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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: Wet n Wild 2012 Coloricon eyeshadow singles (new shades)

Today I'd like to show you the new shades of Wet n Wild Coloricon eyeshadows singles for 2012. Some of these are called "Shimmer Singles" and can currently be found in displays like this, while the others are just called "Eyeshadow Singles".

These should already be in your area (wherever Wet n Wild is sold) but if you haven't spotted them yet, hopefully they'll show up soon! The retail price is $1.99 each (0.06 oz) and, as always, Wet n Wild does not test on animals.

All of the following photos were taken in natural light, and then with flash.


(For some reason, the glitter in Trashed looks violet blue in the pic taken in natural light. To the naked eye, the glitter is silver--like you see below.)




Before I show you the other four shades, I thought I'd show you swatches of the above four shades and talk about these for a minute:

All of these shadows were swatches on bare skin, without primer. 

Trashed and Panther are pretty much identical aside from the fact that Trashed contains silver glitter and Panther is matte. Unplugged is a satin white with sparse silver glitter that tends to become a little more sparse after the shade is blended. Platium is a shimmery gray that's loaded with silver glitter.

Of all four shades, I'd say that Unplugged was the easiest to work with--it's quite smooth and buttery, especially for a white (they can get chalky). Trashed has a bit of a drier consistency, while Panther is less dry than Trashed. Platinum is a gorgeous gray (gray eyeshadows are some of my favorites) but I was disappointed with the color payoff after blending. I would definitely recommend a good primer before applying this one because it's on the sheer side.




(The photo above, taken in natural light, is MUCH more color-accurate than the photo below, taken with flash).



Again, all of my swatches were taken on bare skin without primer:

Sellout is a dark pink satin with silver glitter that appears lighter on the skin (without primer) than what you see in the pan.  Glamrock is a lavender-purple satin (borderline matte) with silver glitter. The color payoff and texture of Glamrock are better than the old core collection purple, Kitten, but it's still a bit sheer without primer. Stagedive is a vivid, matte blue with silver glitter and is by far the most pigmented of the four. One thing though--it looks cooler in the pan (almost a "blurple") but on the skin it becomes a touch warmer. Golddigger is a shimmery gold with silver glitter. It's a little bit powdery, but I've been using this a lot lately and I find it much better than the other glittery gold I own (NARS Silent Night). The NARS shadow is extremely crumbly with tons of fallout, so even though Golddigger is bit powdery, it's much easier to work with than the NARS.


If you're thinking about buying any of these new shades, you should really be a sparkle lover or else you might want to skip them. With the exception of Panther, they all contain lots of silver glitter, and although you do lose some of that after blending, it doesn't go away completely. The most pigmented shades for me are the two black shades, Trashed and Panther, as well as the deep blue, Stagedive. The others will probably require a good primer beforehand, which of course helps greatly with pigmentation. If you were disappointed with NARS Silent Night because of the fallout and crumbly consistency, you might be pleasantly surprised by Golddigger.

Have you purchased any of these new singles from Wet n Wild? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. OMG! Panther and Unplugged are a must and maybeeeee Sellout and Glamrock!! Thanks for the heads up on these singles! I'm a WnW nut!

  2. I like, but I already have tons of shades similar to these. I might skip them, but thanks for the swatches and great review, as always.

  3. Is Sellout the pink shade or the blue shade? I think maybe one of those is mislabeled, b/c in the individual pics and in one of the descriptions it says the blue is Sellout, but I am thinking that the pink is supposed to be Sellout. Just thought I'd give you a heads up! They are pretty!

    1. Thanks for catching that, twinglesmom! Sellout is definitely the pink one. I just fixed it. xo

  4. Hey G, do you know if these are limited edition?

    1. I believe they are all new core collection additions. :)

    2. Whew, thanks! I've had a heck of a time trying to find these! Maybe I'll get my hands on them if I just be patient. :)

  5. I bought several of them at RiteAid sunday for 75% off in combo packs with a liner... so check your RiteAid. They had the best selection I have found in my area for WnW, I'm planning to go back before the end of the week for more. Also have everything Wnw 40% off this week. They did not have panther or unplugged though... I would have grabbed those two for sure if they had.

  6. I really want Panther, because I love the black in the Greed palette - it's my favorite black, and I'm going to hit pan soon (it'll be the first product I EVER hit pan on). I have a backup of Greed, but it would be super convenient to have a single matte black! I saw these around a couple months ago, but Panther was always sold out. They're gone from stores now - I think I live in an area where we get collections pretty early (LA).

    So, I really hope they show up in the permanent displays soon!

  7. For $1.99, I bought them all. my local Rite Aid and CVS, they have displays selling them with an eye pencil, for only $1.99. I have heard people call them the Amped Up Collection, at least that is what the display said. How could you pass that up. I have had mine for about 2 weeks, so they are out in full swing here. The colors are gorgeous, and color payoff..well Wet N Wild never lets me down! Now it's on to continue the search for the Nicole by Opi Kardashian Kolor 2012 Spring collection..set of 7 spring colors and they are gorgeous!!!

    1. Moira, if you click on the link I included in this post, I posted pics of the Amped display here on the blog a while back. I thought it was called the Amped collection at first, but that was just the description on the counter display. The label on the actual shadows just says ”shimmer single”. Hope that clears it up! :)

  8. Nice colours... I'll get platinum that's a given. The blue shades are very nice as well.

  9. I got Panther and Stagedive - seems like I got these back in Dec '11 - thought they were limited edition - I like them both very pigmented. :-)

    G, first comment I am and lurker - is that how you called it - not sure - :-)

  10. I'll probably pick up a few if I can find them. I haven't seen them here in Canada yet. Thanks for the review!

  11. I recently got Platinum. I thought I was doing something wrong using it over primer and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe when I still wasn't getting a lot of pigment since I've had so much luck with Wet n' Wild shadows in the past. I don't know. It might be going back to the store.

  12. With all these pretty new singles coming out, I've heard some unsettling rumors that some of the old core colors are being discontinued. Do you have any information on which, if any, of the old colors are going away to make room for these?

  13. FYI on the old/existing colors -
    Envy, Lagoon, Penny, and Kitten from the core collection were marked for clearance at my RiteAid. I can't remember if Brulee was or not. Nutty and Sugar are both still full price, so I'm guessing those will be carried forward.

  14. oh wow thats a lot of colors!!! i read the post's sponsored. i can imagine being overwhelmed y such treats! glad u got to find time to postabout them ! :D

  15. These shades are all so pretty. But I'm such a palette-lover!!

  16. So pretty! I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED Trashed!

  17. Sellout looks like it might be a dupe for MAC Cranberry.

  18. Just picked up 2 of these on sale for 99 cents each at CVS! I got the Unplugged and the Platnium. How can you beat them for that price? They both seemed to have a great pay off when I swatched them on my finger.


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