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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Wet n Wild Coloricon Shimmer Pencils

Since it's Wet n Wild Week here on Nouveau Cheap, I'm working as furiously as I can to bring you all the new 2011 releases that will be hitting your drugstores any minute now (if they're not already there)!

Today I'd like to show you the brand new Shimmer Pencils:

(retail: $0.99 each)

This is not a formal review (I haven't had time to give these my usual 5-7 days of wear) but I can tell you my initial thoughts about texture, pigmentation and application. Let's take a look at some swatches:

From Wet n Wild:

Color Icon™ Shimmer Pencil - $0.99 SRP
Add a touch of shimmer & sparkle! These rich, creamy eyeliner pencils are packed with 40% micro-glitter for shimmery, sparkly definition that won’t go unnoticed. Fortified with Shea Butter & Vitamin E to moisturize and condition.
Available in Black, Silver, Blue, and Copper.

If you like shimmer and sparkle, these are definitely for you! These new pencils are packed with shimmer and sparkle!

Blue: Navy blue shimmer with pink, blue and silver sparkle
Silver: Metallic silver with silver sparkle
Black: Black matte with multi-colored sparkle (the silver sparkle is predominant)
Copper: Bronze shimmer with gold sparkle

Initial thoughts: Because of all the sparkle, these liners are on the drier side of the spectrum, but I experience no tugging or pulling during application. I did have to retrace my lines a few times when I used the Black and Blue pencils, because those tend to have less shimmer and more sparkle, making them a tiny bit drier than the other two. Silver and Copper applied evenly and smoothly on the first swipe, and all four pencils are easily buildable for more intensity.

On the eye, the sparkle is quite apparent in the Copper and Silver shades. Blue looks more shimmery on my eyes than sparkly (almost metallic, actually) and the sparkle in Black is visible but less dramatic than Copper and Silver on my eyes.

My favorite shade so far might surprise you. If you're a longtime reader, you know my go-to eyeliner shade is bronze, but I actually like Blue best of all so far. Don't get me wrong--Copper is gorgeous, but I find Blue the most unique and it's got a deep intensity to it on my eyes that I can't stop staring at when I'm wearing it.

Please check back soon for my full review of these new Shimmer Pencils. In the meantime, what do you think of them? Are you a shimmery eyeliner gal? Do these spark your interest? I'd love to hear from you!
Disclosure: The above image is published by request from Wet n Wild. has not received any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, for writing this post or for accepting the title of "Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador". has received editorial samples from Wet n Wild for this review. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. At WnW's price, I can get them all. Isn't it nice to not have to stand there and talk yourself out of one or more because you can't afford it? It's not an issue with WnW!!! I can even be a bit more adventurous with that copper. I'm thinking of doing the copper liner with some teal shadow. :)

  2. They look really pretty but appear very similar to the pencils in the holiday sets, and I didn't love the texture of those so I'm a little wary of these. I'll have to wait until I see a few reviews on them to make a deecision.
    And thanks so much for covering all these things! You're doing such an amazing job!

  3. I can just feel my wallet shrinking everytime you post one of these WnW reviews this week. That black looks lovely.

  4. I agree with Caitlin on this. They are very similar to the holiday set liners. They are pretty though, especially the copper.

  5. Ooooh, the copper one is pretty! But I have to agree with other commenters, if these are the same formula as the ones in the holiday palettes I probably won't like them much. Though at just a dollar I guess its worth finding out!

  6. Gah, I am drooling over Copper! Amazingly enough, I don't have a liner of that color in my stash yet. Oh, how you tempt me, G.! But seeing as these are only $0.99... I will probably end up buying all of them. :P

  7. Thank you all so much for the great feedback. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I only have two of the Pixie Holiday palettes and I'm afraid I was so excited about the actual palettes that I didn't give much attention to the pencils! But I will find out for you if these are the same pencils that were in those palettes and get back to you!

  8. These are so pretty! G. when you test them out could you let us know if the glitter falls into the eyes? For us contact lens wearers? I would love all the colors and for that price, why not?

  9. I have all the pencils except black but that's only because I never buy black eyeliner other than UD Zero. But I love the quality of these! The blue and copper are my favs!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. I want all of them! So fabulous!

  12. I purchased the copper and it's amazing :)

  13. Just got them all, and I love them all! The blue liner is great for brown eyes. The copper would be great for the summer , and the silver and black one for nights out. I love the sparkle.. not too chunky. Great job wnw.. hopefuly more colors in the future???

  14. by the way, i just compared the liners from the holiday set liners... the older ones are dry and crumbly.. dont smugde well.. the new ones are creamier, smudge well, and have pretty sparkle that shows up.. got to try them!


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