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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spotted: Summer 2011 limited edition collections from Revlon and Maybelline

A HUGE thanks to my wonderful reader Gaby for this one. I've been looking all over San Diego for just one of these new summer displays, and Gaby found them BOTH at her local Rite Aid! Thank you SO much, Gaby, for sending these pics our way--you totally made my week!

If you read my post about the LE Super Lustrous Lip Balms that my awesome reader Andrea shared with us (click here to see one up close--they come with brushes!), here's the full display:

image credit for all of the following photos: Gaby for Nouveau Cheap

Summer Romantics

The lip balms are SPF15, and look at those pretty polishes!

A closer look at the peach and blue lip balms

And here's the new Maybelline LE Summer 2011 display:

The Bright Side

I honestly don't even know where to start with this one. Is that a pineapple Shine Sensational Lip Gloss?? And look at that lovely green polish! And a new LE Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palette! I had very good luck with last summer's LE Salsa Sun Collection palette, so I'm hoping this year's will be just as good!

And if you spot this Maybelline display, be sure to look for the $1 tear-pad coupons!

Thanks again, Gaby, for the awesome pics--I really appreciate it!

Are you excited to find either of these displays (or both) at your local drugstores? Have you already spotted them in your area?

PS: If Maybelline is following the same pattern as previous LE seasonal collections, then I have a feeling there's ANOTHER display full of just nail polishes floating around. If any of you have spotted a dedicated nail polish display in your area, please let us know!


  1. There is a display of just polish for Maybelline, I saw it at Walgreens today.

  2. Yes I saw the Maybelline polishes today at BB&Beyond!!! They are bright and summery!!!

  3. Must have that pineapple lip gloss! I'll have to look at my drugstores this week!! Thanks for the info!!

  4. Oh... I SO want that blue polish and all the lip balms from Revlon.... *sigh* LE collections are so hard on the wallet, but so shiny!

  5. Dang! Why aren't my local stores changing their displays?!? I was just wondering about the Maybelline summer collection. I'm still trying to locate those amazing L'oreal Summer Siren polishes, but no luck at Walg or CVS!

  6. Oh gosh i want that eyeshadow palette and some of the lip glosses, and i see a coupon. Yay!!! Where was this spotted at? That must be why they are clearancing out the recent LE Maybelline display to put this up at Rite Aid.

  7. :o That's the face I made when I saw that pineapple gloss! I will definitely buy that and probably the blue Revlon balm. Maybe the yellow eyeshadow and nail polish... Haha! It's all so enticing! ^-^
    I really like the blue/orange combo in that Revlon palette. It reminds me of this Dolly Wink one from Japan:

  8. Oh man those balms look like fun. I wonder how the pineapple gloss smells!

    How can I buy those LE items for cheap? I feel like I can never get LE items as cheaply as I would like. Any suggestions? Those colors are just too fun to pass up.

    @Bobby, the display was spotted in Upstate NY
    ~ Gaby

  9. I haven't seen those in my area. Eeeee! I want!

  10. I haven't seen either yet but I just got the vapors from seeing the Maybelline eyeshadow palette.

  11. I need that pineapple lipgloss. I NEED it. Too bad the local CVSes are all so incredibly slow to update.

  12. blue lipbalm? I am definitely excited to see these in my stores. Thanks for posting.

  13. I saw a smaller display of the Revlon at my local Walgreen that the beauty associate just put up. It had the 3 polishes(which I got, of course) and the eyeshadow, but alas it didn't have the lip balms, it had some lip glosses with it that I think we just part of the normal colorburst line. I really want those lip balms. I'm going to scower some more drugstores in my area for them and also the L'oreal and Maybelline summer line!

  14. I am so thoroughly convinced that you live in a land of magical rite aids. How is it that I only live an hour away and yet my local rite aid stores TOTALLY and inevitably SUCK for cosmetics?! lol...

    This is my jealous face: D:


  15. Thanks for the post!!I love these colorful collections!!


  16. Oh boy I am excited for both!!! I love me some Revlon especially. Even tho I dont use eyeshadows very often the Maybelline palette may be worth the splurge!

  17. Yeah, I saw these two displays plus one of just Maybelline polish at my Rite Aid on Saturday. Surprisingly, because they had a bunch of other displays high up above the aisle, like the new LE Wet N Wild Wildshine and LE NYC polishes that they weren't bringing down yet.

  18. SO tempting! Loving the green Maybelline and blue Revlon polishes, and the Maybelline palette looks delightful. Sales, please be nice to us!

  19. that orange revlon looks like Mad About Mango, a scented nail polish from 1 or 2 years ago? gorgeous shade!

  20. Looks like I will be waiting about a month for these to show up around here! lol Can't wait for the blue lipgloss!

  21. I didnt see these at my Rite Aid. They still had the othe LE Maybelline display. But they had out all the other City Colors displays and the NYC polish display. Ill have to check the next town to see if they have these yet.

  22. I MUST have the products from both of these displays...I'm going on a treasure hunt today!

  23. I just bought the Revlon Lip Balm from the new Revlon display and they are not impressive at all. They smell like cheap sticky gloss that you can find at the kids makeup section. So dissapointed. They are also sheer. I found this display at CVS by the way!

  24. It took me 3 Walgreens to find the Revlon lip balms. LOVE! Worth the journey. It seems like the 3 stores in my area all had different displays featuring different products.


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