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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stila palettes at Nordstrom Rack

Recently, Nordstrom Rack sent me three of the Stila palettes that you can now find at Nordstrom Racks across the nation (retail: $10 each) and today I'd love to give you a closer look at them. 


For many months now, several of you have told me about the great finds you've spotted at Nordstrom Rack when it comes to beauty products, so I figured I better get my bootie down to my local Nordstrom Rack and check out the goods before I wrote this post. I was very excited to find not only these palettes, but also the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Policy set for $14.97 (this retails for $38 on the Too Faced site) and the Stila Red Carpet set for $9.97 (I believe this retailed for $25 when it first released). Oh! And I also spotted the HUGE 14 oz tubes of Bliss Lemon + Sage Body butter for $12.97 (this tube retails for $49 on the Bliss website). And for all of you Jane Cosmetics fans, Nordstrom Rack currently has TONS of Jane makeup products all for $3.97 a piece.

So needless to say, if you haven't been to your local Nordstrom Rack in a while, you might want to head on down and see what you can find. In the meantime, here's a closer look at the three Stila palettes that you can now find at all Nordstrom Rack locations:

Left to right:
Stila Ravishing on Rodeo Drive Palette
Stila Majestic on Michigan Avenue Palette
Stila Fashionable on 5th Avenue Palette
(retail: $10 each at Nordstrom Rack)

Let's start with the Ravishing on Rodeo Drive palette:

These are handy little pocket-sized palettes that open up like a book to reveal four eyeshadows and one Convertible Color (a cream product that can be used on both cheeks and lips). These palettes have an invisible magnetic closure and they also contain a nice-sized mirror:

The colors in Ravishing on Rodeo Drive fit the California theme quite nicely with terracotas, warm coppery-hued shades as well as an ocean blue:

All of the swatches in this post were done on bare skin without the use of any primer beforehand. So do keep in mind that WITH primer, the colors will be more rich and pigmented. Although I have to say, I didn't find one stinker in the bunch--I found all of the shadows in these palettes to have a nice, smooth, silky consistency and the level of pigmentation was pretty equal for all shades.

There are no matte shades in the Ravishing on Rodeo Drive palette, and a few of these shades contain a bit of sparkle in addition to shimmer. As for the Convertible Color (Opulent), I found it to be the least pigmented of all the Convertible Colors I'm showing you today. On the face, I would use this more as a highlighter shade than a blush, and on the lips it imparts a lot of shimmer (almost frosty) with not so much color payoff on my medium-pigmented lips.

Next up, Majestic on Michigan Avenue:

To better give you an idea of the size of the eyeshadows in these palettes, I put a MAC eyeshadow single next to them for perspective. For me, I don't find the eyeshadows to be TOO small; I can maneuver my eyeshadow brush quite easily and I think the size of the Convertible Color is pretty generous for the price of the palette:

If you like warm rosey and red-based browns, this is the palette for you:

There is one matte shadow in this palette (Skyline) and the Convertible Color (Magnificent) works well  as both a cheek color AND lip color on me. It's a beautiful shade of terracotta that's not TOO orange, and it contains no shimmer, sheen or sparkle. It's very pigmented and I think it would give even deeper skintones a great pop of color. On the lips, it's a nice in-a-hurry-out-the-door type of shade that would work well if you were wearing rich bronzes, coppers and golds in the summertime.

And finally, Fashionable on 5th Avenue:

All you pink lovers, this one's for you:

With the exception of Boutique, all of the colors in this palette read as mattes to me. In the pan they have some shimmer (and even a hint of sparkle) but they look matte when blended. So if you're a matte lover, don't let the shimmer in the pans scare you away. And of all the Convertible Colors I've shown you in this post, THIS one (Splendor) is my favorite. I LOVE it on my cheeks (it's a beautiful carnation pink with salmon undertones). But I do want to warn you that on my lips, this comes across as a VERY pale, matte pink. It's not terribly chalky, but it looks like a very light shade of bubblegum pink on my lips with absolutely no sheen, sparkle or shimmer. I wasn't expecting it to be so light on my lips, but considering how it looks on my CHEEKS, I still delcare it my favorite. So pretty for spring.

I hope this post gives you a better idea of these Stila palettes that are now available at your local Nordstrom Rack. For $10 each, I think they're great for traveling and quick pop of color when you're on the go.

Are you a Nordstrom Rack shopper? If so, what beauty deals have YOU spotted lately? I'd love to hear from you!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. The Ravishing on Rodeo Drive eye shadow colors sort of remind me of the LA Colors Sand Dune Trio!

    Thanks for this post!

  2. these all look like re promotes from their original travel palette collection, they all look identical to me from the pictures you posted. Ravishing on Rodeo Drive is the Moscow palette, Majestic on Michigan Avenue looks like the Paris one, and Fashionable on 5th Avenue looks like the U.S. one. Anyone else see the similarities?

  3. More reasons to shop Nordstrom Rack.

  4. this is such a good price and so many options it!

  5. Are these Nordstrom Rack exclusives? I see their logo in the front of the pallette (on the shopping bags) which is pretty neat.

  6. G, random question...what Mac shade is that? Gorgeous!

  7. nice post I think they were too much over-priced, 10 is more reasonable^^ haha ..I haven't been to Nordstrom Rack I guess for years,,,!! maybe I should stop by next time^^
    I also like Fashionable on 5th Avenue, the overall color combination is so lovely gorgeous, but I guess this might be something for people with very pale skin tone,,,

  8. I completely agree with mothergoose133, these look like re-promotes of the travel palettes. The Paris, Moscow, and USA palettes were my favorites from that collection anyway.

  9. I love these Stilla palettes! They are super pretty! I am a HUGE Norstrom Rack shopper!

  10. The last one is adorable, all my colours

  11. I've had one of these from Sephora for over a year now. I love the shadows. I probably use them two or three times a week. The convertable color didn't work so well for me though but just because it didn't match my skin tone and I absolutely love my Nars and Tarte blushes.

  12. I agree with mothergoose133 and constancew - these are definitely repromotes of those earlier palettes under different names. I just looked at my Moscow and Paris palettes and confirmed those 2 are identical.

  13. These shadows seem a little muted for me.I love bolder colors


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