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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara

Exactly one month ago I showed you the display for this new mascara and I told you that I purchased it for review. Well, one month later and I'm here to give you my detailed thoughts about it, so let's get started!

 Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara 
in Ultra Black Organics
(retail: $9.95, .26 oz)

As you can see, there are "Try Me Free" peelies on this mascara, so definitely take advantage of that mail-in rebate if you decide to make a purchase (I got mine at Rite Aid but if you can get this at CVS this week and you spend $10 on Physicians Formula, you'll get $7 back in Extra Bucks!).

As indicated on the Physicians Formula website and on the packaging below, the ingredients in this product are 100% natural origin and 47% of the ingredients are from organic farming.


As the little green sidebar above indicates, this is pretty much free of anything controversial, including parabens, GMOs, synthetic fragrance,  synthetic color and synthetic preservatives. It's also 100% cruelty-free and Ecocert certified organic.

The chart above compares traditional mascaras, containing synthetic ingredients, to this 100% natural origin mascara.

All of the great ingredients aside, I think this mascara just looks cool. I love that it's shaped like a giant leaf!

As you can see, this product lives up to its name and it really does have a "jumbo" brush.

In the above pics, I compared this brush to the CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion brush, just so that you can get an idea as to its shape and size. The wand length is about the same as the CG mascara, and surprisingly enough, I do NOT find the handle hard to hold or work with in the slightest. On the contrary, I find this wand quite easy to hold, and I like the way it fits in my fingers when I'm using it.

Clearly the biggest difference here is the shape of the actual brush. Both brushes are rubber (or is  it rubberized plastic? I'm never sure) but as you can see, the shape of the Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara brush is wider in the middle and it's slightly tapered on each end.

The shape of the brush works QUITE well to distribute mascara onto my lashes. I find that I don't need to keep brushing and brushing in order to get the product onto my lashes--a few strokes is all it takes, and I love that. My only complain is that I wish the end of the brush were a little more narrow, which would make it much easier to coat both my outer lashes and also my lower lashes. I find the wide end to be a bit bulky and hard to work with, but after a month of using this mascara and getting past the learning curve, I'm MUCH better at application and it doesn't bother me nearly as much.

But now on to why I LOVE THIS MASCARA.  First of all, you know a mascara is working for you when you have to slap your hand away from reaching for it every single day. I'm currently testing about three different mascaras and I'm telling you, it takes EVERYTHING IN ME not to reach for this one every single time I apply my makeup. 

So why am I so in love with this one? Well for starters, volumizing mascaras are my very favorite, since I have fine, nonexistent lashes. Defining, separating and lengthening usually take a back seat for me, because I NEED a mascara that bulks up my lashes, first and foremost. I prefer a bit of an impact when it comes to how my lashes look, so those of you who like very clean, separated, sleek lashes with more length and less volume, or a natural look, can probably stop reading this review right now. This one's not for you. 

But if you like volumized, pumped up, super-visible, on-the-border-of-almost-looking-clumpy-but-not-quite-clumpy lashes, welcome to my world and welcome to what might possibly be your new favorite mascara!

Let's take a look at some pics!

 Top horizontal row: no mascara
Second horizontal row: one coat
Third horizontal row: two coats

As you can see, this product REALLY delivers on the volume, and surprise surprise: it delivers on length as well! Another thing I love about this mascara is that it's on the drier side (I hate wet mascaras) but it's not so dry that you don't have time to layer. Also, when it dries, it doesn't become hard or crunchy. My lashes are still pliable throughout the day.

FINAL VERDICT: After using this mascara for a month now, in many different types of weather (it was 90 degrees here in San Diego for a few days in January), this never ran, smeared, flaked or smudged on my oily eye region, even after a full day and night of wear. I find the fragrance to be mild, and it smells kind of "earthy" to me, which I like. It removes quite easily with my normal facial cleanser, and the few times I've used a makeup towelette to remove it, it was easy as pie and one or two swipes left me with no trace left behind. My only criticism would be that I prefer my brush to taper a bit more on the end, for easier access to my outer lashes and lower lashes. But after using this for a month, I've learned how to adapt and it's really not an issue for me at this point. If you like big brushes, lots of volume and a slightly drier formula, I think you might love this mascara. Just like the Shimmer Strips Eyeliner Trio, I give Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara my very highest recommendation (specifically to my fellow volume-fiends).

Have you tried this mascara yet? Do you think it might fit your particular lash needs? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. ooooh, now THIS I have to try! Thanks for the review!

  2. This looks AWESOME! I swear you do the best mascara reviews. The pictures really help. :)

  3. When I think volumized, I think something thick, like a fan of lashes or falsies. It might just be the pictures, but it, to me, looks very...spidery.

  4. Looks great, now if only it held a curl I'd be totally on board! Maybe I'll check it out, can't hurt with the rebate! Are you planning on trying the new PF metallic cream eyeliners and/or metallic mascaras? I'm really intrigued by them but I've had bad experiences with the PF cream eyeliners smudging in the past so I'm wary of their eye products.

  5. April Claire: You are so welcome! I hope it helped, and please let me know what you think if you try it. :)

    Sabrina: Thank you SO much for that, honey! Mascara reviews always take me *forever* to write, because I just feel like that there are so many details to cover, in order to help determine whether or not a particular product might work for you. I'm so glad this helped!

    Alexandria: If you think my lashes look "spidery" that could very well be to user error! I tend to apply my volumizing mascaras is way that often looks like this, because that's how I personally like it. lol! But you results may vary depending on your application technique.

  6. J: Gah! I think that is the ONE thing I did not cover (how it holds a curl). I've been super lazy the last several months and have not curled my lashes AT ALL, so I can't tell you how it holds a curl. :( BUT, if this helps, I've noticed that I don't feel that my lashes look super straight or flat when I wear this, and I never think to myself "Boy, I should really curl my lashes" after I apply it. Eventually I hope to try the PF Glam stuff, but right now I've spent a lot of money on PF products to review (I'm working on a Happy Booster Blush review next), so I have to hold back on my spending a bit. You know how that goes! :)

  7. Arrrgh, if only Walgreens carried PF! This looks completely up my alley formula/resultswise and the packaging is to die for. Darn you for having a monopoly in my town, Wags!

  8. I just saw this mascara today at Fred Meyer. I guess I should have picked one up! Thanks for the review!

  9. Geez, I'm kicking myself! I had this in my hands at Meijer and didn't end up getting it! I am trying out a couple other mascara's right now too, all with lack-luster performance. Looks like I'm going back to pick this one up!!

  10. I LOVE how it looks with 2 coats. I'm definitely gonna hunt this one down. Such cute packaging too!

  11. I have this mascara and the CG Lash Blast Fusion. Honestly, both mascara works about the same. I agree with you on the how the brush should be tapered at the end. I love the formula in this. I hate wet mascaras.

    I don't know where I put my rebate peelie so I won't be getting this mascara for free. Oh well. It's a good mascara so I'm glad it's still worth my money.

  12. WOW ! this is amazing! i never knew that PF mascaras would be any good! can't wait until it comes to Canada! and the great thing is that it's natural but effective

  13. This looks like it would work really well on my eyes -- and I got my $7 PF bonus today at CVS, too, which makes this the perfect time to test out a new mascara! I've been on the hunt for one that will make my lashes visible without making me look like I just lost a fight as the day wears on, and this one sounds like a potential winner.

  14. Gee, I haven't even seen this yet! I like the before and after photos. I have fairly long lashes but they are not thick. And I love the brush on this one. Gotta keep my eyes peeled for this one.

  15. WHAT AN AMAZING review! I've got to try this now! Too bad I just bought the Loreal collagen one today. It's great too, but now I Want to try the organic one!

  16. What a great coincidence! This is $9.99 at CVS, regular price. When you buy $9.99 of Physician's Formula cosmetics, you get $7 back in ecb [[I know the ad says $10, but I bought this mascara and it counted]]. The scanner is printing $3 CRTs for PF, so combine the coupon and the ecb and you're looking at free.

    AND THEN you can still submit for the rebate!!

  17. Thank you for the review G. I am glad to know that it really seems to work. IDK why but the thought of an organic mascara had me thinking that it couldnt possible be worthwhile...glad to know that I am wrong to think that!

  18. I REALLY appreciate this review because if there's one thing I stand and stare blankly at in the drugstore, its mascara. There are so many choices and I never seem to pick the right one. I will definitely be giving this one a try.

  19. Wow it looks and sounds great! I love the packaging too. Of course we don't get Physicians Formula in England >:(

  20. I really want this mascara! Thank you for the review!

  21. I'm loving this mascara too! I also bought it at CVS and got the $7 ECB, and I just sent in for the rebate. I'm a volume mascara girl too, and this one is fantastic. Honestly, I've never tried anything by PF until reading your reviews for their products, so thanks for introducing me to a really great drugstore brand. I don't know why I've overlooked PF for so long. Looking forward to reading your Happy Booster review. :)

  22. The packaging on that PF mascara is totally cool!

  23. Oh G, I have to tell you that I literally went out after work and bought this mascara because of your review! (with the $7ECB and the rebate sticker of course). I put it on this morning and as of 4pm today it has not wavered on me one bit! I already love it!

    And you're SO right, my lashes feel incredibly soft and not crunchy at all the way my "holy grail" CoverGirl LashBlast does! This may be MY new holy grail!

    By the way - it holds a curl just fine. I have those darn super-straight Asian lashes and it held my curl with no problem! And you know, I don't think it looked clumpy on you (or me either) - I think it separated my lashes quite nicely. Can you tell I love this mascara? Just thought I'd share! Thanks for such great reviews, keep them coming :o)

  24. I must be of the few who it did not work for. I purchased a few when CVS had the crazy sale that made them so cheap. They smudged on me like crazy after only a few hours. And mt skin is not oily either. And I really wanted to love it. Maby if I top it with a water proof mascara.

  25. If I ever find this at a BOGO 1/2 off or something like that, I might try it... I mean, volume AND dryness AND a fat brush AND cute eco-friendly packaging? Sign me up! =)


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