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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New 2012 Milani nail lacquer shades (pic heavy)

If you're a Milani fan, then today's your lucky day because I'm about to hit with you several new product  posts featuring all of the new 2012 products and new shades! I'll be swatching and reviewing all of the new products from Milani in the near future but, until then, I'm happy to be able to share some close-up product images with you.

I thought I'd start with the NEW SHADES of High Speed Fast Dry polishes and Nail Lacquers (core collection). These polishes are already available on the Milani website (click here for the High Speed Fast Dry polishes and here for the Nail Lacquers), and they'll soon be making their way into stores (if you haven't already seen them in your area). 

Please note that the High Speed Fast Dry polishes were previously released as an LE collection (you can see my swatches of Yellow Whiz and Hot Pink Frenzy here).  Although some of the shades that were in the LE collection are no longer available, there are some NEW shades that were not part of the original LE collection.

From Milani:
All Milani Cosmetics nail lacquers & treatments DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free.

HIGH SPEED FAST DRY ONE COAT FORMULA Specialty Nail Lacquer (SRP $3.99) is for a 60 second wardrobe change. New flat brush allows for a fast and flawless, on-the-go application. Available in 8 shades.
 Fast Fuchsia

 Jiffy Orange

Violet Dash

Yellow Whiz

Hot Pink Frenzy

Rapid Cherry

White On The Spot

Black Swift

New Milani Nail Lacquer shades for 2012
(retail: $3.99 each)


My Lady

U Pinky Swear


Sail Away

Beachy Front

Mint Candy

 Key West


Silver Stilettos

Signature Gold

 Teddy Brown

Chocolate Sprinkles

Dark Coffee

Deep Thoughts

Nail polish lovers: are any of these shades catching your eye? Do you already own any of these new colors? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Key West and Chocolate Sprinkles look amazing! The High Speed Fast Dry ones didn't really impress me that much though.

  2. OOh, Chocolate sprinkles looks promising--as does Beachy Front and Sail Away. And, although I need another mint green polish like I need a hole in my head, I'm sure I'll snatch up Mint Candy, too

  3. I like a lot of these, especially Key West and Jiffy Orange!

  4. Chocolate Sprinkles looks really promising. I've seen Sail Away and it looks really nice too, but I'm trying really hard not to buy right now. So these are all being added to the core line right? Thanks.

  5. I have Sail Away and Beach Front. Both are GORGEOUS. I have been seeing 5 sets of new Milani products this week at my CVS (LA). I took pics but didn't know if you already knew about them. 2 are nail polishes which one set includes Sail Away and Beach Front and 4 additional colors but can't remember which but I know not the browns. The other nail polishes are glitters I picked up two of those. 1 display is two new illuminators and the other two are new eyeshadow singles. I picked up two of those. I may go back and get some more since they are on sale again this week.

  6. I'm loving the sail away color!! I can't wait to try these out!!

  7. I love Orchidia! Picked it up a couple weeks ago, she applies like a dream and is so pretty.

  8. I shared your post on my blog just now. Giving you credit of course!!! Thank you for the amazing post. I am a long time follower and huge fan. Keep up the good work. :)

  9. Chocolate Sprinkles looks gorgeous! It's so exciting that brown is starting to become a prominent polish color, it used to be so hard to find good ones!

  10. Yellow Whiz is just such a BAD name.

  11. The nail fanatic in me just danced a jig! Polishes make me happy and these look awesome!

  12. Great post! I saw the second group of polishes at CVS the other day, but not the other colors. I definitely want Beachy Front -- it's different from any of the other blues I have, and reminds me of the sky blue polish I saw in the new Chanel ad (and I sure can't afford Chanel! lol).

  13. Key West looks really pretty as does Chocolate Sprinkles. I personally that everything in life is better with Chocolate sprinkles on top! So I really am going to need it just for that reason!

  14. Wow! Gorgeous shades. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait until they hit stores.

  15. I've never tried Milani polishes, but Key West has me very interested!

  16. I bought a black Milani nail lacquer years ago and wasn't impressed. Hopefully, the formula has changed and they're better now.

  17. Loving these! Can't wait to see a couple of the blues, purples, and yellows in stores.

  18. I think Key West and Deep Thoughts will be on my must have list. Also, does anyone else see a striking resemblance between Teddy Brown and the previously released Teddy Bare?

  19. Chocolate Sprinkles looks AWESOME! I haven't seen too many polishes like that at the drugstore. Deep Thoughts looks pretty too.

    Also I can't stop laughing at the name "Yellow Whiz"!

  20. I got Teddy Brown last week at Walgreen's (NC.) I thought it really looked like the Teddy Bare that was limited edition that I passed on. It a very nice cream nude brown-taupe. So glad that I got the chance to get it second time around.

  21. I am THRILLED Milani has released some new colors. I feel like last year outside of the One Coat Glitters and Jewel FX there wasn't any new stuff. I found Orchidia, Mint Candy, Sail Away, and Beach Front last week. They are great colors. I had some formula issues with Mint Candy and Beach Front, but the other two were great! I can't wait to find the other new polishes!


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