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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beauty clearance sales at Rite Aid and Walgreens

Let's start with Rite Aid:

When I receive a heads-up about clearance items at Rite Aid, I'm always hesitant to post about them here. Why, you ask? Well, not all Rite Aids are created equal, and sometimes one location can put a massive amount of products on clearance while, at another location, you won't find a single item on clearance.

So whenever I post about a Rite Aid clearance, I wait until SEVERAL readers have confirmed the information. If I hear the same thing from several of you, then I'll definitely share that info here. Otherwise, I feel like I'm getting peoples' hopes up and sending you on a wild goose chase.

Reader Dana of Good Red Herring was nice enough to share a pic of the 75% off Colour Riche lipsticks, and I have received several comments/tweets/etc. from other readers who have spotted the same clearance at THEIR locations:

image credit: Dana for Nouveau Cheap

And there are OTHER products that have been confirmed to be on clearance for 75% off at Rite Aid in the past week:

Reader Amy B. left this comment on the You Tell Me page:
Rite Aid has a bunch of cosmetics on clearance right now for 75% off. This was as of today in San Jose, CA. Markdowns were on select Revlon, CoverGirl and L'Oreal products. I got two Revlon Colorburst lipglosses (Rosegold and Papaya) for $1.87 each! Gold Dust and Sienna Sparkle were also on clearance. Other items I saw marked 75% off: a Revlon foundation (one of the older ones), Revlon eye shadow singles, Revlon Moon Drops lipsticks, CoverGirl eye shadow singles as low as $.87, a CoverGirl lipstick (can't remember which one), a few different L'Oreal mascaras, and L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick (select shades). It would be worthwhile to ask for a price check even if your store doesn't have the 75% off tags out, because $1.87 is an amazing deal on those Revlon lipglosses.
Reader Sujata Rao left this comment on the You Tell Me page:
piggy-backing off of Amy B.'s comment - 75% off of some Revlon products at Rite Aid. including moon drops lipsticks in 'mirrored mauve', 'sugar poppy' and 'heather frost' (among a few others). these are high quality lippies - my favorite is bamboo bronze - but it isn't on sale :|
And reader thebluesugar left this comment on the You Tell Me page:
Rite Aid 75% off
There was so much stuff. I picked up 75% off at Rite Aid
Revlon 020 Papaya
Revlon 026 Rose Gold
Revlon 024 Gold Dust
028 Seinna Sparkle
Moon Drops
565 Silverspun Rose
560 Mirrored Mauve
570 ChinaGlaze red
450 Amethyst Smoke
545 Rose Amethyst
Revlon Age Defying Concealer
Loreal Telescopic Clean Definition
Loreal Lash Out
Revlon matte 008 Aubergine ES
Revlon Perle 055 Sunlit Sparkle
Revlon Matte 009 Rich Sable
Thanks SO much, Dana, Amy B., Sujata Rao and thebluesugar, for the fantastic info and for taking the time to leave such detailed info for us! And don't forget: Rite Aid accepts manufacturer's coupons on clearance items, so if you have any, you can get some things for FREE (or close to it) if you spot these products on clearance at your Rite Aid!

Next up, there are new clearance items at Walgreens! 

Reader Annette posted the following comment on the You Tell Me page, chock full of great info for you Walgreens shoppers:
Walgreens Clearance - these all had orange tags, so they should be available nationwide (if not now then soon):

Revlon - all BOGO 50% off this week (through 5/19).
*Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick $5.49: All shades except these had tags (doesn't mean these aren't on clearance, so ask for a price check) 002, 004, 060, 065, 075
*Cream Blush $7.29: only 020 Petal & 18 Berry Flirtatious had tags
*Custom Eyes Mascara $2.29: 003 and 921, only
*Luxurious Colors Smokey Crayon: 006, 007, 008

Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer Moisturize $4.99

Vaseline Cocoa Butter $2.19 (Vaseline will be BOGO 50% off starting Sunday)

W Nourishing Lotion $2.79

Aveeno Skin Relief Itch Calming Lotion $3.89

Nivea Express Hydration $4.29 (Nivea will be BOGO 50% off starting Sunday)

Jergens Overnight Repair $3.79

Porcelana Daily Tone Brightener $6.79 (use $2 coupon from 5/13 Redplum)

Dermasilk Beauty Sculpt, Miracle Moisturizer, and Instant Eyelift $9.99 (use $5 coupon from 5/20 Redplum) *Miracle Moisturizer is $5 off this week and Instant Eyelift is $10 off, through Saturday 5/19, but I don't know if that would apply to the clearance stuff - doesn't hurt to get a price check.

ROC Multi Complexion Lift Eye Cream and Antigravity Serum $13.99 - these are BOGO 50% off this week, through Saturday 5/19 (use $3 coupon in 4/29 Smartsource)

ROC Retinol Correction Sensitive Eye Cream $11.49 - these are BOGO 50% off this week, through Saturday 5/19 (use $3 coupon in 4/29 Smartsource)

Montagne Jeunesse Face Tonic Soin Tonique Visage $0.99 (looks like this

Aveeno Smart Essentials Cleanser $3.99

W Hydrating Cleanser $5.29 (this is the CeraVe dupe)
I forgot to include the price for Revlon Luxurious Colors Smokey Crayon which is $2.49.

There's also a $5 Dermasilk coupon in the 5/6 Redplum. I got a price check on the two Dermasilk products mentioned above, but no additional amount came off at the register, so they are $9.99 before the $5 coupon.
Thanks SO much, Annette, for the detailed info on these clearance sales. I know that this is going to help so many of us!

PS: Just a reminder that if don't check the You Tell Me page (link located on the top menu bar) every time you visit my blog, you could be missing out on great info like this. I don't always get the chance to post about deals submitted by readers, so sometimes you'll only see this info in the comments on the You Tell Me page!


  1. at my wlagreens there were some revlon color burst lip glosses for $3.99, along with the maybelline color sensation lip glosses for $3.99. there was a little bin of clearance goodies by the cosmetics checkout

  2. My Walgreens here in Tampa had the Revlon cream blushes for $5.29

    1. That's probably the price at my store, too. When I looked at my notes I thought $7.29 seemed high - this wouldn't be the first time I've written something incorrectly and I'm sure it won't be the last. LOL

  3. I have seen a bunch of revlon colorburst lipgloss at my rite aid for 75% off too!!

  4. I also have seen 75% off stickers at my local Rite Aid(in eastern TN) on the Loreal Color Riche Lipsticks! Also several Revlon items were discounted: Custom Eyes mascara(which does not surprise me, I own this and don't like it), select matte(oh, Rich Sable, how I love thee...) and satin eyeshadows, ALL of the Colorbust lip glosses that were in the permanant wall display( NOT the new ones in the Escapism collection though)and all of the Spa Age Defying concealers, which I picked up and love:)!!Unfortunantely, I didn't have any Revlon coupons but I still managed to pick up 2 eyeshadows and a concealer for around $5!! Can't beat that!!:)

  5. The ColorBurst lipglosses were on sale but not clearance at my Walgreens or I would've bought Papaya as I have been lemming it since I saw Temptalia's review of it. However the Colorburst lipsticks were ALL GONE! No display, nothing. I didn't recall seeing them even marked down, but I went in today and the display had been moved around and there is no place for them anymore at all. I assume they are making room for the new lip pencil things, so something has to go, but I will be very sad if the Colorburst lipsticks are d'qed. That is Revlon's best lip product IMO.

  6. I wish they had all of the Moon Drops on sale at Rite Aid. None of my fave shades were 75% off.

  7. WOW!!! Thank goodness Rite Aid is a bit far from my house or else I'll be there right now haha...Thanks for letting us know.

  8. We don't have a Rite Aid. Can you believe that? I like these deals.

  9. I got a Vichy 24/7 Eau Thermal Water duo-pack for $4.99 at Walgreens this weekend. It comes with a super rich hydrating facial moisturizer and a misting spray to boost hydration. Awesome! They also had anti-acne and anti-aging Vichy combo's for $12.99.

  10. Stopped by Walgreen's on my way from work today and they had some Revlon products on clearance. Decided, to pass because I'm going to hit up my local Rite Aid tom.


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