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Monday, May 16, 2011

Swatches: Wet n Wild Summer 2011 Limited Edition Inked Collection

If you saw my initial post, you know that the Wet n Wild limited edition Inked collection was inspired by urban art culture. Unlike the shades in the LE Mermaid's Cove collection, the colors in Inked are all crèmes, meaning there's no shimmer, glitter, etc. in any of these polishes. I would classify some of the colors in this collection as jellies though. (NOTE: to see the Wet n Wild Summer 2011 limited edition makeup collection, Go for the Gold, click here.)

The Inked Collection has already hit some drugstores, although it may not yet be in your area.  I cannot tell you which particular stores will offer this (or any LE) collection, so my best advice is to check the drugstores in your area that have carried LE collections from Wet n Wild in the past, and hopefully they'll offer this collection as well.

In the following photos, I did not use any top coat so that you can see the natural finish of each shade. Also, I will indicate after each set of photos how many layers were required to achieve the look in the photos:


Scratchiti, a cheery tangerine orange, was an absolute dream to work with. I used two coats in the above pics, and they applied flawlessly. In fact, the photos above were taken after NO clean-up (I actually didn't do any clean-up in any of the photos in this post). In other words, what you see is the result of my free-hand application and that's it.


 Mad-Styles is a true white créme and it required two coats for what you see above. As with many whites, the first coat went on a bit streaky, but I think the second coat provided great opacity. I definitely don't think you'll need a third coat with this one.



Sribble is one of those purple-plum-pink crémes that is in the same vein as OPI My Auntie Drinks Chianti. This shade required two coats for great opacity.


Undercover Graffitti was such a nice surprise. After wearing so many pastel mint greens over the past two years, it was refreshing to wear a slightly darker shade and I have fallen in love with this one. On the nails, it's got kind of a mod feel to it, which I really like. This polish required two coats for perfect opacity.


Art Crime is a true primary yellow. There are only two shades in this collection that required three coats, and this is one of them. I'm sure that will come as no surprise to fans of yellow polishes, since most seem to require three or more coats. I think I would classify this as a jelly, which makes it the only yellow jelly I own.


Writings on the Wall is a true primary red. It went on like a dream, and only required two coats. I'm a sucker for classic reds.


 Another bright and cheery primary color, I would classify Tagger as the trouble-maker of the collection. This and Art Crime were the only shades that required three coats, but Tagger was a bit challenging to apply. The first coat and second coats were streaky, but the third coat provided the opacity you see above. However, the third coat also made this polish pool up a bit towards the tips of my nails, so I suggest using very thin coats and letting each coat fully dry between layers. Also, I noticed that Tagger's finish is not as shiny as the other shades in this collection (although not a matte by any means). It's just not as shiny as the others.


Last but not least, we have Vandalize, which is a true black créme. I am delighted to tell you that this polish required ONE COAT, which is what you see above. No streaks at all after one coat, and absolutely perfect opacity. If you like using black polish as a base for other colors, this would be a nice choice.

In fact, here are some bonus pics of Vandalize underneath two coats of Waves of Enchantment, which is from the Wet n Wild Mermaid's Cove collection:

Waves of Enchantment is beautiful on its own, but I really love that wearing black underneath brings out some lovely copper tones to this polish and provides even more complexity to the shade.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this posts helps some of you who may be interested in the colors in the Inked collection. For more information on this or any other Wet n Wild limited edition collection, click here.

Have you spotted Inked in your area yet? If so, have you purchased any shades? If not, are any of these colors catching your eye? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. While they seem like nice colors, I don't feel the rush to go out and find them.

  2. I did spot some at Ulta when OnceBittenBlog and I stopped by one after lunch. I like the shades but not enough for me to buy. I'm looking for the Mermaid LE's. Now those I know I'd like!

  3. why I thought these were crackle polish? Must have been the names that made me think that. Oh well. Not so excited anymore,however, still stalking Walgreens for the Mermaids Cove nail polish!

  4. These look really nice! Thanks for the swatches! I'm thinking about giving them a try.

  5. thanks for the swatches. i havent seen these out yet where i live, but will def keep a look out. i have been looking for a nice white polish and i think 'mad-styles' might just do the trick.

  6. I'm a sucker for bright colors. I really want to get these. Hopefully my Rite Aid has them!

  7. Wow! Great colors! Thanks for the swatches! WnW continues to impress with their great shade selection!

  8. I definetly would like to have the undercover graffiti. But im more interested in the Mermaid Collection but i still havent seen it yet. Ive been to 2 diff walgreens and rite aids but no sign of it yet.

  9. So pretty! That orange is a must have.

  10. I'm just drawn to purples and greens! I've been looking for Waves of Enchantment it seems for weeks now.

    I did find a display of Sally Hansen crackles at Walgreens tonight! Yay! I grabbed silver and purple. And I didn't hesitate picking them up without a coupon! lol

  11. I really like the bright, true colors. Thanks for sharing!

  12. oh my, the colours look awesome!!

  13. Love the colours! Wet N Wild is so hard to find in Toronto ( I mean the seasonal collections, not the regular line) I am super-jealous!

  14. Writing on the walls and Scratchiti look the best. Gorgeous on you!


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