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Friday, July 1, 2011

Swatchfest! Wet n Wild Limited Edition Dream Weavers Collection


Retail: $2.99 each
In stores mid-July 2011

If you caught the press release I posted for this new LE collection from Wet n Wild, then you know I was pretty darned excited about it! I love Wet n Wild eyeshadow trios (who doesn't though, right?) but I know that many of you get frustrated trying to hunt these LE goodies down at your local drugstores. So I'm hoping that this post (which includes comparison swatches with other Wet n Wild shadows) will help you to better determine whether or not there are any must-haves that are worth the hunt!

NOTE: I cannot tell you exactly where you'll be able to find this limited edition collection. Wet n Wild makes these collections available to all of their retailers, however, it's up to each individual retailer as to whether or not they want to make these collections available to their customers. The only exception to this is retailer-exclusive collections, and Dream Weavers is not exclusive to any one retailer.


(click images for a much closer look)

What you get:
  • Shimmery golden olive
  • Dark blue satin-shimmer (midnight blue that flashes lighter blue)
  • Soft emerald-jade matte (no sparkle)
What you get:
  • Cool-toned bubblegum pink matte
  • Dark chocolate brown matte with pink sparkle
  • Shimmery pink-tinged taupe
And because I know many of you were curious, here's a side-by-side comp of WE'RE BLASTING OFF next to the core-collection trio SWEET AS CANDY:

Not the same!

What you get:
  • Shimmery champagne-beige-taupe
  • Royal purple satin-matte with violet flash and very sparse silver sparkle
  • Shimmery antique copper
What you get:
  • Canary yellow with lighter yellow shimmer
  • Clover green with golden shimmer
  • Fuchsia with light pink shimmer
What you get:
  • Metallic silver
  • Matte black
  • Matte red with subtle red sparkle
What you get:
  • Shimmery white
  • Matte black with silver sparkle
  • Matte peacock blue
Now, for some comparisons!

First up, I've got VERY good news for you if you loved (or never located) last winter's LE Night Elf palette!

I can't verify that these colors are IDENTICAL but they sure look to be extremely similar:

And finally, I want to show you the subtle differences between the taupe in the core collection SILENT TREATMENT trio vs. WE'RE BLASTING OFF:

In person, I can tell you that the taupe in WE'RE BLASTING OFF is a shade lighter than the taupe in SILENT TREATMENT, and there is more of a pink tinge to WE'RE BLASTING OFF as well. Do you need both? Well that all depends on whether or not you're a taupe addict, now doesn't it? Ha!

In my opinion, here are the stand-out shades and must-haves in this collection:
  • The shimmery golden olive in EARTH LOOKS SMALL FROM DOWN HERE. You don't see too many golden olives at the drugstore, so I'm saying this is a must-have if you're a golden olive nut like me. I know this is a dupe--it's just going to take me some time to dig through my 1,000 golden olives to find it!
  • The clover green with golden shimmer in BRIGHT IDEA. In person, this green just screams "Cheer up!" to me. It's gorgeous and if you can pull off clover greens, I think you might want to track this one down.
  • All three shades in DANCING IN THE CLOUDS. Do I really need to explain? As I said on Twitter yesterday, I predict this will be the breakout trio of the collection.
  • The red in ENTER A NEW REALM. When was the last time we saw a true red shadow at the drugstore? I believe it was the Night Elf palette! So yes, if you want a true red, and you don't have Night Elf, you need this (if you're scared of red, here's a look I did that kind of takes away the scary factor. Tip: just use it on your lid!).
  • The matte pink in WE'RE BLASTING OFF. Are you shocked that I said the pink in this trio and not the taupe? Well, you kind of need the taupe too, but that pink is just so creamy and pigmented for a matte that I have to say: if you love pink shadows, you need this one.
I hope this post helps give you a better feel for these new limited edition shades! Be on the lookout the display this month--and please come back and let us know which ones you end up getting! In the meantime, is anything here jumping out at you?

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. Is anything jumping out at me?! All of them?! haha XD I'm such a WnW addict!

    You know for sure I'm going to be getting all of them! ;)

  2. I'm so excited. I have 2 Night Elf palettes & I'm still going to get Enter A New Realm. I also have 2 silent Treatments and I'll get We're Blasting Off too!!!

  3. I tried looking for this new LE collection today, but no luck. But, tomorrow is a new day! I have several CVS stores in my area and two of them actually had the previous Gilded Age.So I will be searching them tomorrow for this new collection. Wish me luck :-)But honestly, it's wearing a little thin having to run around town. Starting to wonder if it's worth it. I will go for this one, but not sure about future collections.


  5. All the mentions of 'stand outs' that you listed are reasons I want to get these. The only one that I'm not wooed with is Bright Idea. I love the fuchsia but not I'm sure I have a dupe somewhere in my stuff.

  6. Yup, I'll be out there killing myself by driving around to ten million drugstores to get We're Blasting Off and Dancing in the Clouds. LE WnW *sigh*.

  7. I want to know what happened to their gel liner... I can't find it ANYWHERE now!! :(

  8. I love we're blasting off, earth looks small from down here, and dancing in the clouds. Being in Hawaii (honolulu), I found it difficult to find LE collection :(. I didn't even find the summer collection (go for the gold)

  9. I just bought one of these from Rite Aid the other day and so far I'm loving it! They definitely super pigmented :)

  10. Hm... Looks like I'm not getting Enter a New Realm after all. :T Too similar to Night elf.

    BUT I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for Dancing in the clouds(although I'm not into that Vex dupe color), Bright Idea(For the yellow), and Earth Looks Small From Down Here(mainly for the olive).

  11. Love all of them! Dancing in the clouds, especially :D

  12. My local Walgreen's have these trios in little makeup bags with a little liner pencil and a mini lip gloss for $4.99. (I should have taken a picture, dangit! I keep forgetting that my smartphone has a camera. Dur!) None of the colours really grabbed me, tho.

    I thought that your readers might want to know that if their local Wag's doesn't have the trios alone, they might find the little makeup bag kits. :) They were at the front of the cosmetic section on the bottom shelf, end in my store.

    I asked the gal at my Wag's if they were going to get the LE Palettes (I really wanted the eight pan matte palette) and the polishes and she said no. Corporate doesn't pull many LE collections for Wag's in my area. Oh well. *has a sad*

  13. Why does the crease color for the dark shades always come off as a smoky charcoal color?

  14. I gotta admit, "Bright Idea" has really caught my eye. I might have to seek this one out.

  15. WOW. bright idea is the same exact color scheme as shiseido's tropicalia palette. Well don't I feel like a sucker having spent $33 on that one :( ? The main difference I can see is that the green may be a little lighter in the wnw palette.I would have to see it in person to know for sure.
    By the way, I've been a long time lurker and this is my first comment. I really love your blog and appreciate how much work you put in these posts!

  16. I think I *NEED* We're Blasting Off! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  17. Awesome article. Love swatches!

    WnW really offers the best d/s eyeshadows.


  18. I have to get these! I have become pretty tight with the Walgreens beauty dept manager in my town. She knows me by name and has my number. She calls me whenever new Wet N Wild stuff comes in. She also calls me when there is a good sale on something she knows I love! I adore her! Hopefully my Walgreens gets these. Im going to call the Corporate office today and find out if ours is gettign them or not!!

  19. So no consistency in the stores carrying these eh? Guess I'll be making the rounds as I run errands this weekend even though I only want two (Dancing and Blasting), but not expecting much since Gilded Age nor the 2010 Holiday sets never showed. Some at MUA said supermarkets have some WnW displays with the new items but I've not seen it myself. Oh well. For the lucky gals that do find them, enjoy! I'll also be heading to Dollar Tree to see what new LA Colors stuff might be there. Last week was great because I found almost the entire L'Oreal Color of Hope collection too, for $1 :)

  20. I want Dancing in the Clouds!!!! All 3 colors are gorgeous.
    Wet and Wild has come so far and the names are adorable!!!

  21. I definetly want a few of these. Ill be looking for them at CVS this month. Im definatly getting Dancing in the Clouds and Bright Idea and Were Blasting off.Hopefully yhtey will carry it the had the Go for Gold collection, so hopefully they will.

  22. I have have have to get my hands on the new realm palette just for the red.

  23. I definetly see a few i NEED to get Lol!

  24. When I called Rite Aid's corporate number (the 800 number) I was told they wouldn't be getting Dream Weavers but lo and behold what did I find at TWO of my local Rite Aids (saw with my own eyes at the closest one and I called the second)? Dream Weavers! One display per store only.

    So if you're still looking for it run, don't walk, to your nearest Rite Aid. These were just put out TODAY at my local Rite Aids.

  25. Are the top and bottom colors in Dancing in the Clouds not the same as the taupe and copper in Comfort Zone?

  26. violetta: that is a VERY good question. To me, both the taupe and copper shades in Dancing in the Clouds both have an extra tinge of warmth to them than the shades in CZ. The shades in CZ are a touch cooler to my eyes, so no, they're definitely not identical. BUT, the taupe shades are very close, whereas the copper shades appear more visibly different to the naked eye (in fact, the copper shade in CZ almost looks like a rose gold compared to how much more warm and orange-based the copper in DITC looks). I hope that helps.

  27. I just picked up this collection at two different local Rite Aids. I got them on the Bogo sale! I love all the trios in this collection!!!

  28. Just found these this weekend at a Rite Aid on the Central Coast of California. It loked like they had just put the display out so of course I bought all 6! At $18 for 6 eyeshadow trios, who can resist right? Can't wait to try them!

  29. Just purchased Dancing in the Clouds and We're Blasting Off. So excited! Found these at my Rite Aid in Panhandle of ID, Spokane. Added a point on the interactive map.

  30. G: Thanks! I ended up getting dancing in the clouds as well, lol. Your description was spot on, the 2 shades are def warmer than comfort zone's similar shades (which could make all the difference on me, the red and yellow undertones in my skin bring out different colors in eyeshadows). Also, I bought all of them except Bright Idea (i feel like I have those colors already) with the BOGO which I knew about from your site! =)

  31. I found mine at Rite Aid and I live in chicopee Ma. I picked up the last earth looks small from down here and dancing in the clouds. Man I got super lucky with these.

  32. These trios are apparently available on Nonpareil Boutique's website. They're charging $5 a piece instead of $2.99, but that's cheaper than driving all over the state to find them!


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