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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Too good to pass up: Wet n Wild Megashield Lip Color for $0.79 at Rite Aid

A HUGE thanks to reader T.R. for this one! T.R. writes:
In regards to the Wet n Wild sale at Rite Aid [40% off all Wet n Wild cosmetics this week, ends 1/21]: If you buy the new WnW Megashield lip colors w/ spf15 that just came out, they have a $1.00 off coupon attached to them.

So basically it looks like this: $2.99 at 40% off = $1.79 - $1.00 = .79. I bought 4 for a grand total of $3.20 before tax. So 4 for a little over the price of one.
$0.79 each for some new lip colors? Yes, PLEASE! Rite Aid shoppers: look for this display (which I spotted at my local Rite Aid recently):

The $1 off peelie coupons are circled above.

Thanks so much, T.R., for the awesome tip!


  1. I ran across these when I went into Rite Aid to make a return this morthing. I was excited about the 40% off on WNW products but was thrilled when the cashier noticed the $1 off coupon. Cannot believe I got them all for so cheap! Love WNW and Drugstore Sales!!!

  2. WOW I think I might need to break my no buy with these! Will you be doing a review of them soon?

  3. I actually picked one of these up and really hated it. The color was not what it looked to be at all, and it was rather drying to my lips. Of course others may have different experiences, but I was less than pleased.

  4. I bought mine today and I only got the dollar off and not the 40 percent :(

  5. Darnit!! I was just at RiteAid today! I wish I had checked ur site before I left. D;

    Haven't tried these yet, but gotta get this awesome deal!

    Thx for the heads up! :)

  6. What! I just bought three of these last week at regular price ($2.99) at Rite Aid. I wish I had waited! Still, they were pretty good deals as I was able to use the $1 off coupons on them.
    As for the colors, they are definitely very pigmented. I like them.

  7. I have 2 of these and like them alot now i have a reason to pick up the other shades and at least try them.

  8. What a deal!! I'm saddened that Hawaii has no deals like this :(

  9. Great! Will check out another color or two...have one I got a couple weeks ago but haven't tried it yet...(was debating on swapping for a different color, but will just buy it at this price... :)) Also, I think the Walgreens end/side cap has more colors than are in this display, so wondering if Rite Aid will get the rest of the line or if those are WG only?

  10. Victoria: I believe I will eventually review these, but not in time for this sale, unfortunately. :(

    Ione_Binky: First make sure that your store participates in national sales (are the core collection Wet n Wild products 40% off this week?). If they do, then there was probably a glitch in the system and the products in counter-displays didn't come up on sale for whatever reason. All you'd need to do is bring in the product w/ your receipt, show them you didn't get the 40% off and they should give you a price-adjustment. Hope that helps.

    Pam: These are new core-collection products, so I'm guessing all locations will have the full range of shades eventually. I don't remember seeing anything about Walgreens having exclusive shades, but I'll double-check that.

  11. I got one yesterday from Walgreen's, not so sure if i like it, it felt kind of drying and the color was not so cute once on my lips.The color was "Brick", kind of orange.

  12. Just bought 2 with this sale! Got Birthday Suit and Lolly Popstar. Birthday Suit is the color of my lips but with a gold metallic sheen which makes it very wearable for me. Lolly Popstar is a very bright pink with gold sheen that I will probably never wear, but I like having the option to ;) Thanks for letting us know about this!

  13. I just bought three and saved a bunch of mula!! Thanks all to you!! My hubby was all "look at you Miss Extream Couponing!" LoL.

  14. I bought two of these at Wags last week and they had the coupons on them also. Mine were only 1.99 though and not 2.99 before coupon.

  15. Man i went to my rite aid near me and they didnt have the display up. they had the new salon nail polish display but not the new lip products. I went to a rite aid in my next town last week and they had the display up. So if my rite aid doesnt have the display up by this week I will be making a trip there this weekend before the sale ends. My rite aid is so slow about putting things out. but at least the rite aid in the next town is awesome about getting new stuff out.

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