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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spotted: New Revlon Top Speed Colors (possible dupe alert!)

I spotted some new Revlon Top Speed colors at Rite Aid the other day and of course wanted to share.

New Revlon Top Speed Shades

Keep reading for a bonus comparison and (possible) dupe alert!

For Revlon polishes, I was under the impression that if there were no numbers printed on the top of the bottle, that meant it was an LE shade (see this post if you don't know what I'm talking about). BUT, maybe it's a different type of system for the Top Speeds? None of these shades have numeric codes on the tops of the bottles, but the display does not say "limited edition"; it just says "new shades".

L to R: VIP, After Party, Dress Code

VIP is NOT A TAUPE. My pic is very deceiving, but it's actually a purplish-lavender creme. Very pretty! After Party is a dusty greenish blue creme (more on that one in a minute). Dress Code is a purple shimmer with a touch of duochrome-iness.

L to R: Dress Code, Invitation Only, Socialite

Another shot of Dress Code (purple shimmer). Invitation Only is a kelly green shimmer (very Christmas-y) and Socialite is a beige with VERY subtle shimmer.

 L to R: Socialite, Diva, Guest List, Infamous

Another shot of Socialite (beige with very subtle shimmer). Diva is a red creme, Guest List is a dusty, dirty sage green creme and Infamous is a hot pinky-coral creme that's bright but not a neon (prettier in person).

Now for a comparison with the new Revlon shade,  After Party:

L to R: Revlon Surf, Blue Slate, After Party, Chic

If you missed my comparison of Revlon Surf vs. Revlon Chic, you can see that here. There's no denying that these are all dusty blues but, as you can see, After Party has much more green to it. In fact, it reminds me of the new Sinful Colors Leap Flog. This would NOT be surprising since Revlon owns Sinful Colors! I own Leap Flog (just bought it!), so I'll put it on and go back to Rite Aid and see how close it compares to After Party and let you know. Hopefully they're as similar as I think they are, so that those who can't find Leap Flog will have a nice alternative.

Have you spotted these polishes in your area yet? Thoughts?


  1. After Party is a dupe of one of the CQ polishes- I think it was Corduroy.

    1. Really!?! Do you have both and if so do you have side-by-side swatches you can share? The reason I ask is because, looking at an old post I have with a bottle shot of Corduroy, the CQ polish looks really teal in comparison to After Party, which is a dusty blueish-green. I looked at some swatches of Corduroy online also, and it looks more like a bright teal in swatches too. But then again, After Party could be brighter and more teal on the nail than what it looks in the bottle...

      Here's an old bottle shot of Corduroy, if anyone's interested:

  2. I'm very excited! I sure hope they're not LE. I think Guest List looks very similar to OPI Stranger Tides, Sally Hansen Creamy Olive, Sinful Colors Seaweed, etc.

    1. I do too, M! And YES, I thought the same thing about Guest List! *fingers crossed* :D

    2. I guess we'll know if they start discontinuing existing Top Speed shades to make room.

  3. No, I don't have both. I compared them in the store. I have so many polishes now I'm trying not to buy dupes/very similar ones. When I like one in the drugstore now, I'll compare it to other polishes there- it's really cut my buying down.

  4. No. But I like Revlon polishes a lot, and will be getting these.

  5. Displays like this surprise me in a way - why are there 4 of some shades but only 2 of others? I know the design is more esthetically pleasing but who decides which colors would sell more?

  6. That would be Revlon that decides, but it's based on the predicted top-selling shades and not the display design. However, sometimes even the experts can't predict which ones become the must-haves!


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