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Monday, July 16, 2012

New product alert: Palmer's Eventone BB Cream (in stores now!)

Palmer's is the latest brand to enter the BB cream realm, and I wouldn't have even known about this one had it not been for my lovely Canadian blogging pal Halifax of Sparkled Beauty. I swear, she knows about everything first and I'm so grateful to have her as a friend! (PS: if you're in Canada and not following her blog, you really should! She knows about all of the great Canadian deals and steals!)

From the Palmer's website:

image source:
Palmer's Eventone BB Cream in Fair/Light
(retail: $12.94, 1.0 oz)
image source:
Palmer's Eventone BB Cream in Medium/Dark
(retail: $12.94, 1.0 oz) 

Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone BB Cream available in Fair/Light and Medium/Dark

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone BB Cream (Beauty Balm Cream) is a multifunctional formula that targets discoloration and spots while providing natural pigment-perfecting coverage and SPF 15 protection from the sun.  Formulated with our Tone Enhancing Complex + Mineral pigment to even skin tone, renew radiance and leave skin with a flawless finish.

Targets discoloration
Provides superior moisturization
Protects skin from the sun
Provides lightweight coverage to conceal imperfections
Prevents discoloration from recurring
Brightens complexion
Reduces redness
Primes skin for makeup application

Available in two shades: Fair/Light and Medium/Dark

For more information, visit the Palmer's website here.

Thanks so much, Halifax, for the great scoop!

Have you seen the new Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone BB Cream in your area yet? Thoughts?


  1. A Palmer's BB Cream? Never saw that one coming! I worry about the cocoa butter being too rich for my face, though!

    1. I just bought this and I don't think there's any cocoa butter in it...

  2. Well I think BB creams are a great idea, however I feel that the manufacturers are doing a huge disservice to themselves and the consumer by offering such a limited range of shades. Women comes in such a wide ranges of colors from the fairest fair to the darkest dark and everything in between. We (women) spend some much money on beauty products you would think that they'd want to try to make a shade that would appeal to everyone. Stepping off my soapbox now.

  3. Palmer's Cocoa butter lotion is my HG body moisturizer so this really intrigues me ! I've been scared to try cocoa butter on my face for fear of breakouts though :/

  4. Another misuse of the term "BB Cream" lol....this sounds like a tinted moisturizer through and through. I'm pretty surprised they came out with one though, it sounds like it will be pretty moisturizing

  5. if anyone knows of an ingredients list, i'd love to check it out!

  6. This one really intrigues me. I have a skin condition all over my body which gets even more noticeable in the summer due to the fact that it is related to a lack of melanin in my skin (vitiligo). So I wonder if this would help anymore than some of the other U.S. BB creams that we have been dealing with? But I too am also leery of the cocoa butter aspect as I have combination/oily skin. It may be one that I have to check out though just to say I did.

  7. Who said there was gonna be cocoa butter in it? Let's wait til the ingredient is available online, or somebody just buys it...

  8. Who said there was gonna be cocoa butter in it? Let's wait til the ingredient is available online, or somebody just buys it...

  9. Has anyone heard anymore about this, or seen it anywhere? When I was out & about in St. Louis this weekend I looked high & low and didn't see it anywhere. I've also looked all over online & haven't been able to fine it either...even on where Palmer's website says it should be. Hmmmmm, I'm confused.

  10. It has the same active ingredients as their eventone product, just with a tiny added for coverage.


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