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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tons of new products from L'Oreal and Maybelline!

I want to give a HUGE thanks to my lovely reader Jane for putting many of these new products on my radar! Jane spotted all of these products at her local CVS recently (Jane, you've got a magical CVS!). Jane was kind enough to share her thoughts about these products in an email to me recently, so I'm going to include some of the information she passed along to me after each photo because I think it's always great to hear the scoop from someone who has actually seen the products in person!

In addition to CVS, I've heard from some of you (waves to Sierra and Jess!) that you've spotted these new products at Walgreens too. So check your local drugstores, folks!

All of the following images are from the website, and I will include links to the Target listings for each product if you'd like additional info. I also want to give a huge thanks to many of you for alerting me to the fact that often posts these new products first on the web (sometimes before the actual brands post them on their own sites).

(4 shades)

Retail: $7.99 each

These new liners are double-ended; one side contains a traditional colored liner, while the other side contains a "brightening" shade. Jane pointed out that the "brightening" end looks peachy in color, which means those of you who have been looking for a drugstore peach pencil for your waterline might be in luck here, if they're not shimmery (well, I personally don't use shimmery pencils on my waterline, so I'm hoping these are mattes).

(16 shades)

Retail: $5.99 each

I LOVE what Jane said about these new glosses: "The new Le Gloss is out in a great range of colors; I snagged Mystic Mauve (looks similar in the tube to NARS Rose Birman) and Red Ravishing (looks in the tube to be a sheer orangey red). Honestly, if people don't find at least three they want, they aren't looking close enough!" Haha! Enough said.

(4 shades)

Retail: $11.49 each

If you saw my review of the The One Sweep Eyeshadows, you know that they didn't work for me. So I'm skeptical about these new blush/bronzer duos (as is Jane) but the good thing is that you can use these independently and you don't have to sweep them on your cheeks together, right?

Those of you who are fans of the The One Sweep eyeshadows: there are new SMOKY SHADES now available. You can click here to see them.

(8 shades)

Retail: $13.99 each

According to Jane, the display for this new foundation collection states that this is L'Oreal's "best brush ever".

(5 shades)

Retail: $8.99 each

I know that many of you have spotted these at your local drugstores already, so if you've actually tried one, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment and let us know how you like them!

PS: If you are lucky enough to spot these at your local Walgreens THIS WEEK, the lovely Jess pointed out that they qualify for the 40% off sale since that sale includes all Maybelline foundation, eyeshadow, lip or nail cosmetics.

(3 shades)

Retail: $5.94 each

I posted about this product the other day as well, but I wanted to let you know that MANY people have spotted this product in drugstores recently, so I don't think you'll have to wait too long until you can find it in your area!

(6 shades)

Retail: $8.49 each

If you caught my review of the Instant Age Rewind The Eraser FOUNDATION, then you know that one of my issues was that the foundation didn't really do a lot to conceal. I've got to say that I'm pretty excited to try this new concealer version, because I love that applicator!

(6 shades)

Retail: $6.99 each

Thanks to so many of you for confirming that the new Eye Studio liners are NOT liquid pens, as I previously reported, but rather pencils. Well, a HUGE thanks to Jane for letting us know that these look to be Urban Decay 24/7 dupes! I'm happy to see another UD liner dupe at the drugstore because, in my opinion, there can never be enough!

Another HUGE thanks to Jane for the heads-up about these new goodies, and for the terrific insights! And I also want to thank so many of you reporting where you've seen these new products in your area. CVS and Walgreens seem to be places where these are surfacing so far!

Have you spotted or tried any of these new products yet? Thoughts?


  1. I HAVE TO HAVE the new mascara!!!
    And the neutral palette on the bottom right of the color bomb shadows,looks really nice too.
    The instant age rewind dark spot corrector i might want to try.....
    By the way thankyou for mentioning me!

  2. oooo I really want to try the L'Oreal le Gloss and the new Maybelline eyeliners! Thanks for posting and giving the heads up on these products!

  3. I definatly wanna try the falsies ive looked at 2 CVS in my area but not in stick yet. Im gonna have to try a couple CVS in the next town and Walgreens and hope they put it on sale. id love to get it at CVs though since they r $5 this week. But i definatly wanna try the eyeliners and the age rewind concealer also.

  4. I bought 2 of The One Sweep blush duos.One in Poppy and another in Nectar. They are terrible. They give no color payoff at all. The blushes are super chalky and the bronzers are hard and only come off as a faint chalky sheen. Nectar isn't as bad as Poppy.With Poppy I can get a bit of color payoff with alot of building. It just isn't worth the trouble or money.

  5. The blushes look so pretty! Gotta have one!! So excited for them to be available soon.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I'm so excited! A lot of the new Maybelline products have been part of the permanent collection in Asia and Europe for YEARS. I'm so glad we're finally getting them stateside!

  8. I'm so excited! A lot of the new Maybelline products have been part of the permanent collection in Asia and Europe for YEARS. I'm so glad we're finally getting them stateside!

  9. Excited about the new Maybelline products! Especially the liners. I love the Eyestudio Gel Liner, so I'm hoping that the liner are just as good! :)

    xo Nicole

  10. The Color Bomb Shadows are cool. I might have to upgrade my Falsie mascara.

  11. You forgott to mention the new LOL mascara from maybelline :) also on targets website

  12. I have the LeGloss in Violet Attitude. OMG this is the best drugstore gloss I've ever used. They are extremely pigmented, and they stick to your lips but are not sticky or goopy at all. I think they are either replacing the current Colour Riche glosses with the wand, or the Colour Juice glosses. I have see the current Colour Riche glosses on clearance, but the LeGloss has a shade called Watermelon Crush which is the same name as one of the Colour Juice glosses. Maybe the are replacing both those glosses? It could be because the LeGloss seems to take the best of both of those glosses and combine them into one. What I also love about the LeGlosses is the variety of shades and textures. They have creams, shimmers, and sheer colors. There is a deep plum color that looks like Clinique's Black Honey in the tube but swatched looks like a vivid sheer violet berry.

  13. Just saw a huge display with all of those new Maybelline products at CVS! :) Keep on the look out, girls!

  14. Actually :( I'm going to be a party pooper...the new Maybelline shadows are called Explosion. The store I work at has a huge display of them. And unfortunately, they don't qualify for the 40% off. I tried today :( The manager said something about a special display. They were also priced at $10.99 at my store >_<. =/

  15. Those glosses look at lot like the NYC Kiss Glosses. Well, at least the packaging does. I hope they're pretty sheer, so I won't feel the need to buy them. Lol (I need to cut back).

  16. Wow, go Maybelline! I have to try the concealer, new Falsies and eyeliners for sure :)

  17. Wow go Maybelline! I definitely have to try the concealer, new Falsies and eyeliners :)

  18. I love Maybelline products for some reason. Loll, I'm tempted to try their Color Bomb Shadows & the new Falsies. (: As well as the pretty blush duo from Loreal.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  19. I'd like to try the one sweep blush and the dark circles eraser, as they seem to be quite innovative :)

  20. I've seen the new Falsies display at my WAlmart in Poway, just a heads up!


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