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Monday, September 26, 2011

L'Oreal Amazon's Flash: a gold polish comparison

Since the L'Oreal Project Runway Colors Take Flight collection is limited edition and the nail polishes in particular only have two slots per shade in each display, I thought it might be helpful to show you the polish I purchased from this collection, and do a comparison of this shade to the other golds in my collection. Hopefully this might help some of you better determine if this shade is worth "the hunt".

L'Oreal Amazon's Flash
(retail: $4.99, 0.39 oz)

Amazon's Flash is part of the Audacious Amazon collection within the larger Project Runway collection (you can click here for pics of the display).

Let me state for the record that gold is not my favorite shade of nail polish. I only own a handful of gold polishes (which you'll see in a moment) but something about Amazon's Flash jumped out at me and I had to have it.

The following swatches were taken after three coats (this one's a bit sheer) and no top coat.

Those first two pics were taken in direct sunlight and the next two pics were taken in shade:

What I love about this color is that it's such a bright, vivid gold. I think you'll be better able to see what I'm talking about when you see these comparison swatches. Here are all of the gold polishes I own:

The amount of coats required for the following swatches (from left to right):

WnW: 2 coats
CQ: 2 coats
WnW: 3 coats
L'Oreal: 3 coats
Sinful Colors: 6 coats
Nailtini: 2 coats

In the above pic, I think you can get a better idea of the sheerness of some of these polishes (the Sinful Colors polish, for example, is still quite sheer even after six coats).

So here's why I love Amazon's Flash so much: given the nature of many gold polishes, this one's not ridiculously sheer (although I could probably have used a 4th coat, I think you can get way with three). The other reason I love this shade is because it's just so vivid and bright. Looking at all of the swatches above, I think the one thing that stands out about Amazon's Flash is that it's slightly lighter than the rest of the golds in my collection, with an overall brighter hue. It's a true yellow-gold and it also doesn't have as much texture as the other golds (with the exception of the first WnW on the left). It's smooth to the touch, but it still has sparkle.

If you cannot locate Amazon's Flash at your local drugstores, I'd say the best dupe (of all the golds I own) is Wet n Wild Fast Dry The Gold and the Beautiful.

Anyway, I hope this helps you gold polish lovers out there. Do you think this one's worth the hunt?

Some of the products featured in this post were given to Nouveau Cheap for previous reviews.


  1. Ooh, that IS a beauty! I'll be looking for this shade this week. It's more of a true gold, I think. I like it.

  2. It's not really for me. Don't much like gold nail polish. But thanks for the info! I saw it in my local Walgreens, Trenton Ohio, yesterday! :D

  3. I had to go to the next nearest city to find this polish but man, I love it! I'm kinda sad that it's so sheer but three coats for total opacity isn't so bad for a gold shimmery polish, I guess :)

  4. Wow!! Great comparisons G!!


  5. Wow! Great comparisons, G!!


  6. I'm not really into gold nail polishes -- that said, I absolutely LOVE Sally Hansen's Gilty Pleasures (sic). Amazon's Flash is more of a 'true' gold, something that would go horribly with my complexion. But Gilty Pleasures (two coats for complete coverage, people! And I personally think you can get away with one!) is a very pretty, soft gold (almost a shimmery warm taupe) not at all ostentatious or garish. Very low-key luxe.

    Though I love your CQ 24K Gold, G!

  7. Oh man, those comparisons make me want the CQ polish! Amazon's Flash didn't grab me, but I did pick up Owl's Night today. It's so gorgeous! It's like a goth-ier version of Hard Candy Mr. Wrong, which is one of my favorite polishes anyway.

  8. Gold nail polish isn't usually my thing but that color is lovely. I doubt I'll be able to find the L'Oreal polish so I'll probably have to settle for the wnw Fast Dry instead. Thanks so much for the comparison swatches.

  9. I always love comparisons. Who would have guessed there are so many variances of gold.

  10. I don't normally care for gold polish either but this one is nice.


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