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Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Physicians Formula at CVS (really!)

After seeing my pal Maureen's post here about how to get free Physicians Formula at CVS this week, I had to pay my favorite CVS yet another visit to see if the Red Coupon Scanner Box Gods would be on my side.

When I scanned my Extra Care card, I didn't get the $10 off Physicians Formula coupon that so many others have reported getting, but I DID get a $3 off PF coupon, which was good enough for me, considering the 75% clearance sale going on right now!

Both the $10 PF coupon and the $3 PF coupon are good for one Physicians Formula Powder Palette, blush, or foundation. Sounds good to me!

After taking a look around at the clearance items, I noticed that the Bamboo Wear powder refills (regularly $9.99) were still available, so that's what I snagged:

Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Silk Face Powder Refill in Beige
retail: $9.99
current clearance price: $2.49 (75% off)
with $3 CVS coupon: FREE

I haven't tried this product yet so I can't tell you what I think of it, HOWEVER, if you get the $3 coupon at your scanner box this week (hurry because I think the scanner box is only issuing this coupon through tomorrow--Saturday) and you're looking for some ideas, here's one that TOTALLY took me by surprise:

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Blush in Blushing Glow
retail: $11.99
current clearance price: $3
with CVS $3 coupon: FREE

(Apologies for the torn package--I had no idea I was going to eventually blog about this at the time of opening it!)

I bought this during my last CVS beauty clearance haul (which, at the time, I thought was going to be my LAST clearance haul) and oh my goodness, I had NO idea how awesome these blushes were until I tried this one yesterday! Ladies, I'm obsessed with Blushing Glow. On my NC20 skin, it delivers the softest, glowing-from-within peach hue to my cheeks, and the formula is so smooth and easy to work with. Oh, and did I mention it's matte, which means NO SHIMMER? I am SERIOUSLY regretting that I didn't use my $3 coupon to get another one (for free this time!).

I just cannot rave about this blush enough. I tried it last night, and then put it on again first thing this morning and I have a feeling I'm going to "hit pan" on this baby in no time.

I just wanted to throw this out there in case you get the $3 or $10 PF coupon this week at CVS and you're stumped on what to get. I rarely rave about a product after only trying it twice, but this one's a true gem so far and I had to take a minute to let you know about it in case you're a no-shimmer-peach-blush fan. This is the deal of the century, as far as I'm concerned.

Oh! One more thing: I'm very behind on updating my CVS clearance master list, but please know that I will get to it (I've got a bunch of info to tell you about) later tonight. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Haha, I knew you'd love that PF Blushing Glow blush - it's my HG matte peach blush and I remembered you were NC20 like me so when you showed it in your haul I was just WAITING for you to post a rave review of it. :D It's just a never-fail product for me, and I used it almost daily this past Summer. I considered buying a backup during the CVS clearance sale as well but my compact is lasting me forever with frequent use so as long as it's not being dc'ed I'm planning to use it up before repurchasing - and I know I will!

  2. J: Hahaha! OMG you know me too well, girlie! I am SO glad you took the time to leave that comment--hopefully with your endorsement and mine, all the NC15-NC30 girls reading this will RUN out and get this blush ASAP (even w/o a coupon, $3 for this is CRAZY). This is really one of those game-changers for me in the peach blush department. It's literally making me want to stop using all others (for now, of course). Thanks so much, honey! :D

  3. PS: When I say "endorsement" I just mean recommendation/rave. Neither of us, clearly, have been paid by PF to rave about this product. Just wanted to make that clear. :)

  4. i just went there today and got my coupon. yay!!!

    then i went to a different location and got more deals :)

  5. Yes! I totally agree with you. Blushing Glow is a truly awesome blush. I bought one at the clearance sale and loved it so much I went back and bought my CVS out of that shade. There were only 5 left. I ended up giving one to my mom and one to my sis and kept the rest for myself. Plus I had a bunch of $3 PF coupons so I basically got them all for free since they were each $2.99.

    Between the gel liners and blush I'm really loving Physicians Formula right now. They have some really great products.

    I'm definitely going to head back to my CVS soon to see if the scanner spits out a PF coupon for me. I wonder if they have that Happy Booster blush that everyone's been talking about lately.

  6. I cannot agree more with your rave on the blushes. I bought the Pink Glow first when I had stopped by CVS and found them on 75% sale. Immediately after trying them on the same day, I went back to CVS to pick up the other colors they had available and on sale (blushing glow).

    Pink Glow, matte, gives you the sweetest just in from the cold flush, while this gaves a natural peachy flush. I highly recommend Pink Glow as well. They're super pigmented and needs to be used with a super light hand!

    I haven't tried the other product you mentioned, but I'll probably take a look around to see if I want it. Do update on your opinions of it though.


  7. I tried Maureen method today but the store clerk wouldn't allow me to purchase the shimmer strip only with the $10 offcoupon. I am gonna puchase several sale stuff tmrw frm PF & let it accumulate to $10 bucks to use up this great coupon. Thanks for sharing.

  8. OH no... I guess it's another trip to CVS tomorrow!!! Now I am REALLY curious about this blush!!! YEAH! :)


  9. More great deals!

    This may be somewhere else, I haven't been on in a couple days but.... Has anyone else seen that Rite Aid is also having a 75% off sale that includes PF, CG, Revlon, L'Oreal, Sally Hansen, Sinful colors, and probably others I didn't notice. Selected items only, they're marked with fairly large round yellow 'Clearance' stickers and big yellow shelf hang tags. I just picked up what was probably nearly $100 worth originally of PF items for under $30! I got two Bronze collection shimmerstrip e/s in green and brown eyes, a Bamboo pressed bronzer and pressed powder, an Organics blush, a Covertox10 foundation and a Talc Free loose mineral powder. I also got the Bamboo refillable compact for those items but it wasn't on sale. However, I'm at the 20% everyday discount from last year there so it more than fine with me compared to the steals I got otherwise! You cannot use your Wellness card discount for items on clearance, however.

    Anyway, my point was if you don't have a CVS nearby (or, if like my CVS you found no to very little of PF stuff clearanced) - try Rite Aid! Even the salesgirl was impressed at my shopping savvy when most of the items rang up under $3 apiece :)

  10. Im sold! I wish a CVS trip was in the near future but my local Rite Aid has it for 75% off too. I was hesitant but based on the reviews, i must have it in my bag! Thanks girls!

  11. Whaaat. I need to run to CVS right now since it's Saturday. I literally could too 'cos it's about 20 min walking distance... Good workout. Lol

  12. After reading this, I ran right out to CVS and got the blush,powder and compact. I got the same $3 off coupon that you did, but with everything being 75% off it was a steal! :-) Awesome deal!

  13. Mimsy, I bought both of the blushes on your recommendation. I also made sure to check out which ones had the darkest marbling since I'm medium skin tone, so thank you for that tip too!

  14. Thanks so much for this post. I got the $10 coupon, so I was thrilled I got to pick up 4 items and only ended up paying $2.14! I posted a blog (and linked to this post) about my finds

  15. I bought some of the Bamboo Silk powders this week (and am already planning to go back for more!) and had my eye on the blush, but talked myself out of it. Consider me talked in again!

  16. The CVS stores in my area don't seem to have these red scanner boxes??

  17. I got the PF $10 coupon about a week or two ago, and when I went today I got another one! I don't know if its a fluke or not! I'm so excited! Anyone else get two coupons?

  18. Lindsay, it's not a fluke. I've heard that others who got the $10 coupon get another the following week. Unfortunately for those of us who got the $3 coupon, we don't get another. :( All I've been getting is the stupid candy coupons!

  19. I bought this and I love it soo much! I also got the other color Rose Glow or something. Thanks for the heads up on this one!


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