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Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios

It's Wet n Wild Week at Nouveau Cheap, and today I'm bringing you all of the new Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios! These are all so vibrant and lovely--I can't wait to show them to you. If you like color, these are the palettes for you!

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios
(retail: $2.99 each)

From Wet n Wild:

Color Icon™ Eyeshadow Trio - $2.99 SRP

Good things come in trios! New, dynamic shades with 30% more pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color. Colorful, trendsetting shade extension of our Color Icon™ Eyeshadow Trio Family. Each trio contains three complementary shades in longwearing, blendable colors. Shades are embossed with “eyelid,” “crease,” and “browbone” to provide an easy “how to” guide.

Available in I Dream of Greenie, I’m Feeling Retro, I Got Good Jeans, I’m Getting Sunburned, Silent Treatment and Spoiled Brat.


(click images to enlarge, again to magnify)

I Dream of Greenie:
Frosty light seafoam green shimmer
Satin matte mid-tone green with fine gold sparkle
Satin matte lime green with fine gold sparkle

If you like vibrant greens, you will love this trio. I love the texture of the satin mattes--they are so creamy and smooth to apply. And the pigmentation of all three shades is outstanding.

I Got Good Jeans:
Metallic steel gray shimmer
Shimmery navy blue with violet-blue flash
Metallic mustard gold shimmer

Without digging out my MAC Contrast, I'm fairly certain that the navy blue in this trio is a pretty close dupe. Once again, all of these shades are rich, vibrant, smooth and silky. The metallics are high-intensity and my pics don't do them justice.

I'm Feeling Retro:
Frosty white shimmer
Shimmery peacock-teal blue with subtle gold sheen
Shimmery fuchsia with violet-blue flash

Dear Wet n Wild: you gave this trio the PERFECT name. Being a teen in the 80s, I can verify that these were the exact shades that I coveted during that era. In fact, one of my Twitter pals said that the fuschia in this trio reminded her of a fuchsia Wet n Wild nail polish from years ago, and she's right! It does! Love love love this one.

I'm Getting Sunburned:
Frosty pink shimmer
Satin matte chocolate brown with bronze sparkle and a slight rose sheen
Metallic bronze shimmer

I think this trio would look amazing on brown, hazel and green eyes. The satin matte with the bronze sparkle and rose sheen is AMAZING. It's such a complex, rich shade--I couldn't capture it in photos. But I swear this shade would be the ultimate smoky eye color for you brown, hazel and green-eyed gals.

Spoiled Brat:
True metallic silver shimmer
Matte black with silver sparkle
Satin fuchsia with subtle violet sheen

I think this trio contains the only true satin finish shadow of the bunch, which is that gorgeous fuchsia. My pics make this fuchsia look much warmer than it is in real life--it's actually not a pink like you see here, but a true fuchsia. Not as blue-based as the one in the I'm Feeling Retro trio, but it's definitely a fuchsia with a very subtle violet sheen that you can only see in certain lights. I'm very curious what type of eye look you all can come up with using all three of these shades!

Silent Treatment:
Frosty light peach shimmer
Dark brown matte with gold sparkle
Taupe shimmer with rose-gold sheen

Attention all taupe fanatics! You NEED Silent Treatment. I could just stop there, but I'll go on. My pics do NOT capture the beauty of this taupe. It's got a rose-gold sheen to it that you must see in person.

I know the million dollar question is: "But how does this compare to Nutty?" Well, I've got you covered:

I used to think Nutty was a great taupe (I still think it's a great shade, do NOT get me wrong) but after looking at it side-by-side with the taupe in Silent Treatment, I realize that Nutty's not really a true taupe at all, but more of a brownish-champagne. The taupe in Silent Treatment is a taupe in the truest sense of the word, and I think it's the loveliest taupe I can recall seeing at the drugstore as of late. I also think that using all three shades in the Silent Treatment trio would make for a lovely, day-into-night look that you could wear to the office and straight to dinner afterward. If you could only have one trio in this new Coloricon collection, my suggestion would be this one because it's just so darned versatile.

That's it for this swatch-o-rama! I hope you found this helpful, and you can be sure that I'll review these palettes in greater detail (with accompanying eye looks) later down the road. I think Wet n Wild knocked it out of the park with these trios. The shades are so vibrant and buttery and unlike any other palettes I've seen at the drugstore lately.

Are any of these trios catching your eye? Which ones do you think you'll buy first? I'd love to hear from you!
Disclosure: The above image is published by request from Wet n Wild. has not received any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, for writing this post or for accepting the title of "Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador". has received editorial samples from Wet n Wild for this review. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I want all of these! they're all Gorgeous! I wonder when will this stuff be available here in Phils...
    Can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

  2. I love that Silent Treatment is cooler toned than Nutty! Want!

  3. WnW palettes are so pigmented! I've got my eyes on "Silent Treatment".

  4. I must have "Silent Treatment!"

  5. Silent Treatment is definitely going home with me :) All three colors are totally up my alley! I might also pick up I'm Getting Sunburned and I Got Good Jeans. The brights are probably great quality but I just can't see myself wearing neons on my eyes too often. Thanks for sharing!!! :D

  6. I wonder how close the bronze in I'm Getting Sunburned is to MAC's Amber Lights. Looks similar to the way it does on me!

  7. OMG OMG OMG I need Silent Treatment, but am super impressed with all of them, so maybe I need more than that one. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

  8. These are all great!!! I can't wait!!! That taupe color is gorgeous!! Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog - much appreciated! Love ya!

  9. I actually picked up three of these trios last night and I am going back to get the rest next week. The colors are super pigmented and wear really well, but my only gripe is that the color combos are a bit out there. I could see using one or two of them together, but to try all three at the same time for some of these palettes would leave you looking like Rainbow Brite.

  10. I got silent treament and love it. I am a taupaholic, admittedly. This taupe reminds me of several Bobbi Brown colors in the Stonewashed Nudes palette, esp. Ash Shimmerwash and Stonewash Shimmerwash. It pulls purple on me, which I like.

    I think this is the best DS palette available for us more mature ladies or anyone who favors neutrals.

    G, love your reviews. Keep 'em coming!

  11. Hello Silent Treatment, you will soon belong to me ;)

  12. Trina - the 8 pan palettes are exclusive to Walmart and Walgreen's so you won't see them at Harmon, but I'll have to check out Harmon for the new trios. I didn't know they sold WnW, so thanks for the tip.

    All of the palettes look great. The one I want the most is Silent Treatment, followed by I Got Good Jeans and I'm Getting Sunburned.

  13. OMG OMG I can't wait to get these! Thank you!

  14. Wow, these trios are gorgeous. I think I am more excited about these than the 8-pan palettes. The colors are so unique for drugstore makeup!

  15. These eyeshadows trios are beautiful... i might have to stop by my local walgreens and pick them up... thanks for sharing them

  16. Silent Treatment's taupe is LOVLEY!! Ahh, I would get that one for sure. I'm a little shy about wearing super intense eye shadow colours anyway. But I've started wearing bold lippies at least lol!

  17. Great review! I definitely agree with you about Silent Treatment, especially the beautiful lid color. I bought it this past weekend and I am in love with it!

  18. I wonder how long these trios are going to take to arrive in Canada - I totally want I'm Getting Sunburned (that bronze!) and Spoiled Brat (the silver!). :D

  19. I saw this post this morning and then scooped up Silent Treatment and Sunburned during lunch.

    I also got the Party of Five glitter but I recently bought the milani Happy Birthday dupe (sort of) so maybe that's too much glitter? lol.

    Anyway - thanks for doing all this swatching! I love your blog!

  20. Generation Kvetch, I love your username and the term "taupoholic"! As another mature lady I think Silent Treatment looks gorgeous, too. Maybe I'm Getting Sunburned just for the crease color. Thanks for the swatches, G!

  21. Oh man the first three you listed have caught my attention
    I Dream of Greenie, I’m Feeling Retro, I Got Good Jeans,
    are all colors I love, I can't wait to pick these up. :)

  22. Oh my gosh, thank you for this fabulous review!
    I actually picked up Silent Treatment last week, and I can attest that it is truly beautiful! It has been my go-to look since I picked it up. I love how it makes my eyes look, and it really seems light up your whole face. I've worn it all day at work without needing to reapply it. I highly recommend it!

  23. according to krystal's video, many of these are repeat's from the holiday palettes! how lame, Wet N Wild!!!

  24. I want them all! I haven't been able to find them yet though. Will these only be available at Wal-Mart and Walgreens like the 8-shade palettes?

  25. I have the "I'm Feeling Retro" palette and the purple/fuschia with a blue flash is a dupe for urban decay's fishnet which I also own. Just in case anyone out there loves fishnet as much as me!!

  26. So funny...I was swatching my Color Craze green duo to see if I needed I Dream of Greenie.

    Then I noticed that the duo is also named I Dream of Greenie! Guess I won't need that trio, then! LOL

    Silent Treatment looks awesome, too!

  27. I Dream of Greenie looks nice.
    AMG I'm feeling Retro is so me.
    Silent Treatment looks really nice.

  28. I am SO happy that you get to do this! You have the best swatches and the best reviews. I can trust your blog to give me the low-down.

    WnW makes me happy because I can say 'I want them ALL' and I can actually AFFORD them all!!! Come payday (which better be tomorrow!!) I'm getting these!!!

    I'm not sure I'll get the green palette but the others are going to have a new home. :)

  29. Just went and bought this today and wore the taupe shade immediately! GORGEOUS.

  30. love these!

    sooo.... what happens to the old trios? they're not being discontinued, are they?? because i love them too!

  31. That fuchsia in I'm Feeling Retro looks a lot like MAC's Romping, although I don't have the WnW palette to compare them.

    I LOVE the pink one, how did I know when I saw it that it had to be named Spoiled Brat?!

  32. I have all of them except the I Dream of Greenie, since I bought the duo of the same name and wasn't wowed by the colors on my skintone (caramel-complexion/brown girl). I work in cosmetics at a dept. store and wore the Spoiled Brat trio (only used the pink and black)to work today. I used the applicators in the kit, laid the pink on the lid and blended the black in the crease which made a pretty plum smokiness appear. EVERYONE I work with raved over my eye look and the look on their faces when I said "It's Wet and Wild" was priceless.
    FYI, if you have an olive or darker complexion, you may want to use a base (I used UDPP) to make the colors pop and last better.
    Thanks for the updates, G!

  33. Okay, reader/friend request...I NEED to see Silent Treatment on you. I'm so obsessed with it that you know I looked at it 3 times yesterday, and I came back this morning JUST to look at it again. It really is one of those "pinch me, this is too good to be true" trios.

  34. @murflegirl: I wondered the exact same thing, so I grabbed my Amber Lights (thanks for reminding me how awesome it is, BTW). Just eyeballing it on my monitor, it is pretty dang close. Maybe just a tad more red/orange...but it's hard to say for sure. It's worth a shot.

  35. OK... I so want Silent Treatment... is it in stores now?

  36. Now THIS, is seriously killing meeeee!!!! G!!!!!!!!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  37. I think these Trios are actually more attractive to me than the 9 pan! I gotta see them in person though. Haven't seen any of these yet around me...

  38. Ladies, I am LOVING reading through all your comments about which palettes you plan to get! This is SO fun!

    I will definitely be posting an eye look utilizing Silent Treatment, one of the Coloricon liners and also one of their new mascaras. I'm saving that for my "grand finale" post. ha!

    Sara Faith: I hope that my post from last night cleared up this issue for you!

    coco_fiere: I LOVED that story you shared! You GO, girl! Rocking WnW at the dept. store makeup counter is AWESOME! lol! :) And thanks for the great tip for deeper-skintones. Great to know!

    BJU: Consider it done, my friend. :D

    DM: lol! I had a funny feeling you'd love these, girl. ;)

  39. G, it did, thanks!! I picked up all of the trios (except for the Jeans one) yesterday and today. Can't wait to try them out!!

  40. Saw these at my local Rite Aid, but I have so many eye shadows that I want to finish them all before making any more purchases. They looked really nice, though.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. I bought all of these palettes, except for the green trio, for some reason I didn't care it. I like all of of the colors for the most part, a few colors are pretty chalky, but hey for $3 bucks, no biggie. Both Walgreens in my area are sold out except for the green trios. I'm guessing that wont be a favorite for too many. Great Post & Blog!

  43. I am loving these trios.
    I have put up some swatches too so check it out! i think they are amazing products.

    Are they limited editions?

  44. I sooo want these trios! And I think it's genious the way you post the pics. Flash, no flash. Perfect!

  45. I went out and bought 2 of all 6 trios (one set for swaps), plus a whole lotta of the other new WnW products! Walgreens has WnW for 50% off right now, so the trios were only $1.49!

    While I was swatching them for my youtube channel I found 7 dupes, 2 Too Faced, and 5 Urban Decay! Most are dead on to my eye or as close as the duochrome in Night Elf was too Label Whore!

    I only found 1 color to be chalky, and the rest were so soft! The softness reminded me a lot of Stila products!

    I can't believe how WnW just keeps stepping up their game!

  46. I picked up each of the three pan palettes, and each of the nail colors tonight. Since there were only two of everything, I took pity on the other shoppers and left somthing for them. I was tempted to snatch all of it, though!

    I have *not* seen the 8-pan shadows yet. Has anyone seen them at Walgreens or WalMart yet? It would be so lovely to catch them on sale. I'm usually the girl too late to the game to get the good stuff, so I'm excited about my luck so far with this round of goodies.

  47. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I ♥ wet 'n wild ! x

  48. I had to go to 4 walgreens bc they were sold out already... i got the last bunch that they had on the 4the walgreens... its a bummer they only have 2 of each of everything in the display... hope that by the next 50 percent off sale... theyll have the trios and the 8 pan palletes on the regular display

  49. Just wanted to let you guys know that the new wet n wild trio's are at Kmart as well. I just picked up "Spoiled Brat" there about an hour ago.

  50. Hi I just bought the Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios in Walking on Eggshells & Sweet As Candy. Are these older colors because I don't see these in your review. I hope I didn't buy the wrong ones!! Thanks.

  51. I just followed nouveau last week and i love it! i really want to try out some wet n wild palettes especially the silent treatment and im getting sunburned!

  52. I went to Walgreens and got I'm Getting Sunburned, Silent Treatment, and I Dream of Greenie from the new line and Cool as a Cucumber from the originals. Silent Treatment is AMAZING. The colors are so pigmented and smooth. For $2.99 you can't go wrong and they are great for traveling :)

  53. Thanks to your lovely self, I picked up "Silent Treatment" today, along with their new eyelash serum & the brownish-black megalast retractable eyeliner (it's even quicker than me using my Maybelline Eyestudio pot.) I'm definitely gonna pick up Good Jeans & Sunburned when I see them @ my super new Wags here in Vermont (the other shades I was considering were sold out :( or @ Hannafords' or Shaws' supermarkets.

  54. i have spoiled brat and from the other collection, Sweet as Candy

  55. I have I'm Getting Sunburned and I love it. Except a few days ago, I dropped it and the dark brown color fell of the pan. :| I have to get a replacement, but after reading this post, I'm definitely going to pick up some of the other ones!


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