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Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: The Tangle Teezer (does it really work?)

Back in December of 2010 when I did my monster swap with A Beauty Junkie in London, I had asked Jen if she could pick up a Tangle Teezer for me (at that time, they were only available in the UK). Well I'm delighted to tell you that the Tangle Teezer is now available in the US and you can even get one at your local Sally Beauty for $9.99.

So now that I've been using my Tangle Teezer religiously for over a year, I figured I should share my thoughts with you on this little wonder tool. Better late than never, right?

 Tangle Teezer 
(retail: $9.99 at Sally Beauty)

Let me tell you right off the bat that I have battled severe tangles my entire life. I have fine hair but I have a lot of it. My hair is long, wavy and prone to tangles. I mean, someone can blow on my hair and it will tangle. And not just minor tangles--by the end of the day the hair at the nape of my neck is pretty much a rat's nest of tangles, even if I have never left the house. My hair has always been like this since I was a little girl, no matter what I use for conditioning. I might go so far as to say that I have never met anyone who has more issues with tangles, so a product named Tangle Teezer that's designed to effortlessly and painlessly remove tangles is a DREAM for me.

The Tangle Teezer is small (it fits in the palm of your hand) but don't let its size fool you. The bristles are short and come in varying lengths, which is the magic key to how this whole miracle occurs.

(Note: my Tangle Teezer has been used pretty much every day for over a year, so that's why some of the bristles are now a little bit bent. A brand new Tangle Teezer does NOT look like this.)

So here's the deal: if you're looking for a tool that is going to cut through tangles like a hot knife through butter, this is NOT going to work for you. HOWEVER, this is hands-down the most effective tool I have ever used when it comes to painlessly working through tangles. For my entire life, I have had to hold my hair in sections at top of my scalp before even attempting to work a comb or brush through it. If you have long hair, you know this drill. If you don't hold your hair at the top of your scalp, you risk yanking your hair and causing major pain while trying to comb out your tangles. 

Well, all that changed when I used the Tangle Teezer. No longer do I have to grip my hair in preparation to work out my tangles. I can run this tool through my hair WITH ONE HAND and never, ever has it pulled or yanked my hair or caused me any pain whatsoever. A MIRACLE! And, it works just as easily on wet hair as it does on dry hair.

For stubborn tangles (the ones that usually occur at the nape of my neck), I do require several brushes with the Tangle Teezer, but when compared to a traditional brush or comb, it's about 1/4 of the brush strokes and 10% of the effort. And in terms of breakage, I have never noticed an increase since I've been using this product. In fact, I feel like my hair is even a bit healthier now because the short plastic bristles really seem to stimulate my scalp (it really feels amazing on the scalp--it's like a mini massage every time you use it).

My one complaint about the Tangle Teezer is that, since the bristles are short, it's difficult to get to the underside of my hair sometimes. I find that I have to work through the tangles on the top layer of my hair first, and then tackle the underside. And because of the shape of the tool, it's sometimes a challenge to maneuver the tool to get to the hair at the nape of my neck. It's just an odd angle for a tool that's a little flat  and wide, if that makes sense.  But honestly, that's a SMALL price to pay for how wonderfully this product works for me. I will gladly accept maneuverability issues in exchange for alleviating all of the pain that I incur from working out tangles via traditional methods.

PS:  To make it even more effortless, try using a detangling spray on your wet hair before using the Tangle Teezer. It's a winning combo--trust me!

FINAL VERDICT: The Tangle Teezer is worth every single penny. At just $9.99 at Sally Beauty, I literally cannot recommend this tool enough if you suffer from tangles. Of all the beauty tools I own, THIS product has been the number one life-changer for me and I would never, ever want to be without it. It has dramatically reduced the time I spend working through tangles, and it has pretty much alleviated all of the pain, which makes this product priceless in my book.

Do you own a Tangle Teezer? If so, was it a game-changer for YOU? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Sounds like something i need, my hair is always tangled! Thanks for sharing this review! (i love the pink color)

  2. It is the best brush in the world for kids, my kids hated having their hair combed but they have no issues now that I use the Tangle Teaser. I give it 2 Thumbs Up!!!!!!

  3. I'm getting my hands on this. I have very tangled yet straight (go figure) hair. I usually comb my hair with a detangler in the shower, but it takes a lot of time. Thanks for the thorough review!

  4. Interesting ... I think I need one!

  5. this sounds very interesting! My hair tangles a lot especially with the scarves... it is horrible. I will explore this for sure :)

  6. interesting!!! :D i hope it's available here :(

  7. I have curly hair so this is a no go for me, but my daughter has straight hair that could use this. I'll check Sally Beauty the next time I am in.

  8. Wow I need to get this! My 10-yr old gets the worst tangles, and she hates when I brush them out. Maybe this will help! Thanks G.

  9. I actually ordered this for my 14 month old daughter! She has shoulder length curly hair and anytime I go to brush her hair, it takes forever because I have to be careful not to pull and yank the tangles. I heard these are awesome for kids because it cuts the brushing time in half. Yay!

  10. I'm not a huge fan of my Tangle Teezer, I just don't think it works for my thick, wavy hair.

  11. I recently bought the Tangle Teezer for my daughter (age 6) from Amazon (the flower pot one). It did not work for her at all. She has straight, fine hair, but a lot of it, waist length. The Tangle Teezer made her cry when I brushed her hair with it. I don't know if the Flower Pot one works differently, but the bristles look the same as yours. I was very disappointed in it. I have to hold her hair away from her scalp before I brush with the Tangle Teezer... it's basically no different than a regular brush for us. I was going to return it, but she likes that it holds her ponytail elastics, and is cute. I wish it worked for us as well as it works for you!

  12. For the ladies with curly hair, I suggest you use it in the shower when your hair has conditioner in it. Thats how I detangle my hair =)

  13. I'm running out tomorrow to get this for my 4 year old. Every morning is a battle with her to brush out her hair. Maybe this will be the ticket to peaceful mornings!!

  14. I have very long, slightly wavy hair. I know exactly what you mean about the rats nest at the nape of your neck. I laughed when I read that because, that exactly what me and my Mom call it, haha. MUST GO TO SALLY TOMORROW!

    Thank you for the review :) I've never seen or heard about this product.

  15. The rat's nest at the nape is a huge problem for me when I don't wear layers. I quit trying to wear it all one length several years ago, but even now that's my signal that it's TIME to get a haircut. I have another suggestion that will help with the overnight tangles: silk or satin pillowcases. Try it if you don't believe me - wrap your pillow in a nightgown or slip or whatever you have that's really slippery and see if you can tell the difference. I can literally wake up and shake my hair and go. But I sure wish I'd had something like this to try when my 30yo DD was a baby with fine ringlets. We never got to do the thing where I played with her hair because she's so tender-headed and was prone to tangles.

  16. I have one and agree with your review! :)

  17. The tangle teezer if a lifesaver for me. I also have fine hair but lots of it. It tangles like crazy. When dry my hair is great, wet it's a nightmare. My stylist dreads combing it out. I take my teezer to my hair appointment now. Cuts the time by 50%. I totally think $10 is worth it. Been using it for about 1 years time and love it.

    ps great review

  18. I love my Tangle Teaser too! I use it on my 7 year old daughter's hair(mid-back length) and it's been such a timesaver and no more whining about getting her hair brushed either! On my hair (thick and butt length) it's a bit more time consuming than a regular brush since I have to section it and do the top first then the underneath sections. But it's totally worth it. I've got less breakage and my hair is much softer after using this versus a regular brush. I used a regular brush last week and was shocked how much hair it ripped out and how painful it was too. I don't think I can ever go back to a regular brush again!

  19. I read somewhere that this strips your hair of its outer layers, luckily I don't get too many tangles. I'll stick with a standard hairbrush

  20. Oh this sounds like a life-saver! Thanks for the review. My hair is down past my waist and wavy so it gets gnarly sometimes. I'll definitely check this out.

  21. Ok, I went to Sally's today and I picked up the Tangle Tamer....I thought it was the Tangle Teezer. It looks very similar to yours (different colors are available). Anyway it was $4.99 and it works like a charm. Plus it has a little handle-thingy on the back so it is very easy to hold. My 10-year old with tangly hair LOVES it. We've searched high and low for an effective, painless brush and this is it!! Thanks so much, G.

  22. Glitz Glam Budget: You are so welcome! I really hope it works as well for you as it does for me. Please keep me posted? :)

    ilovesoap: Great tip! I have heard that it's great for kids, but it's wonderful to hear that first-hand!

    Angelica: Thanks for reminding me--it works beautifully in the shower too! :)

    jbrobs: I highly recommend it! :)

    Leslie: Would love to know what you think if you try it!

    Kumiko: I'm not sure where you are, but if you check the website (link in my review) maybe you can find out if it is?

    Leticia: As MissAshDG said in the comments below yours, this works great in the shower when you're working your conditioner through. So even if you have curly hair, you could try it that way. :)

    Jen in NY: I'd love to know if it works for your daughter!

    TamaraB: I'd LOVE to know if it helps with brushing your daughter's hair!

    Angie: I can totally see where the bristles would be too short to be effective on very thick hair. My only suggestion would be to brush through the top layers first, and then work it from underneath to get to the bottom layers. Hope that helps!

    Tiphanie: I'm so sorry to hear it didn't work for your daughter! The only thing I can suggest is maybe try using short, quicker brush strokes (as opposed to long, sweeping brush strokes). Have you tried it like that?

    MissAshDG: Thanks so much for that tip! I totally forgot to mention how great this is to use IN the shower. :)

    sacgirl: Please keep me posted? I would love to know if it works for her!

    MissBrittanyBoo: I'm so glad you understood what I was trying to say! lol! I'd LOVE to know if it works for you as well as it does for me. Keep me posted? Thanks!

    Denise: Thanks for all the great tips! :)

    Corner Curl Girl: YAY! So glad you had the same results. :)

    Beata: OMG, you are a GENIUS! It never occurred to me to actually bring my Tangle Teezer to my stylist!! I seriously dread getting my hair cut because I know that after they wash it, it's going to take a half our for them to comb out the tangles. I am always full of dread every time I get my hair cut thinking about that. You just completely solved that problem for me! Thank you SO much!! I'm totally stealing your idea. :) xo

    Angie: Yep, I agree about working through the top layer first and then tackling the underneath sections, and I agree that it's totally worth it! So glad to hear your results have been so similar. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Connie Wang: I have actually never heard that before, but all I can do is tell you that the amount of hair loss (stray hairs in my brush) has significantly decreased since I've been using this. I used to be left with a wad of hair in my traditional hair brush every time I used it, but the amount of hair that's left behind in my Tangle Teezer is dramatically less than what was in my hair brush. Again, that's just my personal experience and other people's experiences may vary, but thanks for your comment!

  23. I picked up a Tangle Teezer when I was at Sally's, yesterday. Yippee! Why did I wait so long to buy one? My demonic, long, thick, wavy hair behaves like a angel with this brush. *sigh* Happy. :D

  24. I have the worst tangles ever. So I ordered me one from Amazon. Had no clue Sally's had it. I really do like it, although like you said it's not like a knife through butter. I use it and then I use a comb afterwards b/c I've heard of people getting knots and it ripping their hair out?

  25. I have never heard of this before . Do you think it works for us Curly heads or more geared towards straight hair? I usually use a comb to untangle my kinky locks in the shower never been able to use a brush unless I straighten it

  26. I went out and got one after I saw your review, and you couldn't be more right! I have tight ringlet curls and I have to brush my hair out before I shower so that it all gets clan and not matted down. Thanks for the insight because this has made what used to be the worst part of the day into a breeze! :)

  27. Wow you should try using it with the Take 'Down Remover cream, it will make the detangling process so much faster and easier as well.

    great post

  28. Hi there :) I have kind of long hair that is wavy and I have to use a wide toothed comb instead of a hairbrush, as hairbrushes make it poofy, frizzy and damaged. Does the tangle teezer give the same poofy effect or does it make your hair smooth like a comb? Thanks :)

  29. Hey, I thought I was the only one who did the grab-and-hold-hair-in-sections-while-brushing thing! =) Glad you found something to help with it!

  30. This is in fact the best brush i've ever had, i love the brushing itself, makes me feel relaxed and beautiful :)


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