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Monday, September 19, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses in Pink Afterglow, Firecracker, Lilac Pastelle and Nude Lustre

With Revlon being on sale at both CVS and Walgreens this week, I thought I'd show you all of the Revlon Super Lustrous glosses I own, in case you've never tried one before and are thinking about giving them a whirl during the sale.

(Note: the Walgreens 40% off sale is going on both in-store and online).

 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses in Pink Afterglow, Firecracker, Lilac Pastelle, Nude Lustre
(retail: around $8 each)

Pink Afterglow is a sheer, sparkly mid-toned pink, Firecracker is a sheer reddish-orange, Lilac Pastelle is a creamy pastel lilac with subtle shimmer, and Nude Lustre is a light-bordering-on-medium-toned creamy nude with subtle shimmer.

I think it took some time away from these glosses for me to appreciate them. I have never been a big fan of Super Lustrous lipglosses, which I'm sure will cause many of you to say, "WHAT? Are you crazy??". I know they're a favorite of so many of you, but I personally always found them to be a bit too sticky with not enough color-payoff for me. I took a break from these for a while (I actually bought all four during one of the CVS beauty clearance sales a while back), and now that I've had some time away from them...guess what? I'm kind of falling in love with some of these shades:

I expected Pink Afterglow to be my least favorite of the four (I mean, it's nothing unique and certainly dupe-able with a zillion other drugstore glosses out there), but I kind of love the tint that this gives my lips, combined with the sparkle (although it is a bit gritty). It's versatile and it has good staying power, which is a bonus:


I knew I was taking a MAJOR chance by purchasing Lilac Pastelle because 1) it's not in my comfort zone and 2) pastel cremes never, ever look good on me, no matter what the shade. Well..I was right. It looks horrible on me--it washes me out, seeps into the lines on my lips and generally makes me look like a space alien. Anyway, I know this shade has a huge fanbase, so congrats to those of you who can pull it off. I'm so jealous!

Firecracker is one of those "me" shades. Sheer reds, whether they're blue-based or orange-based, seem to work well for me and this color is certainly no exception. I'm a sucker for sheer reds, so naturally this is my favorite of the four:

Nude glosses and your ol' pal G. go to together like ants at a picnic. A minor disaster. They always seem to settle into the fine lines on my lips, and they accentuate the perpetual dryness of my lip region. Plus, they wash me out. But I will say this: Nude Lustre isn't one of those so-pale-it-looks-like-concealer-on-your-lips shades. It borders on being medium-toned, and it's probably one of my more successful attempts at wearing a nude gloss. But still...not a good look for me personally. I would recommend it to those of you who love nudes that aren't too light, though:

So there's my mixed-bag review of these Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses. I love them more than I did a while back, now that I've had some distance from them. I find the texture a bit too sticky for me, but the staying power makes up for it. The fruity fragrance and flavor is nice, and you know what I REALLY love? That nice, firm applicator! It took months of using the 2.0 drugstore lipgloss applicators (you know, the new big, bendy types) to make me realize that I I kind of love the "old school" small doe foot applicator with the very firm (non-bendy) stick. I love the precision and control of the applicator in the Super Lustrous glosses.

So let's hear it, Super Lustrous Lipgloss fans! What are YOUR favorite, must-have shades?


  1. Firecracker is my favorite lipgloss for Fall. It's such a nice color. Bright, without being over the top. You should try the coral one too! And the bright pink one. Those two are my other favorites.

  2. You gotta try Coral Reef! It's pigmented and the perfect coral. Maybe try mixing Lilac Pastelle with lip colors that are too warm to see what it looks like?

  3. Oh lilac pastelle is gorgeous as always! I have three back-ups! It's usually my go-to gloss, I pair it up with Revlon's Colorburst lipstick in Lilac. I have a back up of that, but lately they've been nowhere in sight, which is sad because it's best for my favorite purple-y lips combination!

    On the bright side, Rimmel London's Moisture Renew lipstick in Vintage Pink is an exact dupe. Wow, see? I'm rambling!

  4. As a woman of color (NW46 in MAC, Trinidad in NARS Sheer Matte) with pigmented lips, Nude Lustre is my go to nude. On it's own or with a lip pencil, it makes my lips look good.

  5. I am very pale, and I must have rather pale lips as well, because Nude Lustre is my go-to MLBB lipgloss! I think it's the only gloss I've ever repurchased.

  6. Nude Lustre is my all time fave!! I want Lilac Pastel too but I can't seem to find it in my country :(
    Firecracker looks so good on you, I doubt that I can pull off such shade!

  7. G,
    I appreciate the fact that you always do lipstick/lipgloss swatches both on your lips and on your arm.
    I like these glosses too, but they are a bit too sticky.
    My favorite is Coral Reef and I too bought Lilac Pastelle on a whim and realized it just didn't work for me. Again, a lot of the places that had swatches never showed them on the lips and yours would have helped me avoid this purchase, since Lilac Pastelle does the EXACT same thing to my lips as it does to yours.

  8. Lilac Pastelle looks like a great color but I can't see too many skintones really being able to pull it off.


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