" palettes stuck in there!! I think these palettes are from a while back!! The colors are very tropical and bright n summery ~ I bought them anyway bc of the great deal 2.99 oh yeah) but I am still hunting for the palette you meNtioned above.

  11. I swear ever since you first posted about this collection I've been stalking the Rite Aids around me for it, but have had no such luck! I didn't go today, but I plan on making a trip to my favorite Rite Aid tomorrow so hopefully it's there then. I'm starting to think it's not going to ever come though because this Rite Aid seems to be one of the firsts to always get limited addition collections right away.

  12. I just got Python Green today and am so happy with it! I initially got it because I don't own anything like it, but once I tried it on, I fell in love. It's got a beautiful shimmer that really comes alive in the sun! I definitely recommend it to any green lovers out there.

  13. G, could you do a look on yourself with this palette?

  14. Hey, is the Python Green a dupe for Wallis from Butter London? Any chance you could do side by sides?

  15. I have to compliment you, G. I spotted this at Rite Aid and your photo of the eye shadows is spot-on! I saw them on the NYC Facebook page and there they don't look like what you see in real life. I gave in to temptation and bought the two nail polishes, and I have to say the Python Green is gorgeous!


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