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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New printable Maybelline coupons!

Huge thanks to reader pinkypink for the heads-up that there are new Maybelline coupons over at! 

AS ALWAYS: do not hesitate if you want to print these. There's no telling how long they'll be available, so grab them while you can:

Pinkypink asked if the deal this week at CVS is better than the deal this week at Rite Aid in terms of buying some Color Tattoos, so I'd like to break it down for you  (if you'd like to see my review of the Color Tattoos, click here):

This week at CVS: Spend $15 on any Maybelline face, eye or lip cosmetics get $5 Extra Bucks (limit 1, excludes clearance)

Let's say the Color Tattoos retail for $7 (this may vary from region to region).  You'll JUST miss the threshold to qualify for the $5 Extra Bucks deal, so you'll have to buy three Color Tattoos (or two Color Tattoos and something else from Maybelline) in order to get the Extra Bucks. Let's say you buy three Color Tattoos. You can use TWO of the above coupons (remember: Color Tattoos are Eye Studio, so you can use the Eye Studio coupon AND the Color Tattoo coupon). You'll spend $21 on three Color Tattoos, but with the coupons your total drops to $19. Then you'll get $5 back in Extra Bucks, meaning your final price for three Color Tattoos will be $14, or around $4.67 each.

This week at RITE AID: BOGO1/2OFF Maybelline eye and lip cosmetics (excludes Volum' Express, Line Express liners and Color Sensational lip color)

Again, let's say the Color Tattoos retail for $7. Buy two and that's $14. With the BOGO1/2OFF your total drops to $10.50. Use the two coupons above and your final price is $8.50, or $4.25 each. But remember, you're only getting two Color Tattoos in this deal, whereas you'll probably need to buy three to make the deal at CVS work for you. So really, the choice is yours. You'll save money either way!

Thanks again, pinkypink, for the heads-up!

PS: There's also a $1 off Almay coupon here, which you can use with the sale at Rite Aid this week (all Almay eye cosmetics are $5.99, so your price will drop to $4.99). I've been using my Almay Smoky i-kit for Brown Eyes A LOT lately and I've totally fallen in love with it all over again. Just an idea if you're looking for some new daytime shadows.


  1. Hi! I'm new to using Extra Bucks/other drugstore rewards. I'm a little confused. I know the rewards print on your receipt and are for your next purchase, so doesn't that mean you would be buying 3 Color Tattoos for $19 and can get a 4th for just $2 more?

    1. you certainly could, if you chose to use your extra bucks in that way! :-) If you did that, you'd basically be buying three at full price and getting the fourth one free (as long as you use those coupons!).

    2. How would you use it if you only wanted 3? Since you need to spend $15 first

    3. How would you use it if you only wanted 3? Since you need to spend $15 first. Wouldn't the extra bucks be on the receipt of the third one? Sorry for the confusion!

    4. I'm not sure I understand your question. if you only wanted three, you would do the scenario in the post. the savings come when you use your extra bucks on your next whatever you want with them.

    5. I'm sorry! What I mean is I don't understand how the price drops from $19 to $14 if you haven't actually used the extra bucks yet.

    6. When I calculate the savings including rewards, I always say "final price". This is standard couponing lingo that implies the savings AFTER you use your rewards (whichever way you'd like to use them). Does that make sense?

    7. Ohh ok so that's the total after all the savings, but it's not technically the total you're paying at the cash register right at that moment. Correct?

  2. So what if I use my $7 in EB from last weeks PF deal? Does that just kind of work like another coupon?

    1. You can use that $7 eb on anything you want. Its basically CVS cash.

    2. Thanks, D.A. I was about to say the exact same thing! :)

    3. But my purchase will still count towards the $15 for $5 EB if it's $15 worth of merch BEFORE I used the $7 EB, right? If that made any sense... haha

  3. THANK YOU! I've been waiting and waiting and WAITING for some sort of deal to pop up for the Color Tattoos.

  4. Color tatoos are cheaper at walmart

  5. ...I bet when you started this blog you didn't realize how much math you'd be doing!

  6. Sometimes the tax bumps it up over $15 so maybe you can get away with just 2 color tattoos.

    in any case, I bought one and am not impressed.

  7. I noticed there is a 2.00 off for Revlon also, you just have to purchase it from Target.

  8. ALSO Im going to Ulta thrusday because they also have maybelline color tattoos on buy one get 1 50% off. They are $6.99 retail so the second will be $3.49. Total will be $10.48. (will buy only 2)I have an ulta less than a minute down the road, so I will print off a $3.50 off of a $10 purchase found here:
    (( ))
    Which will then be $6.98
    THEN i will use 2 of the $1 off manufacturer coupons. (i called my ulta, they said i can use Manufacturer coupons there)
    then the price will be $4.98.

    BUTTTT hopefully I dont run into any problems. lols. also would be cheaper if you used the $1.50 off any eye studio product, didnt know it was that type lols.
    (im an ex-extreme couponer ) :D

    if i used the $1.50 coupons (2), it would then be $3.98


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