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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OPI Teenage Dream vs. Sally Hansen Strobe Light: what do YOU think?

Reader Steffany was nice enough to take a pic of her bottle of OPI Teenage Dream next to Sally Hansen Strobe Light:

image credit: Steffany for Nouveau Cheap
OPI Teenage Dream (retail: around $8)
Sally Hansen Strobe Light (retail: around $2.99)

After Steffany made this discovery, she said she googled the two polishes and found that they're relatively similar. After she brought this to my attention (thanks again for that, Steffany!) I googled it too and, to my surprise, the first two blog posts to come up happen to be written by two blogging pals of mine:

If you'd like to see Krissy's dupe comparison post, check it out here.

And if you'd like to see Pammy's dupe comparison post, you can see it here.

After reading both of these posts (which were both incredibly helpful), I feel like I know exactly what the differences are between these two polishes. I'm inclined to say that, from a distance, they'd look similar on the nail--especially if you were to use the polish as a layering shade over another color.

What do YOU think?


  1. I Don't Own Teenage dream, but Pure Ice's Spitfire seems like a close dupe too.

    1. Spitfire is a near-exact dupe for Strobe Light. :)

  2. I own Teenage Dream and Strobe Light. After buying Teenage Dream I immediately thought of Strobe Light being similar. They aren't total dupes and I prefer the OPI. That being said Strobe Light is definitely worth checking out! They both look awesome. On some blog, I can't remember which right now, there was a comparison shot showed the two over black. They were very close, almost exact dupes then!

  3. I have both. OPI has more of the pink can see that when they're both worn alone. Nothing beats Teenage Dream.

  4. Yup! What these comments say are absolutely right :)

    While Strobe Light is definitely not a spot-on dupe for Teenage Dream (agree with bobbysgeel, Teenage Dream has that pink base while Strobe light has more glitter and not much of a base) it's good enough if you don't have the real thing! :)

    Also, I believe(?) the Katy Perry OPI collection is limited edition and Strobe Light is in the core collection, this might be easier to find :)I know I haven't seen the KP collection around since the new Serena Grand Slam and shatter displays have replaced it :P

    I hope this helps at least someone out there! :)

  5. You could always add a few drops of pink polish to Strobe Light or Spitfire, couldn't you? To make it more dupe-y, I mean

  6. @Hana, I thought about this too! Or also to put a light pink polish under Strobe Light while doing your nails to make it a little more dupe-y as you say :)


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