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Friday, April 13, 2012

Spotted: New Limited Edition Revlon Scented Nail Polish shades!

A huge thanks to Twitter follower @KariInWonderlnd for the following sighting! Kari spotted this new display of  Revlon limited edition scented polish shades at her local Harmon Beauty and was nice enough to share:

image credit: Kari for Nouveau Cheap

If there is a polish that smells like French macarons in this display, I'm going to do a back handspring down the beauty aisle of my drugstore! (Ha ha! As if I can do a back handspring!

As many of you probably already know, French macarons are my favorite pastry EVER, and seeing the model holding some in her hand makes me absolutely giddy.

Thanks so much, Kari, for the heads-up and the great pic!

Please stay tuned because I'll be showing you another limited edition Revlon collection very soon!


  1. Revlon is cranking out the collection aren't they. I want that teal colored one in the front :)

  2. Ooh! The lilac and coral are beautiful. I hope I can find these!

  3. Oooh, I like that coral red off on the left! I like these shades, although sometimes I find scented nail polish a bit obnoxious when the scent lingers.

  4. I'm sorry. I forgot this was about nail polish. I just want to eat a macaron.

  5. Love the colors but cannot stand scented nail polish.

  6. Glad they finally capitalized on the scented wear! I love these polishes and glad you can readily find them! Definitely plan on stalking these.

  7. Oh the coral! I need that color

  8. The coral looks so interesting! G. Can you believe I have never had a French Macroon? I cant find any where I live. I guess I will have to find a recipe!

    1. Noooo! You've, had a macaron??? Girlie, we need to fix that ASAP! :)

      I hear that they are relatively easy to make, but there are bakeries here that make the most exquisite macarons, so i've never felt the need to try to make them myself. I'll ask the bakeries I frequent if they have any tips for making them at home and will you know!

      And if all else fails, you can always order some online! ;)

  9. All the colors looks so pretty! I'm really picky about my scents though.

  10. Of course it would be nice if they were explicit about the actual scent.

  11. Any idea what the other scents are?

  12. Can you provide a list of names? I can't find any information about this collection online.

  13. The one in the far back, next to the apricot one is beautiful! I just bought it and it will make a fantab toe polish when the tootsies are tan.

  14. i found the only Strawberry Cream in a random display and almost burst into tears when i saw it.


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