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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Coral

Well, well, well, it took me long enough to finally review something from the new Maybelline Fit Me line, didn't it? I waited patiently for some coupons and a good sale, which is just what happened a few weeks ago when Rite Aid was running a 40% off sale on Maybelline. I had a $1 off coupon, so I ended up picking up this blush for around $1.50.

Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Coral
(retail: around $4.50)

The above photo is an extremely accurate (at least on my monitor) representation of the shade of this blush. True to its name, it's a medium coral with very fine shimmer that translates to a subtle sheen on the skin.
As we all know by now, the Fit Me line is divided into three different shade ranges: Light, Medium and Dark. This blush, Medium Coral, falls under the Medium category.

I'm not sure I agree with its placement in the Medium category though, because let me tell you, this blush is low on pigmentation. In fact, I tried several times to swatch the shade on my arm for you, and it just did NOT want to show up. I just couldn't see it on my arm, no matter how hard I tried.

Luckily, it DID show up on my face, but only after several swipes:

I literally had to use layer after layer of this blush before I could actually see it on my skin. For the record, I am a MAC NC20 and I usually don't have a difficult time getting blush to show up on my skin, unless I'm using a very light shade. I don't think Medium Coral looks light in the pan, but it really is practically undetectable on my skin unless I build...and build for more intensity.

After using this blush for a few weeks now, I can really only see it working for two distinct types of individuals:

1) people who have very, very fair skin
2) people who only want the tiniest hint of color on their cheeks

The texture of this blush is VERY hard. It's not a soft powder, and it takes some serious muscle for me to pick up color onto my blush brush (for reference, I use the e.l.f. Studio line blush brush). I have a preference for soft, finely-milled powder blushes that I can effortlessly swipe with my brush, so I'm afraid this one's not a love-match for me.

I do like that Maybelline tells you on the back label that Medium Coral is "ideal for users of Expert Wear Blush in Precious Pink." If you're a regular user of Maybelline blushes, this can be a helpful tip if you're new to the Fit Me line.

Regarding the ingredients, I should note that this blush contains five different types of parabens. If you're trying to avoid parabens in your cosmetics, I just want you to be aware of that.

The blendability of this blush is about average for me--not fantastic but not horrible. The staying power is average too--I can get about four hours of wear before I start to see significant fading.

FINAL VERDICT: If you prefer a very subtle wash of color on your cheeks and/or your skin is extremely fair, this might be a good option for you. However, if you are a MAC NC20 or higher, I would not recommend Medium Coral. It took a lot of effort to get this blush to show up on my skin, and the hard texture of this powder makes it difficult for me to work with. I cannot foresee myself reaching for this blush considering the fact that there are so many amazing blush options currently available to us at the drugstore. There are TONS of Maybelline products that I simply adore and cannot live without (Define-a-Brow pencil, SuperStay concealer etc. etc.) and I would be at a complete loss if Maybelline disappeared from drugstore shelves. However, I've never had good luck with Maybelline blushes, and I'm afraid that the Fit Me Blush in Medium Coral only reinforces the fact that Maybelline blushes just aren't for me.

Have you tried any products from the Maybelline Fit Me line yet? How have they worked for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Hmm, that's disappointing. I haven't heard very good things about the FitMe line in general. We know drugstore brands can produce pigmented makeup (I love the WnW blushes), so I'm not sure why they don't!

  2. I have the foundation and pressed powder, I also got it 40% off and used a coupon, so it was inexpensive, I do like it (not love it)it is light coverage and I would just consider it okay. Would I buy it again? Yes probably, if I caught it on sale, its a pretty good one to use in place of your more expensive ones to stretch a buck.

  3. I personally haven't tried any of the Maybelline FitMe stuff, and I don't think I will. It just seems like it leaves a lot to desire. But I had this problem with regular Maybelline Powder Blushes; I bought one on a great sale, but it wasn't pigmented at all; I have really light skin, I was so disappointed.

  4. It's funny that you reviewed this. I bought this exact shade during that same sale and I am about as fair as you can get. I bought from the "medium" section, because I heard these were very poorly pigmented.

    This blush didn't even show up on my porcelain skin!! Don't buy it, readers!!

  5. Why are Maybelline Powder Blushes so terrible? I was hoping that had revamped them with that new Fit Me line, but I guess not.

  6. I am totally in love with the maybelline mineral power blush in fresh plum. It is discontinued though and I have 6 of them. It is the only blush I like.

  7. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't tried any of these products, and I'm not a bug fan of Maybelline in general. But, the packaging is pretty and the marketing is effective. I'm sure it would have been only a matter of time before I gave into it all. An awesome tip once again! XO

  8. I completely agree with you. I bought a bright magenta color from the dark section because I thought it would be well pigmented and I could blend it easily. I could barely swatch it with my finger and never succeeded in getting it onto my cheek, I am so MAC 15/20. Big disappointment. I used maybelline blushes for years, I'm not sure why these are so bad.

  9. Funny you should ask! I just played with my sample card of FitMe today and determined that it's FitMeNot due to undertone/darkness incongruencies.

    I've never been thrilled with anything Maybelline puts out. I might even put it as my least favorite drugstore line. I used to have a shadow trio that sucked (impossible to get any color), which they seemed to have fixed in the Eye Studio palettes, but they also added disco ball sheen. I'm allergic to their eye and lip stuff, and just meh.

  10. I bought one of the blushes in the Deep range. Same awful lack of pigmentation. I just kept trying to swatch or gather product with my brush. This product went right back to CVS. The real question is did Maybelline test these blushes?

  11. I'm glad I read this before I bought it. The color is so pretty but if it doesn't show up in one swipe I don't want to bother with it. I've tried the fit me foundation and I like it. It feels lite and moisturizing and has good coverage

  12. I'm not a fan of maybelline blushes: very hard and unpigmented. I do like some things in their line, but I can't use the for powder color products at all.

  13. I saw several bad reviews on Youtube about these blushes, so decided to pass on them. Your review confirms it! However, I did purchase their Fit Me foundation and I just love it! I prefer a light foundation and I feel it is the best formula for a "my skin color but better". I purchased these on the same 40% off with coupons and plus rewards and got them for a song... so I bought 3! Great for summer coming and light foundation.

  14. I bought a Fit Me blush when they first came out. I was having a hard time finding something for winter weary complexion and was I disappointed. Same pigmentation at all! What a waste and I didnt keep the receipt so I couldnt it return it. I will stick to my precious Happy Booster and stick to Maybelline for mascara only. Love those!

  15. I liked this blushes. I have them in Deep Nude and Deep rose, and they are definitively translucent colors, but that its exactly what I like about them. I wear very little makeup so My more pigmented blushes look OTT very easily. These on the other hand look incredibly natural, And because the finish is pretty matte, I can easily fake the no-makeup look with them, without looking washed out. I got them expecting them to be trasnlucent so Im happy

  16. I like the fact they are sheer. The finish looks hyper natural. Just enough color. Hard to overdo.

  17. Since I've gotten older, Im not a fan of Maybelline for anything, for this exact reason. The pigmentation is consistently subpar, which actually probably why my mom only got me this brand when I was first starting out wearing makeup. Definitely hard to overdo it, so I guess that would be a plus for parents of teens/preteens.

  18. I am an nc35 and i really liked this blush it showed up well on my skin! Thank u for the review and hopefully you might find a way to use it better:) God bless!!


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