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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Golden Sage

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know two things: 1) I've been waiting months for these Infallible Eyeshadows to hit the US (they've been compared to Armani Eyes To Kill shadows) and 2) I'm a sucker for golden-green eyeshadows.

So it was a no-brainer that when I spotted the display for the new L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows at my local Bed Bath and Beyond, I was going to buy one, and it HAD to be Golden Sage.

Now that I've tested this shadow for a few weeks, I'd love to share my thoughts with you:

 L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Golden Sage
(retail: $8.79 at Bed Bath & Beyond, 0.12 oz)

After looking at these shadows for months on other blogs, I was surprised that, in person, they're actually smaller than I thought they would be. Here's a pic next to a MAC eyeshadow single, for reference:

 They're not bulky AT ALL, which was a pleasant surprise. 

PLEASE NOTE: I always try, whenever possible, to feature the ingredients of the products I review. HOWEVER, when I peeled back the label on this product, the pictures above and below were all that I saw. I even tried to peel back the bottom layer of the label but there were no ingredients listed on the bottom layer either. I suspect that these are like other L'Oreal products I've encountered; L'Oreal supplies a paper brochure in the permanent wall display that includes the ingredients for each product. Unfortunately, I have yet to see these shadows in a permanent wall display YET, so until then I have no ingredients to share with you.

When you unscrew the lid, there's a little "flattener" that rests on top of the shadow. You are NOT supposed to discard this.

This is a pressed pigment. Some have commented that they thought this was actually a cream eyeshadow. I can see where one might think that because they are quite creamy, but they're actually made of powder. The "flattener" not only keeps the shadow from drying out, but it also acts to keep the pressed pigmented pressed.

If you apply too much pressure to this shadow, it will crumble, like this:

 But I assure you, this shadow is so pigmented that you would NEVER need to apply that much pressure. I just did this for demonstration purposes.

After reading several reviews of this product, I have to tell you that I was kind of intimidated to try it the first time. I had read that you MUST use your finger for application for maximum pigmentation and that you need to "pat" on the product as opposed to sweeping it across the lid. Well that might very well be the case for OTHER shades, but for Golden Sage, I found that using my fingertip was NOT the ideal method of application. Using a traditional eyeshadow brush (I used my trusty e.l.f. Eye Shadow Brush) is the perfect method of application for this particular shadow. I found that using my finger really thinned out the pigmentation, while using a brush delivered the maximum pigmentation and shimmer.

I really wanted to put this shadow to the test, considering that it claims to be a 24HR shadow. In case you're a new reader, I have super oily skin (even in cold weather). So let's see how it did!

These first three photos were taken just moments after application. I did NOT use any eyeshadow primer beforehand, and the ONLY eyeshadow I'm wearing is L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Golden Sage, applied from lashline to crease and then blended upward (with my e.l.f. Eyeshadow Brush): 

The following three photos were taken nine hours after the above three photos were taken. I did not touch-up any part of my face during this time (as evidenced by the break-through shine on my face!):

Not only did this eyeshadow stay put, but it even looked MORE shimmery after nine hours (I suspect this had to do with my skin's natural oils mixing with the shadow).

I want to tell you that I have worn Golden Sage numerous times in the last few weeks, and every single time, it yielded the same results for me WITHOUT the use of eyeshadow primer beforehand. In fact, I can't even tell you how this product works WITH primer, because I have honestly never felt the need to use a primer first. I also cannot tell you how this shadow works as a base for other shadows, because I have never felt the need to apply another shadow on top of Golden Sage. It's so incredibly pigmented that I just have no desire to mix it with anything else. For me, it's the perfect one-color-look. 

As mentioned above, the texture is SUPER creamy and since it is a pressed pigment, it will crumble in the pot if you apply too much pressure with your brush. HOWEVER, you don't need to apply much pressure to get fantastic pigmentation, so for me there have been absolutely no issues with fallout during application.

FINAL VERDICT: I cannot speak for other shades in this range, but Golden Sage is a WINNER. It lasts all day and night for me (becoming even more shimmery as my skin's natural oils come to the surface) and it removes easily with my standard facial cleanser. I find that using a brush for application is the best method for Golden Sage, because the pigmentation is very strong with a brush (less so if you use your fingers). I required no special techniques or tricks to get this shadow to work--I can treat it just like a regular powder shadow and it works like a dream. I highly recommend L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Golden Sage and I can't wait to try other shades to see if I get the same results.

PS: I think that Golden Sage might be a great dupe for Urban Decay Mildew--I'll have to find Mildew in my stash to confirm, but going on memory alone I believe they're quite close.

Do you already own any L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows? If so, what shades do you own and how do you like them? I'd love to hear from you!

This product was purchased with personal funds.


  1. YAY! can't wait to find these somewhere near me :) thanks for the baller review G!

  2. Awesome review!
    I have bronze goddess/divine (it has 2 different names for some reason) and I love it; I also find it looks much much better when applied with a brush instead of fingers.

    I'm not sure we have Golden Sage in the UK, which is annoying; it looks like a lovely shade.

  3. Stunning color G. !! I really want to try these eyeshadows, their consistency seems interesting ;) x

  4. What a beautiful color and it really suits your eyes. It's kinda surprising that it's more pigmented when applied with a brush though. Sometimes, the pressure and heat from the finger makes shadows pigmented.

    I'll check out their color selection :)

  5. so awesome that they actually do what they say i cant wait till i can find some.great review.

  6. I absolutely love these! I own 6 of them (including golden sage) and they are all just as pigmented and long-lasting. I too find that using an eyeshadow brush to apply them brings out more of the pigmentation rather than just using your fingertips and I also find that I do not have to use a primer with these. Probably the best drugstore eyeshadows I have bought in a long time. And FYI, I found mine at my local Super Target.

  7. I don't own any of these yet, but I really want to after seeing all of the great reviews it's gotten.

    The color really looks good on you. It makes your eyes pop :)

  8. I can not wait until these come to Maryland. I haven't been able to find them anywhere but I am definitely snatching quite a few of them up when I do!!!

  9. compliments your eyes really well. :)

  10. These really impress me with how pigmented it is but the colors are just really lackluster and unappealing to me. And they are really frosty which I don't always like.

  11. I was dying to get a few of these eyeshadow but could not find them anywhere. To my utter surprise I found them at a store called Marcs for only $4.39, so syked!


  12. I am looking forward to try these out. My eyelids are super oily, even during the winter like you. This color is gorgeous.

  13. I have 3 of them, Midnight Blue, Perpetual Purple and Bronzed Taupe. I've worn Midnight Blue over UDPP (didn't even occur to me to use w/o primer b/c I always do) and I used my MAC 239 to apply it. Didn't have a problem. The color was GORGEOUS!! Lasted all day without creasing and was stunning. Just so happens tomorrow I was planning on wearing Bronzed Taupe. :O) I ended up getting mine for about $5.80 each after 3 20% off coupons and those L'Oreal face/eye product coupons you had listed a few weeks ago. Sweet. :O)

  14. Thank you sooo much for this review! I had picked up a couple at BB&B, but my wallet said "no Flo, put them back down". And I listened.
    Now I'm gonna have to go get this color! It looks gorgeous against your eye color.

  15. Very pretty! That color is your friend. :-)

  16. this is a really pretty color on you G and it does look like a great eye shadow! But just as importantly I love how your eye liner looks. Application tip, please? What product was it? Still rockin' the Jordana?

  17. The color looks gorgeous on you G! I haven't spotted them yet but can't wait to try these eyeshadows.....are they only avaialble in bed bath and beyond?

  18. I had to go to Canada to find them and I can't wait til they are in my area. I use the MAC 217 brush and find it works beautifully with them, especially with the green I bought (Permanent Kaki).
    I want the taupe so badly!

  19. I feel in love with these shadows they sold out so fast I was glad to get the few I got

  20. I just saw these shadows at my local CVS today. I live in Southern California, Orange County. They are buy 1 get one 1/2 off now at CVS. I've just got Iced Latte which is a shimmery golden color and Sultry Smoke, a matte gray color. So excited to find them!

  21. I saw the little pots at my CVS and they look just like the Maybelline Tattoo ones, so I was expecting a cream eyeshadow. I like this better, I don't have good luck with creams, so now I'll be waiting for a sale and some coupons to get a couple of these!

  22. So far I own Iced Latte and I am IN LOVE. Golden Sage looks gorgeous, too! I cannot wait to pick up more of these :D

  23. It's been interesting to see how drugstore brands have taken on higher end products. I held my breath a bit seeing how these pigments would turn out, but it looks great! I don't think I'd buy right away, but I would try eventually.

  24. I hauled golden sage, bronzed taupe, perpetual purple, midnight blue, amber rush and eternal black...they were on bogo 1/2 at cvs...can't wait to try them!!

  25. I just found these at my Target (Oklahoma City) for $6.99. I believe they have all the colors there. May want to check out in local Target in other areas.

  26. I found these at my local CVS today and bought 2! Can't wait to try!

  27. I saw these at my local CVS today, but didn't get one because no BOGO or extra bucks :P. Does anyone know if these will be permanent?

  28. The entire US range is now at Target for $6.99 each and you can get $1 off from the Sunday coupons. At least in Baltimore.

  29. You're making me reconsider my Christmas request for a MAC quad. Maybe I should just get these. But I can't find the ingredients anywhere!

  30. I have, iced latte and glistening garnet.. love it so much, especially iced latte , then i blend it with many other color shade of my eye shadow.. so daily useable..
    Great review by the way.. i want this shade also i guess.. hehehehe never ending eye shadow


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