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Monday, November 7, 2011

Jordana at Walgreens Part 5: Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors

Continuing my series of products that you can now find at Walgreens (click here to see the other posts in this series), today I'd like to show you six of the Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors. There are twelves shades in this range, and I received the following six for review:

Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors 
(retail: $1.99 each, .07 oz)

Left to right: Sugar Plum, Sugar Cookie, Sweet Strawberry, Watermelon Juice, Raspberry, Berry Colada

(Not pictured: Grape-Tini, Cotton Candy, Pink Lemonade, Mango Delight, Fresh Melon)

The following photos were color-corrected to best represent the true shade of each product:

I took the photos above before I actually used the products, however the true finish of each lip color really came out after I "broke the seal" on each stick. So here are some additional photos so that you can see which are cremes and which contain sparkle:



Some swatches:

The first three shades:

Berry Colada is a mauvey-berry that actually looks more like a rose-gold in certain lights (more on that in a moment). Raspberry is a blue-based pink with silver sparkle and Watermelon Juice is a warmer pinkish-coral creme.

Sweet Strawberry is a maraschino-cherry red creme, Sugar Cookie is a nude with silver sparkle and Sugar Plum is a deep, blue-based red creme.

I think that Berry Colada was the most difficult shade to capture in a photo. This is probably my favorite shade of the bunch because I just love the gold sparkle in this color. Like I said earlier, this is a mauvey-berry shade that looks more like rose-gold in certain lights. I think it would work quite well with a variety of skintones. Here are some additional photos of Berry Colada:

In this photo, I think you can see more clearly see the gold sparkle that runs through this lip color. It is such a pretty, versatile shade on the lips.

Texture and shine: I would classify these lip colors as a cross between a balm and a lipstick, but with a nice glossy finish. They glide across the lips with ease (no tugging or pulling) and the consistency is creamy. None of the shades I received for review is completely opaque on the lips, however they do have very nice pigmentation. If you are familiar with the Milani HD Advance Lip Colors, they remind me of those but they're a touch more sheer and a little bit more glossy/balmy. It doesn't surprise me that these remind me of Milani HD Advance Lip Colors since Jordana and Milani are sister companies but again, I don't think they're identical. Just similar.

Fragrance and flavor: One of the things that I simply adore about Jordana lip products is that most of them smell and taste exactly like their name. The Easyshines are certainly no exception: Sugar Cookie tastes and smells like a sugar cookie, Watermelon Juice smells and tastes like watermelon, and so forth. If you love fun, fruity fragrances and flavors in your lip products, I think you'll enjoy these quite a bit. Jordana really nails it with matching fragrance and flavor to the names of their products.

Staying power: Since these are sheer and weightless on the lips, the staying power is not as good as a heavier, more opaque lip color. I can get about 2-3 hours of wear from these, but what I like is that many of the brighter and darker shades wear down to a nice stain once the glossy finish has faded.

Moisturization: I find the Easyshines to have a nice level of moisturization on my lips. I haven't experienced any dryness since using these, and my lips feel soft and hydrated when I wear them.

FINAL VERDICT: For $1.99 each, I think you might be pleasantly surprised with the Jordana Easyshine Lip Colors. They are sheer but surprisingly well-pigmented, come in a nice variety of shades, and they smell and taste exactly like their names. They're not long-wear lip colors, however they tend to stay on the lips as long as a sheer lipstick would.You can expect more intense pigmentation from the darker and bolder shades, while the lighter and more neutral shades have a bit less pigmentation. My only complaint is that I wish the stick did not extend so far out from the tube, because I have hit the lip color on the lid when opening and replacing the lid a few times. Other than that, I love these and I think you might as well (unless you're sensitive to fragrance and/or flavor because these definitely have both). If you like the Milani HD Advance Lip Colors, I say give these a shot. 

Do you already own any Jordana Easyshines? If so, what shades do you own and how do you like them?

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.



  1. ohhh those look pretty especially berry.. Gotta get it:)

  2. I love the watermelon juice, pretty pink color!

  3. These look like the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush glossy shinestick, which I love. Definitely want to try these!

  4. I have all 12 shades and love them. I found mine at Kmart last spring. I got 2 of them during one of their buy 1 get 1 sales and they were super affordable. I liked those 2 so much I went back and got all of the colors the next day. I use them all the time because they are moisturizing and light but give a good shiny gloss with just the right amount of color.

  5. I got the sweet strawberry colour for a costume for a club last month. It was actually quite pretty and very tasty! I liked it, but it doesn't have a very long life. But for the price, can't complain!

  6. I bought the berry colada and raspberry shades when I first saw them at my local Wags and I fell in love. I love the fragrance and just how buttery soft they feel on the lips and how well they moisturize. The added bonus is as you said they give a nice glossy sheen as well. The darker shades have good pigmentation for it being a balm type lipstick. I will probably go back and purchase them all. I would recommend wearing a lip liner though because of how creamy they are to avoid feathering or transfer issues. I find myself grabbing them a lot lately because they feel so nice on the lips. I would almost dare say they're better than the Revlon lip butters!

  7. I seen these recently in the store with the new display they added and I started to get them I bought all the shadows instead but now after seeing these I have to go get them.

  8. I've never tried Jordana products, but I might have to give these a go!

  9. Oh I have Grape-tini and Mango delight (which are some of the shades you didn't review) but they are really lovely colours, great smell and gorgeous shine!

  10. I picked up Watermelon during the summer and was a little disappointed. I found it a bit too sheer for what I needed, however I am going to get Berry Colada next trip to Walgreen. I am loving the sparkle and it looks a bit more pigmented!

  11. Hi! I love your site but one suggestion please - could you please start taking pictures of the ingredients or including them in your reviews? Lots of people, myself included, have skin sensitivities or allergies. While I love the look of these, for example, I highly doubt they don't include Vitamin E (my particular allergen). Just a suggestion and thanks for all you do!

  12. Teresa: Oooh, I'm so happy to hear you like all 12 shades. Thanks for the feedback. :)

    Nika: Yeah, I think I compared the staying power to that of a sheer lipstick...since they're so light on the lips (light-feeling, that is) I think it's to be expected. But glad you like it!

    alluring1one: Oooh, so glad you like Berry Colada too! :D And yes, I think they're comparable to the Revlon Lip Butters as well.

    The Lacquered Lady: Go for it! ;)

    Nora: Actually, if you take a look at my past reviews, I'd say that 99% of the time I DO include the ingredients (either a listing or photo of the packaging). I actually go to great extremes to include the ingredients whenever possible, taking and editing photos of the label if the ingredients are not available on the brand's website. Here's one very recent example from a few days ago. On the rare occasion that I don't include the ingredients, it's only because I could not get a clear photo of them due to the size of the font or position on the packaging. That was the case with this review. Sorry.

  13. Really nice review! I have Sweet Strawberry and I really like the color. But, I find it too leave a "ring around the lips" look after a bit.

  14. I have 3 of these--Watermelon, Strawberry, & Raspberry. I LOVE them & definitely want to get all of the colors!

  15. Can someone please tell me how these compare to the much touted Revlon Lip Butters?


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