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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nuance Salma Hayek: a closer look

When I posted the pics yesterday of the wall display for the new Nuance Salma Hayek cosmetic collection now at CVS, I told you I'd show you pics of the products I purchased, so today I'd like to do just that!

Please note that I will give you my extremely preliminary impressions of the products I have actually tried, but this is in no way a formal review of anything--it's far too early for me to have a firm opinion of anything yet since I just bought these products yesterday (actually, I bought the lipstick today, so I haven't even been wearing it for three hours yet as I write this).

One thing I WILL tell you is that Nuance Salma Hayek may very well be the drugstore alternative to Bobbi Brown. Now that I've had a chance to really look at each product in the wall display, I find the colors, products, and color combinations in this collection to have a Bobbi-Brown-vibe, and that is very much a compliment (if you're a longtime reader of this blog, you know that Bobbi Brown is my favorite high-end brand). I believe that Nuance Salma Hayek offers lots of truly wearable shades for any skintone or age, and products that have been created to "enhance the nuances" of a woman's beauty. Nothing is in-your-face, there's no glitter, and I don't see any intense neons or anything of that nature. Just lots of natural shades in earthtones, pinks, corals, and so forth.

 Nuance Front & Center Concealer & Brightener in Medium
(retail: $10.99, 0.32 oz)

 As many of you know, I am always on the hunt for a good peach-toned drugstore concealer (almost all concealers at the drugstore seem to be yellow-toned these days, and yellow under my eyes makes my darkness turn ashy--I HAVE to use a peach-toned concealer). So I was thrilled to see this offering from Nuance. I've only used this product once so far so I can't give you a fair opinion of it, but I do love that the brightener is matte with absolutely no shimmer! So unusual for the drugstore, right?
 Nuance Mineral Eyeshadow in Sheer Plum/Putty
(retail: $8.49, 0.17 oz)

I'm wearing this duo right now, and I don't even know what to say. I always test my eyeshadows without primer first, and even without the help of a primer, the matte taupe shade was so silky smooth, so pigmented, and just such a joy to apply. The shimmery rose-gold shade was equally easy to apply, and so far I am seriously impressed with the performance, color and texture of this duo. I've been wearing these colors on my eyes without primer for seven hours now, and I only see VERY minimal fading/creasing. Barely anything to speak of, really. Please please check back for my full review soon--I have a feeling this is going to be my new favorite go-to for eyeshadow. Oh, and just to give you perspective on the size, this duo is 0.17 oz for $8.49 (MAC eyeshadow singles are 0.05 oz for $14.50). So you're getting over three times the amount of a MAC shadow single for a little more than half the price.

 Nuance Beautiful Blends Eye Quad in Neutral
(retail: $8.49, .35 oz)

This has got to be the most fun quad EVER. Paraben, fragrance and cruelty free shadows in a little lotus-flower type of pod? Yes, please!

I cannot believe how generous each pan of eyeshadow is, considering the retail price ($8.49, which is the same price as the duo I just showed you!). Also, if you look at the pics above, you'll see that you can open up each "leaf" on its own, or in a variety of combinations. How cool is that? There's also a sponge applicator in the middle, which is just too cute. Please check back for my review, because the shades are so much prettier than what you see in these pics. I will definitely post close-ups and swatches of each color for you. There's one shade in particular, a shimmery golden-taupe, which is absolutely stunning.

Nuance Color Vibrance Lipstick in Dusty Rose
(retail: $9.99, 0.12 oz)

 And finally, I want to show you the lipstick that I purchased today (yes, I went back and bought more from this collection!). I had to try a lip color, and naturally I gravitated toward the pinky-brown shade called Dusty Rose. Oh my goodness, so far I love it. It's a creme (no shimmer whatsoever) and so incredibly opaque and creamy. I've been wearing it for four hours now, and I can still see it on my lips. Yay! Again, I'll review it at length in the near future.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope this helps to give you a better idea of some of the products that Nuance has to offer. 

Have you spotted the Nuance Salma Hayek cosmetics display at your local CVS yet? The press release said it was debuting in August, but obviously my local CVS put it out early, so hopefully yours will too!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed, it's so great to hear that this line is offering what seems to be such great quality products. Thank you for sharing G. Now I wanna go pick up a lipstick and a shadow duo. :)

  2. that quad looks so cool! I'll have to hit CVS tomorrow and see if they have this!

  3. I'm so excited for this line! I love her whole approach, and her insistence on affordability. Can't wait for your full reviews! XO

  4. It is like Bobbi Brown? SOLD... Packaging? LOVE... PRICE...AFFORDABLE! I am going to CVS tmrw! Thank you for this wonderful update xoxo!!

  5. ooh! I'm gonna have to try this stuff. the quads look so cute! And the concealer sounds lovely!

  6. I find the Pixi concealer sold at Target in brightening peach to be AMAZING. I don't know if you've tried it or not, but if you haven't, YOU SHOULD! :)

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm gonna be stalking my CVS's for sure! These products look amazing! :)

  8. I saw this at my CVS today!! I can't wait to try out this line :)

  9. I first saw it on the CVS website and thanks for giving us a closer look on the products. The packaging is pretty cute!

  10. I have to go to my local CVS and try some of these.They look awesome!


  11. Bobbi Brown-esque?! wow! If you've got the time definitely do a review with comparison to the high end brand. I'd love to know~

  12. That concealer looks like it could work well to help cover my dark, under eye circles. I am definitely going to keep a lookout for this new cosmetics line, next time I stop by my nearby CVS.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. SO happy to hear these are rockin' high quality! I hope the line makes it - so many of them seem to come and go in nothing flat.... I'm going to have to scope these out next week when I go to CVS!! the lippie looks like it's right up my alley! LOVE!

  14. I've never seen a quad like that! It's very cool looking, at the same time a bit unnecessary/bulky, but none the less looks so fun.

  15. I've gotta see if the CVS near me is carrying this line. Neat.

  16. that quad is awesome!! Lol I so want that! The lipstick looks very nice too. Can't wait to try her line

  17. Standing in line RIGHT NOW to pay for the neutral e/s quad, Shimmering Nude l/s, and the pink mineral cheek trio! I could've shopped all night!

  18. I'm with Mandy, the quads do look bulky, they certainly aren't travel friendly for throwing in a small makeup bag to go. It would take up most of the room in the bag. And how about storage at home too? They aren't stackable, so I guess they would be for show, left out like a nice perfume bottle? Except...they really aren't all that pretty, just odd looking black pods. I'd like to find out if these would be easy to depot, because you do get a lot of product and if the colors are nice it might be worth it.

    I dunno, am I just a party pooper, or doesn't anyone else think these pods are kind of ridiculous?

    I am interested in all the other products and am looking forward to your reviews on those, G, but am not really sold on the quads.

  19. Donna and Mandy: I think you'll have to see the quad in person and then make a decision. lol. It's not even as tall as a tube of lip balm in real life, and I could easily fit it in my purse or makeup bag (granted, I have a good-sized makeup bag) but even so, I don't find it big or bulky. In fact, I think my eyelash curler takes up more space in my makeup bag than this quad would. :) I hope that helps!

  20. Not all of the eyeshadows have safety stickers on. I naturally managed to pick one up without, didn't notice until I got home, and there are smear marks in both where someone clearly swatched them. Ew. So I'll be exchanging those.

    I also got the rose balm and it's nice but the packaging isn't - the lid never wants to screw on completely. So if it were carried in a purse, I'm willing to get it'd come undone and you'd get purse muck in it. It really is alot like Smith's/C.O.Biglow's rose salve. Slightly different texture because it doesn't seem to have the petroleum. Seems moisturizing though but for more money and less product, I don't think I'll buy it over a rose salve again.

  21. I'm still a little doubtful, but I will wait for your review to decide. You've convinced me to buy all kinds of stuff so you never know! lol

    I hit my CVS today, and this display wasn't there, instead there was a whole shelf set up with what apparently were big empty boxes with Nuance advertising all over them, and little slots for samples...mostly. I'll get to that later, anyway, the only makeup samples were for the "Flawless Wear Tinted Moisturizer". They look pretty tiny, like there might be enough in it to swatch on your jawline to check for a match, so I did the evil thing and grabbed three of two different shades to see if I can't get a full face to wear a couple of days. Yup I'm one of those people who hog all the samples and leave next to none for everyone else. *hangs head in shame* But I promise to come back and let you know what I think of the tinted moisturizer once I've given it a test drive!

    The other little samples were for the skin care line. I got "Anti-aging Wrinkle Filler Eye Serum (with Acacia Senegal Gum & Vitamin C)", "Renewed Radiance SPF 30 Moisturizing Day Cream (with Jojoba, Natural Licorice Extract, Shea Butter, & Sunflower Oil)", and in a larger packet, "My Secret Super Moisturizing Body Cream (with Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil & Honey)", and "Dark Cacao & Coffee Firming Body Cream (with Cocoa Seed Butter & Rice Bran Oil)".

    The "more" part I said I'd get to, there was a very small section of these skin care products in their full size containers. That's all we got of Salma's line at my CVS.

    Sorry for writing a book, but I have a feeling you'll be interested in my little scoop anyway. lol

  22. I got the lip balm, two lipsticks (shimmering nude, and coral), 3 lip glosses and the apricot blush....not bad for a drugstore brand. Waiting for your review and swatches of the eyeshadows before deciding whether I want to buy the neutral quad or not. Thanks as always for the heads up and intro to the product range.

  23. I wonder if we have Nuance in our CVS! That lipstick looks amazing by the way!!

  24. I'm so annoyed. Went to my mom's CVS (which is awesome) and the Nuance display was practically sold out! I bought the concealer (which I really like) but OMG. The lip products were gone as were the lighter shades of the tinted moisturizer. Holy Crap. This is gonna be big!

  25. I posted another semi-review under your e/s quad review, but I'll add to that here so as to include the other products I purchased.

    I LOVE this line. So far, what I've seen is a line that has been thought out enough that it gives you choices, but not so many that you become overwhelmed. There are no crazy colors here, and as you said, G, this very well may be the Bobbi Brown of the d/s lol.

    Shades are natural, flattering, e/s have a sheen to them (not a frost/glitter), and lipsticks have a cream finish or a VERY subtle pearl (I have Shimmering Nude, and it's just love ... you have to see it on the lips to understand how subtle the pearl finish is, but sooo flattering).

    The mineral cheek trio is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. It really does equally combine bronzer/blush/highlighter all in one, and gives such a healthy flush of color. I picked up Pink, and I swear, I could be happy with just that for all of my makeup looks. It's THAT good to me.

    I wanted to note that somewhere you'd mentioned that this line had a matte e/s duo (the first one in the display) ... just an FYI, one shade is matte (the darker), and the lighter shade, while appearing matte in the pan, is the most gorgeous pearl shade with a subtle sheen. Heaven.

    One of my all time favorite e/s duos on earth is a Chanel duo (oh damn, I can't think of the name now!) ... it's boring to look at in the pan, but what I can create with it is phenomenal, particularly the lighter shade which has a pearly sheen to it ... it's THIS Chanel duo that I was reminded of when I bought the Nuance e/s duo I just referenced above.

    (Christine, take a breath. You've written a book.)

    Alrighty then ... I'll stop there LOL. Surely, there's a text limit here, right LOL?

    Last thing: G, you rock for introducing me to things/products/lines I'd never look at twice otherwise. You & I have alarmingly similar tastes in product formulas/colors, and I haven't been let down yet by your raves.

    Thank you :-) THE END.

  26. I have to say that its soo great to hear other people allready making good comments about the line.
    I was desperate waiting for the line to come out in august,but one day in july,i decided to stop by my cvs to see if they had any advertising about it,and,suprise! they had a few of the skincare products at lease! and free samples too! awsome!
    i tried some of the samples,amazing!! like silk on my face!, i want to get many of the skincare products,cause my face its a big mess,and this line its my last hope,nothing else has work on me, but the ones i want are not out yeat,and I dont like to shop them online.So i have to wait a bit, but I at lease got the renew radiance spf 30 cream.
    This crean its AMAZING,it does not even feel like a cream,its soo lightweight,I dont even feel like I am wearing a cream,and my skin its soo moisturized.also have the firming cream,amazing
    mi face skin is acne pro- skin,combination, I GET PIMPLES REALLY EASY FROM ANYTHING,soo far,none.
    I want to get the am/pm cream also,and the eye cream,and more products
    Can not wait...

  27. Hey hey hey!
    Do you have a wish list? I think of the body/hair/skin I def have at least 1 thing each I want to try.
    As far as the makeup...mainly the pressed mineral foundation & the duo concealer.


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