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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why you may not find Wet n Wild collections in your area: explained

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now, I want to apologize because the following post contains information that I know you've heard before (from me or from others). I'm writing this for newer readers who may not understand what's going on with Wet n Wild limited edition collections and would like more info.

One of the most common complaints I receive goes something like this:

"I've gone to ten stores in my area and I still can't find [insert collection name here]. Why won't Wet n Wild put their products in stores near me? They must hate [insert city here]."

I'm hoping that this explanation will help you to understand exactly why you may not find certain collections in your area (from Wet n Wild or even from other brands, for that matter).

1) According to Wet n Wild, they offer their products to ALL of their retailers, with the exception of exclusive collections that are only going to be sold to one particular retailer. In other words, each retailer has the option to buy, or not to buy, Wet n Wild limited edition collections.

2) Once Wet n Wild sells their collections to a retailer, it's my understanding that the retailer then decides which locations (aka which individual stores) will get the displays. In other words: Wet n Wild doesn't decide if the drugstore in your town is going to offer their latest collection. From what I've been told by people who work in retail, there's usually a team of people who purchase merchandise, and THEY determine the distribution.

3) Because Wet n Wild doesn't decide which stores will get their LE collections, I came up with the idea to create sightings maps for each LE collection. The maps were my personal response to how many of my readers were willing to share information with me. I thought it would be helpful to create maps so that we all could easily share info in one place, and it seems to have helped many fans so far. Therefore, I'll continue to do it for future collection.

4) It's my understanding that each individual retail location pretty much decides WHEN that location is going to put up a display. I believe they have guidelines as to roughly when they should put out certain displays but, as we all know, some stores put things out quickly, while others do not. In other words, it's impossible to say, "OK, the Wet n Wild On the Prowl collection will hit stores on [insert date here]!". It could be shipped to all stores on the same date, but that doesn't mean each store will put it out for sale on the same date.

As a blogger and a 20+ year fan of this brand myself (I wore their pink lipstick in my senior picture in high school, class of 1989!) I still get excited every time Wet n Wild releases something new. The one thing I don't get excited about is hearing that other fans can't locate their products, so I'm doing the best I can to help.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. I may not be able to answer your questions but, as an Ambassador, I can certainly pass them along to Wet n Wild.


  1. Excellent sum-up! If only you could make everyone read this before they are allowed to post comments on a WnW entry. =D

  2. I was having some server errors when i commented so i apologize if my comment got duplicated, I couldn't tell if it had gone thru or not, but in a nutshell I was going to suggest that Wet n' Wild sell their products online. A couple of retailers come to mind like Cherry Culture and BeautyJoint.

  3. Here's something else for people to remember. Many of the stores main corporate office (example Fred Meyer) may only order one display to be distributed to each store. I know for a fact that Fred Meyer will only order one display of each (limited edition) collection for each store and if that display contains only two of each item then there is the high chance the display will sell out within a day.

    I know I was a bad girl when Dream Weavers hit and bought out each display at each of my local Fred Meyers. I could have and should have bought out On The Prowl from both stores along with Sparkle City. It goes to my point, sometimes a person can miss out if someone decides to buy out a display.

    It's not Markwins fault if the products are not in a store. My suggestion, if you really want your local store to start carrying WnW LEs then tell the manager who tells their district and regional managers who can then go to the right people to get them to start carrying the LEs.

  4. thanks for the clarification G! i wish they had some control over where their products were sold, but c'est la vie. the go for the gold collection never made its way out to the san francisco bay area (as far as i know) but it seemed to crop up in alaska, the midwest and parts of the east coast. i had to resort to buying it on ebay, but i got it for a good price. :)

  5. You're not kidding about the WHEN! When I finally found a store that had the Dreamweavers (my tag is still all sad and lonely in the middle of the country) I also found a brand new display for the L.E. Vanite eye and lip quartets from the spring! I'd given up all hope of ever finding those! I'll probably find the Halloween collection in March! Iowa...6 months behind the rest of the country!

  6. Remember too though that it's not the fault of the individual stores either. I know the makeup lady at my local CVS and she's really frustrated because corporate never sends them the good makeup displays now. I guess the store doesn't sell enough stuff to make it worthwhile to corporate. So they just get tons of displays of core products from different brands and of course those don't sell, and then there's no room for new ones. They also still have two large boxes of Orly minis from last Christmas because no one wants to buy them for $4. So even if your store manager does tell corporate that they want special displays, corporate makes the call of whether they get them or not.

  7. I have talked to the managers till I am blue in the face for ayear. They still havent had any of the LE products.

    I honestly think its a slap in the face by WnW not to offer getting these products online.

    They get us excited then say "sorry you cant find it, enter a give away or something"

    They really need to have an online store for the LE products.

  8. Great post! I did once go to 11 different drugstores between CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid and found nothing. The Ulta near me JUST started getting some WnW stuff, so I hope hope HOPE they will get MORE LE collections, so far I've only found Dream Weaves and some of the Halloween stuff, but NEVER any nail polish :(

    I even left my phone number at a few places, because the manage of the makeup section was a WnW nerd too ;) So far no luck :(

  9. I get that it isn't WNW's fault as to why certain places don't get the LE displays, basically I guess we all have to start speaking up to store managers and maybe posting on wbsites! Time to make friends with some retailers! LOL! :)

  10. alleluia: I understand your frustration and, trust me, you're not the first person to say to me that you wish they had an online store. All I can tell you is that I've passed along this message to WnW and maybe sometime in the future it will happen.

  11. I think CVS is one that doesn't bother enough with Wet n Wild but they are the most convenient for me. It saddens me but knowing what's going on is helpful.

  12. I FINALLY found the On the Prowl display at my local Harris Teeter today, too bad it was empty. I was so sad. There was one lonely bottle sitting in it and I dejectedly picked it up just to see what color it was. Lo and behold, it was a bottle of Diving for Pearls, the ONE Mermaid's Cove color I never found and was dying for. How random was that? Oh and they had a full WnW Go for the Gold display too. So I guess I can't get too upset.

  13. My Ulta JUST came out with W&W!! Aaannndd the display was completely trashed wth only one nail polish left. lol

  14. wet and wild is barely sold in the Dutch Antilles, some old thing are here, special collections forget it, and the mega last lipstick is another Forget it ,
    only way to get them is getting them online on ebay or that somebody buys to you
    very very dissapointing


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