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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The return of Sinful Colors Green Ocean!

I don't know about you, but Sinful Colors Green Ocean is one of those shades that I've heard about for a while but never seemed to get my hands on. Well, all that changed the other day when I spotted the St. Patty's Day display at Walgreens:

Sinful Colors Green Ocean and Irish Green
(retail: $1.99 each)

I believe this is the same St. Patty's Day display as last year, and with the same two colors: Green Ocean and Irish Green.

I finally picked up the infamous Green Ocean because, well, who doesn't love a green and blue flakie, right? To me, it's kind of like a blue-green version of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, and for just $1.99!

My longtime reader, Christy, said that Green Ocean looks amazing layered over Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe from last Christmas. If you've got those two shades, give it a try and let me know what you think! (And thanks for the layering rec, Christy!).

Are you happy about the return of Green Ocean? Do you already own it? You can see some nice swatches on Steph's blog here, and there's also a really cool one on The Nailphile.

If you already own Green Ocean, what do you like to layer it over?


  1. Oh I am SO checking my Walgreen's tomorrow for these polishes! NEED!

  2. Definitely have to look for this one! My Walgreens has a new Sinful display, but it's some sort of ocean theme, not St. Patty's. Hope I find it!

  3. I found these the other day at Discount Drug Mart (a drugstore in OH and I think maybe a few surrounding states). They had 3 displays, each with 6 in them, so I didn't feel guilty buying 6 of them. :)

  4. Seriously, a GREEN flakie!!!??? Going hunting tomorrow then!!!! It wouldn't be very Irish of me to not get this one.

  5. I picked up a bottle of Green Ocean a couple weeks ago at my local Fred Meyer. It was the last one in the display. I didn't realize it was one of those elusive colors! Glad I got a bottle of it!

  6. You might want to check your CVS for leftover Orly Christmas minis, including Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. I picked that up a couple of days ago for only 99 cents.

  7. OMG! I've been looking for this color for a while now! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. definately going to be checking this out for St. Patty's day! yay! I cant help thinking that it is about time that Wags has a $1 off coupon for Sinful Colors so we can replenish for .99! Its been a while and I have a feeling we will see a good sale or coupon from them soon. Or is it wishful thinking? hahaha!!

  9. I went to FOUR Walgreens and none of them had it. I even checked Meijer and Target but no luck. Someone told me where I could find it and I went today and got 2 bottles of Green Ocean and got Irish Green, too. I had a dream last night I finally found Green Ocean so I had to go get it today! :)

  10. Can't wait to see Green Ocean IRL! Wow... Thanks for this. :)

  11. I WILL HAVE THIS. Every time I say to myself, I'll lay off buying polish for a while, I have everything I need...I see things like this. MUST HAVE!

  12. OMG! I'm going to Walgreens TODAY! Thank you for the heads up. Wow, I've been wanting this.

  13. I don't own it and I'm totally about it!

  14. ...these had BETTER be at Walgreens when I go this week, or I will cry like a little baby.

    I am a green FIEND. In all things, not just nail polish. Unfortunately, I can't wear it well on my eyes. :(

  15. I'm starting to see sinful color polishes at target

  16. STILL havent found this one at my Walgreens!

    Now they have some sort of "Tropical" display. Hope they don't skip over this one!


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