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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How I got 4 Maybelline Color Sensational lip colors for $9

My self-imposed lip color no-buy has officially been lifted (well, for one day). I told you all that I was done with buying lip colors for a good long while (I just have far too many as it is) but the other day CVS made it hard to resist.

I've been a huge fan of Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks and lipglosses since they were first released back in June of '09 (just do a search for "Color Sensational" on this blog and you'll see) and when I first heard that CVS was doing a 2/$10 with $3 back in Extra Bucks deal THIS WEEK on all Color Sensational products (and I think this also applies to the lipstains but check with your local CVS to confirm) I thought, "Wow, that's a great deal, but I think I can resist." But then, when I scanned my CVS card at the "Red Slot Machine", out came a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon! So naturally I thought about the best way to maximize my savings with this coupon, and I remembered that I still had four $1 Maybelline coupons in my purse (I got these from the tear-pad on the Sweet Thing display a while back). So what sent me over the edge? Well, the fact that these Sweet Thing coupons expire this month! I mean, I HAD to use them, right?

So I purchased two lipsticks and two glosses for $20
Then I used the $4 off $20 purchase coupon from the Slot Machine which brought my total down to $16
Then I used four $1 Maybelline coupons from the Sweet Thing display, which brought my total down to $12
Then I received $3 back in Extra Bucks, which brought my total down to $9 for four lip products.
So each lip product was just a little over $2. Pretty good!

I am so ready for fall and winter that I steered clear of the pinks and nudes and opted for rich cranberries and wines. Here's what I purchased:

By far, the stand-out shades for me are Wine All Mine and Plum-Tastic. These two shades are rich and deep, but both the gloss and the lipstick have a sheer quality about them that makes it so I can pull off the dark color without having "Hey! Look at me!" lips. As far as deep wine shades go, these are bold, but not jarring. I think they'd both look gorgeous paired with a very subdued eye and just a hint of color on the cheeks.

Be sure to enlarge the collage and look at the second set of swatches. It's a blurry pic so it really shows the sparkle in Wine All Mine.

So, have you taken advantage of the 2/$10 deal at CVS yet? If so, which shades did you buy? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I love how you justified the purchase. I have pretty much the exact same thought process when I'm trying to talk myself into buying stuff lol

  2. Wow, this is a great deal! I have the Plum-tastic lipgloss, and while I'm not that much of a lipgloss person, I love the slight fragrance and color of it.

  3. Hmmmm...I didn't get a redbox coupon like that. Probably best, I have lots of lip color too. :)a

  4. Wow, you are so good at coming up with great deals! I have a question about tear-pads for you- are you allowed to peel them off and use them another day? I always see them at my Kmart (I've forgotten to look and see if they're only valid at Kmart stores), and I wasn't sure if you had to use them in-store that day. I feel like I'm stealing if I take it and put it in my purse, LOL. Thanks so much!

  5. What a great buy! You are so fun with your coupons. I need to get better at clipping more coupons! :D Well, I will be getting a couple of these at CVS tomorrow. Great swatches too!

  6. They all look AMAZING! You are a girl after my own heart w/ the bargains & the coupons. LOL Although I carry the coupons in my wallet for such sales, I don't even trust myself to walk in CVS. LOL I have to limit my visits. My l/s drawer is brimming to nearly overflowing. Thanks so much for sharing. Very inspirational!

  7. I was going to go there today! Do you know when it expires? The $4 off $20.. I wonder if it'll still print out tomorrow.

    And I was thinking.. shouldn't the total be $9 for 4 lipsticks?

    $4 (off $20 purchase) + $4 (4 $1 Maybelline coupons) + $3 (Extra bucks) = $11.

    $20- $11 (in coupons)= $9

    Or did you have another $1 coupon?? Just wondering! =) Great haul..

  8. I love the colors you chose and want that cranberry cocktail gloss!

    12 - 3 = 9, not 8. But it's still a great bargain.

  9. kali- i thought the same thing! lol. but my own math is deplorable so i get it.

  10. Wow! That is awesome! You're amazing at this stuff.

  11. Oooh, your deal was better than mine. I got one of the new Revlon lipstains, a Revlon gloss, two of the Maybelline lipstains (they're also 2/$10), and that new Milani Dress Maker polish (not on sale, but I needed it), and two boxes of that Perfect 10 hair dye that was on clearance for $3.50. I used a $4/20 coupon, a $4/10 Revlon coupon, two $1 off Revlon coupons, and two $2 off coupons for the hair dye. I forgot to use my Maybelline coupons though. ;_; Anyway, my total was like $20, so not nearly as good as you, but I get to try all kinds of fun new products and I got more boxes of the hair dye I love!

    Oh, and the Revlon lipstain I got was Passion, which is a really cute light bright pink. The darker ones scared me.


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