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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CVS Beauty Clearance Wrap-Up

Now that the frenzy of the CVS beauty clearance sale has ended, I wanted to write one last post just to recap what I've noticed in the past week or two, and also what I've heard from you.

It seems that several stores have removed the remaining clearance products from shelves to make room for the new 2011 products. In some cases, there are stores that still have quite a few clearance items available (I've seen this myself at a few CVS locations in my town) while other stores have nothing remaining.

And then there are stores that have taken the remaining clearance items and put them into a "last chance" bin like this:

So there you have it! If you'd still like to take advantage of this clearance sale, check your local CVS stores and see if they still have product on the shelves. If not, look around for a clearance bin similar to what you see above. And if you can't find a bin, you'll have to wait until the next clearance sale, which should be some time this year.

It sure was fun while it lasted, right? To see the original CVS clearance post, click here.

Did you stock up on makeup during this sale? Do you have any new favorites that you discovered for the first time during the sale? I will definitely say that my favorite new discovery was the Physicians Formula Mineral Blushes. Wow! I would have never tried those if it weren't for this sale and I simply adore them.


  1. I absolutely love that PF mineral blush! I got 2 (I think). I have to go through my stash :)
    + the beauty club with the $5 off was awesome. I think I got 2 $5 off ones. I have one that doesn't expire until March and I don't know what else I should go after. I didn't see these bins at one of the CVS' by my house. Maybe the new PF heart items.
    The only thing I didn't like about this last sale was they wouldn't let me return anything. I bought some stuff just to see if it matched my skintone and now I'm stuck with them.
    Did you try to return anything?

  2. For me it the favorites were the Neutrogena moisture lipstick, the Rimmel long lasting lip gloss (forget the exact name), the Neutrogena blush/bronzer combo and last but certainly not least the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips. I ended up returning the Revlon eye shadow because the matte formula was too chalky.

  3. you are right G. it was so much fun! I hit a CVS in Albany NY the other day and finished off my clearance sale shopping! all totaled I got $84.22 worth of goodies over several trips and spent $31.22. Saved $53! Hubby says I could have saved $84.22 had I not bought any of it but what does he know! haha!!

  4. I did buy purchase from this sale. I bought some L'oreal hip duos and pigments and I bought a Black Opal gloss and liner duo that I love. I'm happy with everything that I bought :)

  5. Loved this sale. It gave me a chance to try some new things without spending a lot of money. Favorite...Airy Fairy lipstick.

  6. no i haven't been in while. i think i just missed bins.. or my neighborhood cvs is small and slow. i wanted some milani glitters..i finally went yesterday and only saw one blue one left.. hmmph.

  7. Hey! Just wanted to give you a heads up that Target started their clearance sale. Some of the clearance items are similar to those at CVS. Walmart also has some hard candy stuff for 50% off. I remember seeing lipsticks in mannequin and moody, a couple of nail polishes including Mr.Right and Hot Pants, some pigments, and tinted moisturizer. =)

  8. I bought a lot of PF powders and two blushes, which pretty much doubled my blush collection right there! I also picked up some Neutrogena loose powder, some Revlon foundation for my mom and too many lipstick to remember. Making it even better, I had coupons for almost everything! I plan to go back to see what's left on sale with this past weekend's batch of coupons.

  9. If you live in Texas, HEB grocery store is having some beauty clearance sales.

  10. oh man this is awesome, but I'll skip on this lol. I did take advantage of the last sale and I went crazy on the Sally Hansen lip glosses and I haven't even tried them O_o

  11. I spent a lot money during this clearance but saved so much more. Nothing at my local CVS was ever labeled as being on sale. It was kind of annoying to have to drag everything over to the scanner but it was nice not having everything picked through. Thanks for the coverage of the clearance G... I would never have found so many cool things without your recommendations.

    Oh, and sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I had emergency surgery 2 weeks ago and I'm barely getting back to feeling like myself. I've missed reading your blog! It will probably be awhile before I feel like going out and shopping but I love reading your blog and it always makes me feel happy. :)

  12. Yes the PF mineral blushes were def a clearance discovery and I also rediscovered Maybelline Mineral Power finishing veil which I will miss. I also stocked up on my Revlon Age Defying concealer and Almay Nearly Naked Makeup.

  13. I see Carmindy products in there, noooo!!!

  14. I took too much advantage of the sale LOL I picked up

    Revlon matte lipsticks
    Revlon Colorburst lipsticks
    Revlon Super Luscious Lipglosses
    Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips
    L'Oreal Hip Duos
    L'Oreal Hip Pigments
    Rimmel Quad
    Revlon Single Shadows

    Im sure there's more that I cant remember at the moment.

    Thank you for all the effort you put into the CVS post, I wouldn't have known about the sale otherwise :)

  15. i snagged up all the l'oreal hip kohl eyeliners. i truly loved all but the navy(smudged like crazy on me) got two of the gold ones(work safe--nice and light) got a couple of the hip eyeshadows. i always looked at them, but didn't want to drop the money on them. and a ton of different lipsticks. had a lot of fun with the sale.

  16. Damn my CVS! They never do this and put everything in one place. The selection for sale items is horrible.
    The store has not been stocking Milani in about a year it seems. It's still there, but the products are all broken or dirty looking. I think I have to email CVS and tell them about it. Walgreens gets products first, in my city.

  17. I was loving this sale! My favorites of the items I bought were the PF Mineral Blushes (which I never would've thought of trying if it wasn't for your review), Maybelline Mineral Veil, and Carmindy eye palettes (I bought 4!). Thanks for all the fantastic info you gave us about the sale! :)

  18. I do not normally post. But I ended up falling in love with the Revlon mineral foundation and Sally Hansen 12 hour moisturizing lip gloss. I ended up buy 16 of the Revlon and 13 of the Sally Hansen. I bought of those, because I know they are being discontinued and I absolutely love both products.

  19. My favorite discovery is the Revlon Age Defying concealer, I think I found my HG concealer! I only wish I bought a back up. Since it's probably discontinued at CVS, I will be sure to pick up a back up if I see it at Rite Aid or Walgreens. I don't even care if I have to pay full price!

    contests and such, I did return a couple of items, I accidentally bought doubles in the frenzy! lol I had no problem returning as long as I showed them my receipt. Since your CVS is being difficult, try returning to a different CVS.

  20. WOW! Thank you all so very much for sharing with me all your clearance hauls and favorite products. I love seeing all the savings you were able to get, and I think at this point the only bad thing about this sale was falling in love with something that's just been discontinued. lol! Boo!

    And about returning clearance products: I've found that it really varies from store to store, like Donna said. Some say no, while others allow it.

  21. Hi G and Donna and those that were able to return items-
    Did the items you bought have a mark through the UPC with pen or a highlighter? It seemed like that's how they knew what was clearance...

  22. contests and such, there was way too much stuff on sale during the 50-75% clearance, so no, those were not marked through the UPCs. Heck, they didn't get around to stickering half the sale items, I only knew about them from Nouveau Cheap.

    On the other hand, my CVS has a little clearance section all the time, not just during the beauty clearance, anything on there will be marked through the UPCs and can't be returned.

    Are you saying your CVS actually took the time to sticker and mark through all the beauty clearance products?

  23. Donna- yea they did! It was bizarre! I went to 2 stores like that. I had bought that almay bright eyes cream to powder eyeshadow and it creases like crazy and I want to return that and a mineral wear concealer that is the wrong color. The SA looked on the back of the package and since there was a strikethrough on the UPC she wouldn't take it back. I had the receipt and everything.
    I hope they don't do this the next time around...


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