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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sinful Colors Savage: a teal creme comparison

Given the $0.99 sale on Sinful Colors this week at Walgreens, I thought it might be helpful to compare some of the Sinful Colors shades I own to other shades in my stash. Hopefully this will help you to better decide if there's anything you "need" during this sale.

Looking at the bottles above, what shade do you think most closely resembles Sinful Colors Savage? Find out after the jump (it might surprise you!).

The following two photos were taken after three coats of polish and no top coat (click to enlarge):

If you guessed Milani Fresh Teal, you'd be 100% correct! I thought for sure it would be Ruby Kisses Teal Envy based on the colors in the bottle, but on the "nail" it's a whole different story. (Apologies for using a nail wheel again--I usually like to do nail posts using my own nails, but due to an unfortunate cuticle mishap, I don't really want to show you my nails until my cuticle heals).

In the above photo, I hope you can kind of see how Sinful Colors Savage has more blue in it than Milani Fresh Teal. And of course Savage dries with a semi-matte finish.

I decided to put a layer of top coat over Savage so that you can get an idea of how these two shades compare when they're both shiny:

In the above photo, taken indoors with artificial lighting, I think you can really see the differences between these two shades. In person, Fresh Teal pulls more green while Savage pulls more blue.

Bottom line: as far as teal cremes go, I would classify Sinful Colors Savage as a teal-blue, while Milani Fresh Teal is a teal-green. Do you need both? Well that depends on just how much of a teal fanatic you are! For the average nail polish person looking to add a teal creme to his/her stash, I'd say one of the two would suffice.

Do you own Sinful Colors Savage and/or Milani Fresh Teal? Do have a favorite of the two?


  1. Savage is so pretty, but it stained my nails :/

  2. I love the teal envy polish its sooo pretty!! I want to buy this for myself, do you remember when or where did you buy this polish??

  3. This post made me want to run out and buy a bunch of teal polishes =P

  4. Savage stained my nails too, so I would recommend using a good base coat with it.

  5. Woot, thanks for letting me know about the sale :D

  6. I'm not mad about light color teals. But, I think Savage is a gorgeous satin looking teal.

  7. I stumbled across your site the other day and I'm hooked!
    Funny, I wandered around Wags today with Savage in my hand with full intent to purchase but came across an endcap and wound up buying Rise and Shine instead. It seemed slightly brighter to me.

  8. Teal Envy is my favorite and I since I bought it on line all it right with my world! It is totally my favorite color in the world!

  9. I LOVE the Sinful colors one!!! I want it! haha

  10. @Beauty on a college budget - You can get Ruby Kisses at your local beauty supply store. Teal Envy is a total steal for 99 cents!

  11. Does anyone know of a dupe for Milani Fresh Teal?


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