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Friday, July 29, 2011

Wet n Wild news and a sneak peek at the On the Prowl Collection

Three important pieces of Wet n Wild-related news before we get to the new collection:
  • If you had a hard time getting your hands on the limited edition Go For the Gold Collection, Wet n Wild is doing a giveaway for their Facebook fans and VIP members: 1,000 lucky winners will receive the Go For the Gold eyeshadow trio in The Gilded Age (click here to see some eye looks I did with this trio--it's one of my favorite WnW trios of all time). All you have to do it sign up to be a Wet n Wild VIP and “like” Wet n Wild on Facebook for a chance to win!
  • If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you know that I LOVE Fantasy Makers! If you're unfamiliar with Fantasy Makers, it's Wet Wild's line of seasonal Halloween makeup and I always post pics of their products when they hit drugstores each fall. Well, I've been informed that the 2011 collections are going to hit stores SOON. I hope to have more info shortly--I'm really hoping there are some great eyeshadow shades like last year--remember that red duo in the Vamp Vixen kit?

Now on to the new collection!

Wet n Wild Limited Edition
On the Prowl 
Fast Dry Nail Color Collection

On Shelves Late-August
Price Point: $1.99

Rawr! Create seductive nail art that’s sure to catch any prey!

Combine a base coat with a nail art top coat for a look that’ll have them wrapped around your fingers!

33660 Ready to Pounce
33661 Jungle Fever
33662 Tangled in My Web
33663 Cougar Attack
33664 Behind Closed Doors
33665 Buy Me a Drink
33666 Ink Well (Nail Art Top Coat)
33667 Correction Tape (Nail Art Top Coat)

This collection consists of 6 base colors and 2 “art” colors that create various nail looks.


  1. FANTASY MAKERS!!! They had nothing out in our area last year (that I saw, but I was busy having a baby, so I didn't get out much, ha!). Super excited to see what they have this year!!! I'm still in love with that bar glitter polish from a few years ago. :)

  2. Hmm, really looking forward to seeing these in person! And I love Fantasy Makers too, of course. I can't wait to see what they're coming out with this year!

  3. Wet N Wild is being such a tease about the Go For The Gold Collection. Don't know why they didn't release it everywhere. I signed up for VIP. *crosses fingers*

  4. Halloween makeup is the advent of the fall season...WooT!!

    I hope WnW knows how much we love them. <3

  5. Very excited about the On The Prowl collection and Fantasy Makers this year! Hope these come to my town when they're released! Will you be making a map for these, as well?

  6. Mrs. Litz: Awww, I'm sorry you couldn't find FM last year. Hopefully you'll see 'em this year! :)

    Nicole: Of course you love FM--we share a brain, remember? ;)

    Catnip: Actually, they're not being a "tease" about this--I've mentioned several times here on the blog that Wet n Wild makes their limited edition collections available to ALL of their retailers, but it's up to each individual retailer as to whether or not they want to offer these collections to their customers. So if you can't find them in your area, it's not because Wet n Wild didn't want to put it there--it's because, for whatever reason, your retailer didn't want to offer the collection at your store. I actually think it's a nice thing that Wet n Wild is giving away 1,000 of these in response to fans not being able to find them in their areas. :)


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