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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella and other new shades!

Just in time for the Sinful Colors 99-cent sale that started at Walgreens TODAY (ends 2/18), I wanted to show you some new shades to be on the lookout for if you're planning on taking advantage of this deal! This post is an absolute group effort and I have lots of wonderful readers to thank and credit, so let's get started:

Let me first say that when the reports of the new Sinful Colors Heartbreaker display started to surface, I had heard that all of the shades in the display were repromotes, so I didn't really give it much attention. Well, the preliminary info I heard was incorrect, and it turns out there ARE new shades in this display. For some this might be old news, but just in case you don't know:

image credit: Pam for Nouveau Cheap

A huge thanks to reader Pam, who spotted this display at her local Walgreens and was kind enough to share. Thanks SO much, Pam!

I also want to thank my Facebook reader Samantha, who left a comment on my wall a while back letting me know that there are two new shades in the above display (the rest being older, repromoted shades). The two new shades are the first and second polishes you see above: Tutu (warm pastel pink) and Bare (nude). Samantha also let me know that there's a blog that has close-up bottle pics of these two shades here.

Now, onto the other new shades...

For those new to Sinful Colors, one of the things they tend to do (which drives me crazy) is that every year around this time, they'll "sneak in" three new shades and put them directly into the regular, core collection rack without any fanfare or special counter display. They did this back in February of 2010 when they introduced Mint Apple, Happy Ending and Innocent (you can read my original review of Mint Apple from February 2010 if you don't believe me) and they've done it again THIS year.

Thanks to longtime reader graziaplena, who spotted these at her local Walgreens, I can confirm that this year's new shades are:

Exotic Green

graziaplena sent me the following beautiful photos of Cinderella:

image credit: graziaplena for Nouveau Cheap

Sinful Colors Cinderella

 image credit: graziaplena for Nouveau Cheap 

image credit: graziaplena for Nouveau Cheap

 image credit: graziaplena for Nouveau Cheap 

image credit: graziaplena for Nouveau Cheap

Can you hear me "ooohing" and "aaaahing" through your monitors right now??

According to graziaplena, the other two new shades are as follows:
  • Kissy (blue-green glass fleck very similar to WnW Teal of Fortune/Zoya Charla/OPI CMIYN)
  • Exotic Green (yellow-based medium green creme)
I did some searching and found swatches of Kissy here and Exotic Green here.

Graziaplena said that Kissy, Exotic Green and Cinderella were all next to each other in the regular, core collection display at her local Walgreens, so don't look for a fancy new counter display if you want any of these; just look in the regular rack.

Another HUGE thanks to Pam, Samantha and graziaplena for all of the incredibly helpful info and pics. This post would not exist without you ladies!

I hope this post helps shed some light on the is-it-new-or-is-it-a-repromote question that always seems to come about when Sinful Colors releases a new counter display. Have you spotted any of these new shades at your local Walgreens yet? Do you plan to look for them this week while they're on sale?


  1. I actually picked up Cinderella today because I was looking for a light blue creme. Once I got it out in decent lighting I could see the pretty pink shimmer.

  2. I went to walgreens this morning and picked up 3 colors but they did not have the heartbreaker display OR cinderella (although there is a spot for it in their permanent display!) I'm planning to go back later this week!

  3. Cinderella is really beautiful. I did find it and Tutu to both have super thick formulas though. Like, bad thick. But I thinned the poop out of them and now they're both very nice. Kind of sheer, but like, the kind of sheer that looks good.

  4. it looks like it drags a little bit, is it easy to apply?

  5. Pau F-- No, it's not very easy to apply, due to sheerness and the fact that it's a bit thick. I am also impatient/lazy so I put on more coats more quickly than I should have... a better polisher would probably not have the same issue. In these pics there are like 4 coats. In future, though, I'm going to put 1-2 layers over an opaque light blue creme. I think that will work much better!

  6. Wow, Cinderella looks like a dupe of one of the new Holland shades from OPI, or one of the new spring colors (Skylar? Kristen?) from Zoya. Anybody know if these are close?

    1. The opi and zoya aren't baby blue and have silver or gold shimmer not pink.

  7. Ooooh... that's Cinderella's magic dress in a bottle!!! I don't have alot of Sinful colors and I don't tend to reach for the few that I have, but I did pick up Mint Apple a few weeks back and tried to use it only to be frustrated by it's thickness. I thought maybe I got a bad bottle, but I guess that was normal.

  8. Just beautiful... sinful colors are doing an amazing job with their collection. Time to buy more polish !!

  9. Cinderella isn't like anything I've seen before- much lighter than OPI I have a Herring Problem or I Don't Give a Rotterdam! It has pink glass flecks and both of those have more silvery flecks. In short, it's absolutely gorgeous and I already have two bottles... woops! I also bought Bare and it's a really lovely nude. Sinful Colors has some great colors right now!

  10. I used Cinderella as a base and Party of Five glitters as a top to dupe Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the Air, since I could not find Revlon's Whimsical.. Looked pretty good...

  11. After seeing multiple posts about Cinderella I ran out and bought two bottles. Well I took both those bottles back this morning. I could not for the life of me get it to look as nice as posters have, plus it started peeling off right away. This is probably due to my inadequacies as a polisher.

  12. I went to different Walgreen's all weekend, looking for the new collections, specially " Cast Away" but unfortunately couldn't find it yet, but I did find the shades "Tutu" and "Cinderella"....Love them! Can't get enough of Sinfulcolors!


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