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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Black With Envy vs. Raven's Strength vs. Midnight Haze

If you never did find Revlon Black with Envy (the Chanel Black Pearl dupe), then perhaps you might be happy with the new limited edition L'Oreal shade, Raven's Strength. It's not an exact dupe of Black with Envy, but I do think it's similar (in the bottle, at least). I threw in the new Revlon Midnight Haze for perspective:

Revlon Black with Envy is of course from this collection and is probably the most well-known Chanel Black Pearl dupe to date. L'Oreal Raven's Strength is from the new limited edition Project Runway Colors Take Flight collection, and Revlon Midnight Haze is from the LE Masquerade collection.

In my opinion, Raven's Strength doesn't pull quite as green as Black with Envy, yet it doesn't pull as blue as Midnight Haze. So I actually misspoke yesterday when I said that Raven's Strength "looks a lot like the shade in the new Revlon Masquerade collection"--it did in person, when I looked at them quickly, but in photos you can really see that the differences are distinct.

It's always frustrating for me when I see these types of shades in the store and can't compare them to shades I already own, so I hope this post helps give you a bit of perspective.

Do you already own any of these shades? Are any of them worthy of "the hunt" in your opinion?


  1. ohhh I love Raven's Strength! very pretty :) Well, they're all pretty, but I think that one is my favorite.

  2. I think Raven's Strength is the prettiest, but with my luck, it will probably be the hardest to get my hands on. Which one is your favorite?

  3. Honestly, looking at a polish in the bottle is very different from a swatch. The bottle ALWAYS skews the color.

    They may be quite similar after you put them on your nails. And I guess you can tell how I know that!

  4. i just found several bottles of black with envy on clearance at walgreens. they were only 2.80

  5. i just found several bottles of black with envy on clearance at walgreens. they were only 2.80


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