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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spotted: Wet n Wild LE What Happened Last Night? Collection

A quick word about the Wet n Wild LE Holiday releases: I want to let you know that Sparkle City and What Happened Last Night? ARE NOT the only LE collections that Wet n Wild is going to release this holiday season. That's all I can say right now, but I ASSURE YOU, you are NOT going to be disappointed with what WnW has in store for us for Holiday 2011. 

Also, some of you have suggested creating a new sightings map for the Holiday collections and I will certainly do that! Thanks so much for the suggestions.

A few readers have spotted the LE Wild Shine What Happened Last Night? collection in stores and I personally just spotted it at my local Rite Aid yesterday. Per Wet n Wild, What Happened Last Night is NOT exclusive to Rite Aid (past Wild Shine collections have been, but this one is not). But I also want to let you know that Wet n Wild confirmed that these are existing shades, meaning it's a repromotion with a holiday theme and new names.

This first pic was submitted by Twitter follower @ringleader4life

 image credit: @ringleader4life for Nouveau Cheap

I jotted the names of the shades down when I spotted the collection but the placement of the bottles in these pics is different than in my display. I don't remember which name goes with which shade, but just in case it helps anyone, the names are as follows:
Tipsy on Bubbly, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, The Countdown Begins, I'm Seeing Double, Pop the Cork, Whose Lips Are These, Ring in the Year, I Can't Stand Up Straight

This next pic was submitted by Beauty Gazette

image credit: Beauty Gazette for Nouveau Cheap

Thanks so much, @ringleader4life and Beauty Gazette, for the pics!

Please stay tuned for more info on the OTHER holiday collections from Wet n Wild. I'll have the details for you soon...


  1. Thanks for mentioning that these are reissues with different names. I want to save my money for the new shades rather than get myself some dupes.

  2. i just hope it's not more eyeshadow that they do not release in the Western part of North Carolina. i have given up all hope of getting Enter a New Realm.

  3. It' kind of disappointing that these are just repromotes. Plus, the collection name and name of the products just make me want to roll my eyes. With a name like Wet'n'Wild, they really should try to steer away from tackiness as much as possible. If the collection name wasn't bad enough, product names like Can't Stand Up Straight? Really? I'm half expecting there to be a color called, "Unplanned Pregnancy."

  4. I just wanted to add, I felt my comment was a little harsh - sorry! I was not trying to imply that anything is wrong with unplanned pregnancies - I was an unplanned, out of wedlock baby myself. Just being silly with the product names :p

  5. I thought these looked familiar. I didn't realize how many collections WnW puts out every year. Man, they are busy over there!

  6. I live in Iowa and we rarely see any of these wonderful limited addition products in Iowa City, Coralville area can you please tell your good friends at WnW to send some products to the Iowa stores Walgreens, and CVS summer is over and still no looks at the DREAMWEAVERS collection!!!! Thanks so much and keep up the great work

  7. Yeahhhh, not digging a theme of "drinking 'til you can't walk straight, tell who you're kissing, or retain your short term memory." Of all the possible themes or even polish names....

  8. tkk: Please read my post (posted today, right after this one). I hope that sheds some light on things.

    CM and graziaplena: While I completely respect and understand your feelings, I do think that sometimes the names of collections are all in good fun, and I imagine Wet n Wild was trying to evoke a "party atmosphere" that's typical of certain New Year's Eve celebrations. But again, I understand your feelings and I appreciate that you feel comfortable enough to express them here. :)

  9. haha I would definitely buy "Unplanned Pregnancy!"

  10. G, wonder if you might have heard any news on that matte 8-pan palette WnW teased about earlier this year?

  11. G: And I appreciate your integrity in not blocking our comments even though they're critical of a marketing choice made by a brand for which you're an ambassador.

  12. Kitsune: Why YES, I do have an update for you, but I was waiting until tomorrow to post because I already did two WnW-themed posts today. So please check back tomorrow, and thank you for asking. :)

    graziaplena: Thank you. :)

  13. 33676 The Countdown Begins - hot pink
    33677 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - teal
    33678 Tipsy On Bubbly - iridescent glitter
    33679 I'm Seeing Double - silver glitter
    33680 Pop the Cork - pink glitter
    33681 Whose Lips Are These? - burgandy
    33682 Ring In The Year - dark purple
    33683 I Can't Stand Up Straight - silver


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