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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spotted: New NYC Limited Edition Fashion Predator Collection

NYC has been rocking lately when it comes to LE collections (Peach Sparkle from the Summer LE collection still makes me swoon and of course I'm still loving that red shadow from the Halloween collection). So here's another new collection that we might want to add to the "must-find" list.

A huge thanks to reader KD for this sighting. KD spotted the new NYC Fashion Predator Collection at her local Meijer and was nice enough to share:

(Note: the price tags in this photo are in reference to products on the shelf above this display. NYC products retail for $0.99 - $4.99 each)

 image credit: KD for Nouveau Cheap
NYC Limited Edition Fashion Predator Collection

I don't believe that we have ever seen NYC offer two different polish formulas in one LE collection before. In this case, we have polishes from both the In A New York Color Minute formula and also the Expert Last formula, which is a formula NYC reserves exclusively for limited edition collections like this one from this summer. I love the Expert Last formula and I hope that NYC eventually makes this part of their permanent collection. But for now, I'll take what I can get!

 image credit: KD for Nouveau Cheap

Also in this collection, there are limited edition liquid liners (I spot some gray/silver colors there!), LE lipglosses (loving that vampy red), two LE eyeshadow palettes, mascara (I believe this mascara is from the permanent collection) and of course two limited edition shades of polish from the In A New York Color Minute line and what appears to be one polish from the limited edition Expert Last formula (I'm wondering if this is a new shade or a repromote of the silver shade from the Color Rush collection from this summer?). Hum...

Since Meijer tends to get limited edition collections much sooner than drugstores, I suspect that we'll eventually find the Fashion Predator collection at Rite Aid and hopefully CVS (stores that still carry NYC, of  course). And sometimes Kmart carries LE collections from NYC as well.

Thanks so much, KD, for the great sighting and pics! I really appreciate it!

Have you spotted the NYC Fashion Predator Collection in your area yet? Thoughts?


  1. Hi random probably dumb question. I'm new to the makeup world, more so the limited edition part. How long is "limited edition" usually? Months or weeks? Thanks for all that you do!

  2. I'm not exactly sure if I understand your question, but I'll try to answer what I think you asked! :)

    When a collection is limited edition, that means it's only available for a short amount of time (usually just until the items in the display have all been sold). Then, it is gone forever. Sometimes retailers will restock a limited edition display, but it's pretty rare. So in other words, when you like something that's limited edition, buy it while you can. If you wait, you could lose out and never find it again. Trust me, it's happened to me more than once!

    Did that answer your question?

    PS: Every once in a while, brands might make a limited edition product part of the permanent collection if it was really popular when it was limited edition, but again, it's rare.

  3. The bottle on the right says "NYC Rock Muse Top Coat Fixateur." It's a shimmery dark grey/black jelly. I guess it's supposed to be used to darken brighter polishes? The other color I bought was "Python Green." It's a shimmery golden olive green. I've seen this color in another brand, but I can't remember which now.

    I meant to put this in my comment yesterday, but life distracted me :D

  4. I saw this collection today at Rite Aide in LA (the same one I always see LE collections at early!). The mascaras are new - they are blue, green, brown, and black, and SHIMMERY. I bough the black one but haven't tried it yet.

    The olive green nail polish, Python Green, is totally gorgeous, and I bought that too - but the surprise winner was the liquid liner in Leopard Print, which is pigmented, smooth, and so gorgeous I'm thinking about going back to buy a second one.


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