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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maybelline Spring 2011 limited edition nail & makeup collections

As if I have to remind you, one of my all-time favorite limited edition collections was the Maybelline Spring 2010 Sweet Thing Collection. Those colors were just so pretty--tons of soft pastels and candy-like shades. Oooh la la!

Well this year, Maybelline decided to release their Spring 2011 limited edition collections under the Fashion Week banner, and I spotted two of the displays recently (based on past history, there may be more than two displays floating around) and I cannot WAIT to show them to you.

First let's start with the nail polishes:

Maybelline Limited Edition Spring 2011
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Nail Color Collection

If you look closely at the above display, it says Lightly Gleaming Nails. Why does this phrase kind of make me drool? Am I alone here?

Now, if you look closely at the lilac and yellow shades, you'll see that they're not just shimmery--I swear to you, in person, these look like pastel metallics (edit: please don't yell at me if these turn out to NOT be metallic on the nail--they just look that way in the bottle, to me at least!). I just about lost my mind when I saw these. There's also a blue and pink duochrome! The other shades are cremes with just a tiny bit of shimmer to them. So just to be clear, there are no straight-up cremes in the bunch. Some may look like cremes from a distance, but up close you can see the shimmer.

Clockwise from the back:
Sunlight (yellow), Firefly (peach), Pink Halo (pink),
Pink Glimpse (peachy-pink)

Blue Brilliance (back)
Lilac Luster (front)

I'm telling you, those pastel metallics and that blue and pink duochrome will haunt me until I can purchase them. They are gorgeous in person! Please, drugstore gods, put these on sale soon!

And finally, here is the makeup collection:
Maybelline Limited Edition Spring 2011
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Makeup Collection

That white box in the middle of the display previously contained $1 tear-pad coupons good toward any Maybelline product. There was only one coupon remaining when I saw this display and I took it--it makes me mad that the display itself is completely full though, which means someone probably came along and tore the entire pad of coupons off the display and left one measly coupon for the rest of us. AND they didn't buy anything. Boo! I hate coupon hogs.

It's hard to tell in these pics so let me break it down for you. In this collection we have a mixture of truly limited edition products and some core collection products.

Starting from the left:
  • (barely visible) limited edition Unstoppable eyeliners in Twilight Pink (true bubblegum pink) and Fluffy Cloud (white)
  • Expert Wear Eyeshadow Trios (not sure if these are LE)
  • Limited edition Color Sensational Lipglosses (definitely LE--the labels specify this)
  • Express Finish Nail Polishes (one is a frosty white core collection shade, the other is a limited edition magenta-berry shade)
  • ColorSensational The Pearls Lipsticks (not sure if these are LE)
  • Define-A-Lash Mascara (core collection)
  • Dream Mousse Blushes (I think these are core collection shades)
So here's what I know: there are seven limited edition polishes in this collection, two limited edition eyeliners, and various limited edition glosses. I'm fairly sure the lipsticks are limited edition too, but I can't say definitively. And since I'm not completely familiar with the new Expert Wear shadows yet, I can't confirm that the trios are LE either.

I hope this helps give you a better idea of what these new LE collections have to offer--if you have any questions please let me know. I must admit, I'm fascinated by the LE bubblegum pink eyeliner. I have no idea how I'd wear it, but it intrigues me.

Is anything catching your eye? Do you like this collection more or less than last year's Sweet Thing?


  1. That blue/lavender duochrome polish will have a warm home when I find it!

  2. I'm loving Firefly from the pictures. I'm almost out of my favorite polish (Ulta in Pink Lemonade)and that looks close enough. Funnily enough, I bought Pink Lemonade thinking it was close to my favorite at that time, but it ended up being much pinker and going really well with my skin tone. So maybe I'll like Firefly even more. :)

  3. Kimberly: Haha! I hear ya. And I think I should edit this post because, without having tried any of these, I can't say for sure that the yellow and lilac shades are true metallics. BUT, in person, they're *more* than just shimmery polishes. They really look like pastel metallics to me! But yeah, I need them. All. lol.

  4. Linda: Oooh, I hope you love it when you see it! It's so much prettier in person than in my pics. Please let me know if/when you find it! :)

  5. Where did you spot the displays? It hunting

  6. I have the Lilac Lustre nail polish and love it!

    To my understanding the trios are LE. I wanted to buy the Apricot one but I decided to hold off...stickers on them said they were LE. I don't know about the other products, though!

  7. ooohh pink eyeliner?? That could be tricky...dont want to end up looking like a bunny! :) G. what nail collection do you like better since you saw them both, the Wet and Wild or the Maybelline?? I am dying to know! Also as far as coupon hogs, I have watched little children rip entire pads of coupons in stores before! That is so annoying...also I know my own daughter did it when she was young and now I feel bad!!

  8. Darn spring nail polish collections. They are too tempting! The idea of lightly gleaming nails intrigues me too. I admit I have taken two coupons at a time before and wondered if that was cool or not.

  9. I think all of the nail polishes are pretty. I'm digging pastels!

  10. oh, i want the pink eyeliner. ohhh, you just gave me another crazy search to do. (still trying to find the new hard candy!)

  11. The blue-pink duochrome looks awesome.

  12. These polishes are great! I've always been impressed with Maybelline's nail polish seasonal collections if only they weren't LE!

  13. Blech, pretty much everything on the displays looks frosty. (The model's lips in the display promo pic look AWFUL, too... imho.) Ah well, money stays in my wallet!

  14. Hi, G
    I heard the dream mousse concealer is being discontinued. Do you know if Maybelline has a substitute for it, or maybe it there will be a new version of it...?
    Thank you

  15. I am not a fan of pastels, no matter what color they are they seem to make my skin look too yellow. But these pastels? They look like something I can consider wearing.

    I'll be glad to see some swatches of this new round of stuff :D

  16. Ohh!!! Pretty!! I'm eyeing that LE liner to use as inner corner brightener!

  17. Duochrome polish, of course, and the Lilac Luster is gorgeous altho I probably have a few just like it. :) Yay for duochrome drugstore nail polish! I'll buy every one I find.

  18. the polishes are so pretty! I picked up 5 since they're on sale now at walgreens (40% off) and each time you buy one, you get a register coupon for $1 any maybelline purchase!

  19. I just bought lilac luster, sunlight, and blue brilliance and I love them. I kept going back and forth trying to decide. The cosmetics clerk at walgreens used those $1 off coupons for them so I paid $1.69 for each.

  20. Thanks for the tip on these polishes Gianna! I managed to also pick up lilac luster, blue brilliance and sunlight ( i think those 3 seem to be the most unique)...40% off + $1 tearpad coupons..just like you said :) thanks again, can't wait to try them.

  21. Typical, the display was nowhere to be found in my local Walgreens. I get so discouraged, that I give up looking for new stuff for months at a time because we never get new stuff here.

  22. I bought Blue Brilliance at Wags yesterday and it looks amazing on! My husband even noticed my nails and said "Oh you painted them purple", the pink chrome makes the polish look purple in the light.

  23. I got Blue Brilliance today at Wags! Because I'm growing out acrylics (my nails are disgusting!) I'm going to use the CG pink crackle over it. With the crackles and glitters it hides the growth/ridges :).


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