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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Spotted: new nail, eye and lip products from Wet n Wild!

Does the thought of new Wet n Wild crackle polishes, lip butters and amped-up eyeshadow singles make you happy? Well if so, I'm about to make you VERY happy with this post because I've got that and more to show you today!

Let's start with this sighting from reader Marissa, who spotted the new limited edition Wet n Wild crackle polishes at her local Walmart recently and was kind enough to share:

image credit: Marissa for Nouveau Cheap

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Craze Nail Color All Broken Up collection
(retail: $2.88 each at Walmart, 0.27 oz)

 "It's all that it's CRACKED up to be!" 

As you can see from the display, this is a limited edition crackle collection that retails for $2.88 each at Walmart. It looks like there are at LEAST six shades here (silver, gold, blue, pink, red, black, purple).
 Marissa was kind enough to share a close-up of the black shade that she purchased--check out the cool bottle shape! It kind of reminds me of the flat, rectangular bottles from Jesse's Girl:

image credit: Marissa for Nouveau Cheap 

My pal Rachel of Cupcakes and Scissors recently spotted some new Wet n Wild products at her local Harmon Face Values (this is the stand-alone store, not the one that's located inside many Bed Bath and Beyond stores) and was nice enough to share:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color
(retail: $1.99 eaach)

As you can see, these are NEWLY-REDESIGNED Megalast nail colors. I love the new bottles! Some of these shades are existing Megalast shades, but there ARE some new colors here:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

Left to right: 

Undercover, Wet Cement, I Need a Refresh-Mint, On a Trip, Through the Grapevine, Candy-licious, I Red a Good Book

As you can see, there is also a peachy shade on the far left (this might be Sugar Coat) and a deep purple shade on the far right (Disturbia, maybe?).  Rachel also spotted the NEW Coloricon eyeshadow singles:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

New Wet n Wild Coloricon Shimmer Singles
(retail: $1.99 each; comes with bonus eyeliner)

"Ultra-pigmented shadows loaded with intense sparkle and bold effects"

Left to right: Sellout, Platinum, Stagedive, Trash... (can't make out the rest of the name)


As you can see, these are different than the regular Colorion singles as they contain more shimmer, more sparkle and they're "ultra-pigmented".  Rachel purchased two of these new singles and was nice enough to share some close-ups and swatches:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap


image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap


image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

I can't say for sure, but Golddigger looks like it could be a serious dupe for NARS Silent Night (but perhaps better because Silent Night is very crumbly for me, with A LOT of fallout):

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

Last but certainly not least, Rachel also spotted the new lip color line from Wet n Wild called Megashield:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

Wet n Wild Megashield Lip Color SPF15
(retail: $2.99 each, but there are $1 off peelies on the tubes)

"Color comfort and care!"

"Luxurious lip color with SPF protection that delivers hours of sheer-to-moderate coverage that glides on buttery-soft for a smooth, moist-looking pout"

Rachel purchased two of the new Megashield lip colors and said that they are awesome! She said they're "similar to lip butters" but the only downside is that the stick doesn't fullyretract into the tube, so you'll need to be careful when opening and closing the lid (just like with the Megalast lip colors).
Here are Rachel's close-ups of the shade Salsa Lessons:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

Salsa Lessons

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

That's some nice pigmentation!

A HUGE thanks to Rachel and Marissa for these fabulous pictures and for bringing us the scoop on these new Wet n Wild products. Crackles, lip butters, amped-up eyeshadow singles and more...lots to be excited about! I hope to be able to bring you additional info about these new products in 2012, and of course if YOU have spotted these products or already own any, I would love to hear your thoughts! In the meantime, what do you think of these new Wet n Wild offerings?


  1. Oooh, WnW On A Trip; must have! I'm such a horrible sucker for purple polishes.

  2. Nice!!! Thanks for sharing ;0)

  3. So much fun new stuff from WnW! I'm going to have to go looking for the shadows!

  4. YES! I have been DYING for Wet n' Wild to release more singles shades!

  5. I'm interested in the new Megalast polishes. Those crackle polishes are pretty small at 0.27oz!

    I hope these come to the drugstores soon because none of the Walmarts near me carry Wet N Wild.

  6. I am digging that red single eyeshadow!

  7. OMG I WANT IT ALL!! wet n wild is really awesome this year! anyone can help get me these.. I'm willing to pay via paypal. NYC never gets these >.<

  8. All those new products! And here I was trying to cut back on my drugstore binging.

  9. ooh, I was just thinking the other day that I wanted more crackles but the cheapest I can find them for is around $4. Now I'll just wait for WnW!

  10. Those eyeshadows aren't very pigmented.

  11. Woah, crazy tons of stuff from Wnw! I can't wait for the new nail polishes :)

  12. Great news! G, can you ask your Wet N Wild insider if the Color Icons will be permanent?

  13. Gosh, I don't think there is anything here that sets me on fire. :( I could change my mind when I see it IRL though.

  14. I ran across the eyeshadow singles today (in Walgreens), they were in an end-isle display, separate without the eyeliner packaged with it. I was surprised to see that what seemed like a red in the photo is actually a pink called Sellout. The other colors are Stagedive (sparkly blue), Trashed (sparkly black), Platinum (sparkly silver), and Panther (Matte Black)..however, I did not see the gold color in the display.

  15. There is a completely different display at my local Walgreens which is basically a beauty bar. The nail polishes are:

    201C Wet Cement
    205B Sugar Coat
    206C Undercover
    208B Through the Grapevine
    213C On a Trip
    214C I Red a Good Book
    217B Disturbia
    218A I Need a Refresh-mint

    I also bought from the beauty bar the Juicy balms, a few lip glosses and new lipsticks. (Still ticked the cashier didn't take the $1 off coupons.)

    Also in the beauty bar at my local Walgreens was a mascara but I didn't check to see what it was.

  16. All of these new WNW products can be purchased from HEB grocery stores in Houston, TX. Hope this helps.

  17. I got one of the MegaShield lip colors and I like it, but it's not similar to the Lip Butters at all. The MegaShield is much drier in texture and feels very light and silky on the lips.

  18. my local walgreens also has 4 new megalast lip colors (2 reds 2 pinks) a new mineral bronzer and 2 other bronzers and im not sure but there were 4 mega slicks lipglosses also. im going back today so ill have a better look. no crackle polish tho :( this was all on one big display . not 100% if these are new items or not but they did say new on the package and they share a display with the rest of the new items


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