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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Important Wet n Wild information

Part of being an official Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador means that I try to help answer any questions you may have about various Wet n Wild products. So I'd like to take a minute to address some questions and concerns I've been receiving since I first previewed all of the new Wet n Wild 2011 products in January.

Here are the two most popular questions I've been receiving lately:

Question: Are the older 6-pan eyeshadow palettes being discontinued? There's no place for them in the permanent collection of my drugstore now!

Answer: No! They are NOT being discontinued. The 6-pans are being replaced by the 8-pans at WALMART and WALGREENS only. As you all know, the 8-pans are exclusive to Walgreens and Walmart. So all of the other retail locations where you normally find Wet n Wild will still offer the 6-pans. You just won't be able to purchase them at Walgreens and Walmart. I received this information directly from Wet n Wild, so I hope this clears up any concerns you may have.

Question: I've been spotting other Wet n Wild trios lately that you did NOT cover in your 2011 Wet n Wild posts! The names are Sweet as Candy, Walking on Eggshells and others. Are these brand new?

Answer: Anything that I did not cover in my Wet n Wild 2011 product posts is NOT NEW. If you do not see it mentioned here, it's an existing product that's been out since at least 2010. Sweet as Candy, Walking on Eggshells, etc. are existing core collection products--they are not new.  If you search back into my archives, you'll see that I covered these products back in 2009 and 2010.

If you have any additional questions that you can't seem to find the answer for on this blog, please leave a comment on this post and I'd be happy to try and get an answer for you!

Also, PLEASE check back a bit later because I've got the new Spring 2011 LIMITED EDITION MegaLast polishes and ColorIcon quads (not out in stores yet!) and I'll be posting them shortly. You do NOT want to miss them--they are gorgeous!


  1. Yaaay! New ColorIcon palettes! Can't wait to see them! I just got a package from a friend in the US (I live in Ecuador) with the 3 8-pan palettes and 3 of the new trios! I LOVE THEM! I am now addicted to WnW :D

  2. Do you know when the new Wet n Wild fast dry polishes will be available in Canada?

  3. OMG so excited for the new LE polishes and QUADS ahhh *breatheee*

    thank u so so much for ur hard work!

  4. G, I'm so disappointed. My local Walmart's(3 of them) do not carry WnW products. And the Walgreens are always sold out of the 8 pans. I've asked them to call me when they get it in, but they never do. Really bad customer service! Is there any chance the 8 pans will be sold in CVS or Rite -Aid later in the year? If not, I'm afraid I'll never get them.Help!!

  5. I am very excited to see the new quads and spring mega last polishes! will these also be only at walgreens/walmart?


  6. My RiteAid FINALLY had the new Trio on display.. my jaws just dropped to the flooooor. I have all of them now! Yipeee

  7. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so excited to see a preview of the new products! I lucked out I went to a Walgreen's that happened to have 1 more of the Comfort Zone palette. I loveeeeeeeee it! I told myself that since I can't afford the Urban Decay Naked I should find another neutral palette. I love this palette, Good for WnW!

  8. quadsss! yay :) i haven't even gotten the 8-pans yet and I'm excited for the quads!

  9. QUADS?! As if trios, 6-pans and 8-pans couldn't get any better. I'm so excited for this. Please review soon!!!!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Thanks for clearing that up G! I've seen the trios and 6 pan palettes at my CVS. That's the only Wet N Wild that they carry and they just started as of 2 weeks ago!

  12. Danielle - the Fast Dry polishes are in Canada. I picked some up about 2 weeks ago (Walmart, eastern/central Ontario). Haven't seen the 8-pans though :(

  13. I found your blog thought twitter.

    My GFV is Catherine Mendez

    Absolutely retweeted!

  14. Man... Only Wal-Mart and Walgreens sells WNW in Las Vegas, that I know of :( I only have 'Pride' And I really wanted Vanity, Lust and the Greed palette. :(


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