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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Swatchfest: New Jordana Glitters Specialty Nail Polish (PART TWO)


NOTE: Whenever I review glitter polishes, I inevitably receive a few comments from new readers about how they don't like to wear glitters because they're difficult to remove. HOPEFULLY I can prevent any comments of that nature this time around and suggest once again that you read Elvira's tutorial on the Foil Method for removing glitter polishes.  This removal method is a game-changer! 

As promised, here's part two of my three part series covering 18 of the new Jordana Glitters Specialty Nail Polishes. You can purchase these shades on the Jordana website, and you can also purchase select shades at Kmart (if they're not at your local Kmart yet, they should be there by early Feb.). 

These polishes retail for $2.99 each. They are Big Three Free and made in the USA. For more information on this collection, please click here.

Today I'm going to show you the pinks, purples and reds in this collection!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took these photos in low light and without flash in order to show you the glitter detail (sunlight and flash tend to wash out glitter). So in real life, these glitters are very sparkly and shiny even though they may look "flat" in my photos.

For all of the following swatches, the first nail was done with THREE COATS (no base color). The second nail was done with ONE COAT over a black creme polish. The third nail was done with ONE COAT over a white creme polish. I did not use top coat for any of my nail wheel swatches.

If you missed out on the LE Hard Candy Halloween 2010 polish Zombie, you'll be thrilled to know that LA City Nights is a very close match (click here to see my swatches of Zombie).

I'm so mad that I couldn't capture the true essence of  LA City Nights in my photos. In real life, the fine blue and purple glitter in this polish is very defined (it looks blurry here) and it is EXTREMELY sparkly. On the nail, this polish looks downright electric. As you can see on the first nail, three coats gives pretty good opacity, but I would definitely recommend wearing this over black because just one coat over black totally does the trick.

This one contains fine and chunky purple glitter in a clear base. The base is a little watery, so glitter placement is a bit tricky. The glitter is not too densely packed but I think you really only need one coat over black or white for a very pretty look.

Celebration is described as "fine lavender glitter". It's so densely packed that it's hard to tell the base color, but it appears to have a lavender-tinted base. You can achieve almost full opacity with one coat, making this more of a stand-alone polish rather than a top coat.

Pixie Pink has the same type of glitter and base as Magenta Magic. Fine and chunky glitter in a semi-watery, clear base. Again, glitter placement can be tricky because the glitter is not densely packed, but just like with Magenta Magic, you really only need one layer if you're wearing it over a base color.

The Jordana website describes this as "chunky pink holographic glitter". I'm not sure I agree with that, because I think there's more going on with this one. To my (untrained) eye, I think the base is tinted pink and there is fine pinkish-silver glitter and chunky holo glitter in this polish. BUT, at certain angles, it looks like there may also be some very fine holo glitter in this polish as well. On the nail, it sort of looks like a scattered holo polish at certain angles (I'll show you a pic later in this post).

PS: Fairy Dust is the perfect name for this one!

I love this one because the colors just make me happy. Described as "clear with fine red and chunky purple, blue and silver glitter" on the Jordana website, I think that describes Sequins to a "T". The fine red glitter really gives this polish a festive look. This one does have a semi-watery base though, so glitter placement might be a challenge. Luckily, I think one coat over a base color looks perfect.

 I picked four of the six polishes in this post to show you on my nails:

The pictures above and below were taken after TWO coats of each polish (with no base color underneath). I also used one layer of top coat on each nail. Surprisingly, the smoothest to the touch after one layer of top coat was Sequins. The other three polishes were a tiny bit bumpy but not enough to "bother" me.

In terms of opacity, I would rate them as follows: most opaque would be Celebration, followed by Fairy Dust, then LA City Nights, Magenta Magic and Pixie Pink (tied for fourth place) and then Sequins.

I really can't pick a favorite in this bunch. I love LA City Nights (I'm telling you, in person this one's a stunner), I love the delicate princess-like look of Fairy Dust (and of course the holo), and I adore the festive look of Sequins. In fact, I can't wait to layer Sequins over a shimmery red--I think it would look adorable on toes.

Please stay tuned for the third and final installment in this series, coming soon. In the meantime, what do you think of these glitters? Anything catching your eye?

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.



  1. Very pretty. I think Sequins is a dupe for Kleancolor's Party Fever

  2. I got all of these except Celebration today at KMart. They didn't even have them in their system and were debating whether they could sell them to me. I protested! I got them for 1.99 each. :)

    1. Please tell me you live in NE Ohio! Lol I'm too excited to find these :-)

  3. These will be sold at Cherry Culture too. It says "Out of Stock" for all of them now, but there is a page for them.

  4. The magenta magic over black looks just like a dupe for revlon scandalous/facets of fuschia!

  5. Fairy Dust reminds me of OPI Teenage Dream! I can't wait for Sequins and Celebration.

  6. I love the name Fairy Dust...I agree, it's perfect for that polish! Great post, thanks for all the info and pictures.

  7. I LOVE Celebration (I'm a sucker for purple polish), and Pixi dust. I'm wondering what one coat of Pixi dust would look over Celebration..

  8. Celebration and Fairy Dust are my picks from this set! I saw a comparison on another blog that showed Fairy Dust pretty much is a complete dupe for OPI Teenage Dream.

    Oh, and the foil method is good for glitter removal, but I usually just use one of those scrubby tubs full of acetone. The Target brand one is really good.

    Thanks for the swatches!

  9. These are seriously pretty!

    A jelly sandwich with a black jelly (do they even make that) and Magenta Magic might be a possible dupe for Facets of Fuchsia.

  10. If I don't find these I will CRY!

  11. I really love Celebration and Fairy Dust, this is a great series!

  12. I am going to add sequin to my list of Jordana's to be on the look out for! I am sure I have something like it but still its calling my name!

  13. I find some similarity between Teenage dream and Fairy dust

  14. Pixie Pink looks a lot like a Sally Girl nail polish, I think it's just called "Chunky Glitter Pink". Maybe not exact dupes but to my eye they are pretty close!

  15. ohh I love fairy dust and sequins!! They loo so gorgeous!

  16. I picked up Sequin today at Kmart and thought about getting a couple others. I am going to wait a bit and the get Fairy Dust.

  17. Is fairy dust a dupe for teenage dreams? I hope it is I need another bottle so much!

  18. I would love to see Pixie Pink over brown, I love pink and brown. I must have Sequins! I've been stalking my Kmart this week. They have a cart full of big boxes from Jordana, Wet n Wild and Milani with signs saying "hold for reset." Some one needs to get on the ball because they are killing me! Do these new polishes come in a display like you'd see on an endcap or are they in the aisle with everything else?

  19. Looking at these four, I think I'm only interested in Celebration and Sequins.

  20. Ooh, excited for these! I may opt for these as a cheap alternative to the Lynnderella polishes I've been wanting to get. The demand for them is crazy and it seems impossible to get them without stalking the website (and even then, pretty impossible).

  21. Any craft glue as a base coat. Fully dry then glitter. Peels right off


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